Taking a Minor Test

When to take a Minor Test #

You should take a Minor Test only after you have prepared all the chapters included in the syllabus of that Minor Test. If your course includes Practice Question Bank, you should have practiced all the questions of those chapters (chapters included in that Minor Test) and cleared all your Revision Lists before taking the Minor Tests. Before taking the Minor Tests, you should also take chapter-wise tests to achieve perfection in those chapters. Once you have covered half of the syllabus, you can give the Half-syllabus Minor Tests as well.

If your course includes two or more sets of Minor Tests, you should ideally give a gap of a minimum 2-3 days before attempting the other set of that Minor Test. During the intervening period, you can work on practicing other chapters from the Question Bank, take other Chapter Tests.

Pausing a Minor Test #

Having once started with a Minor Test, you should not ordinarily pause it. However, in some exceptional circumstances, you may need to pause a Minor Test and resume later. You can close the window in which you are taking the Minor Test and log out. All your responses to the attempted questions would be saved on our server.

Resuming a Minor Test #

When next time you log in, you may click on ‘Resume’ against that Minor Test and attempt the remaining questions.

Power Failure during a Minor test #

It is recommended that in the event of a power failure, you immediately close the test, log out and close the device. However, all the responses to your attempted questions are saved in real-time on our servers. Even if, per chance, you have not been able to close the Test or log out and the device suddenly shuts down, all your hard work is saved and you can continue from the point where you left, next time when you resume your Minor Test.

Internet disconnection during a Minor Test #

Once you have started your Minor Test and internet breaks or fails, you need not worry. You may continue working on your Minor Test. During this period when the internet connection is missing, we save all your responses to your device. Once, the internet connection is available, we automatically update our servers with your responses to the attempted questions.

Timer during pause or power failure #

The timer is set at the server and is synchronised with your device. During the period when you pause or you log out or the device suddenly shuts down due to power failure, the timer readings are stored on your device and when you resume the Minor Test, the timer readings are updated on our server.

Submitting the Minor Test #

When the duration of the Minor Test is over, the Minor Test is automatically submitted. However, if you have finished your Minor Test earlier before the expiry of the test duration, you can click on ‘Submit’ on your test window.