Unified Payment Interface (UPI)

Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is an initiative by the Government of India. If you have registered on UPI and have a valid UPI ID, you can make payments for courses at CareerOrbits.

You can register for UPI through any of the UPI apps (e.g.: BHIM) and make payments on CareerOrbits by using the UPI ID provided by them.

UPI will be available as a payment method while selecting your payment method. 

Here is how you can use UPI:

  1. On the Select a payment method screen, and click on continue. 
  2. You would be redirected to Secured payment gateway.
  3. Enter your UPI ID here (UPI ID format: ABC@XYZ) and tap on Verify.
  4. If the ID you’ve entered is valid, you will be prompted to go to your UPI ID linked mobile app to complete the payment.
  5. Go to your UPI ID linked mobile app and from the Pending Transactions tab in it, complete your CareerOrbits.com payment.
  6. Once the payment is complete, you can see an order placement confirmation.

Note: The payment needs to be completed within 10 minutes to successfully place the order.

If the payment failed on my order, how do I proceed?

If the payment failed on your order, you will receive an option to retry your payment with a different payment method. If you’d like to use UPI again, place a new order.

You will receive a payment request from CCAvenue in your UPI payment App. Kindly authorize and confirm the request to complete payment.

Performing a UPI (Unified Payments Interface) Transaction

  • Customer enters his Virtual Payment Address (VPA) and proceeds to pay.
    Note: Virtual payment address (VPA) is a user-generated unique identifier for each bank account. All payment addresses are in the format abc @bank, where abc can be chosen by the customer.
  • A payment collection request for the transaction amount is sent to the customer on this VPA.
  • Customer will receive a mobile notification in their UPI app prompting him to authenticate the transaction with his 4 digit MPIN (Mobile Banking password)
  • Customer accepts the transaction and the payment is complete.