Difficulty level wise status

Having a look at the difficulty level wise status reveals whether the student has been good only in Easy level questions or equally good in Medium and Hard Level questions too. Students often fare better in Easy level questions and not so good in Medium and Hard level questions.

Difficulty level wise status

You get this report for all the subjects put together. If you wish to know your status in a particular subject, click on the subject tab (on the top) to get the status of that subject.

Interpreting the Difficulty level wise performance chart

This is a bar chart where bars are shown for each difficulty level, i.e. Easy, Medium and Hard. The number of questions correctly attempted are shown in green colour and the number of questions wrongly attempted are shown in red colour.

At the start for an average and above-average student, the Easy questions are normally 70-80% correct. For Medium difficulty level questions, the success ratio is approx. 60-70% and for Hard level questions, the ratio is approx. in the range of 50-60%. This could vary from student to student and from subject to subject.

You should selectively practice Easy level questions first and carry these questions through Revision List 1, 2 and 3 to the Correct List. Then start with Medium level questions in your revision lists and carry these medium level questions to the Correct List and finally follow the same process for the Hard level questions. This would ensure that you systematically build your test-taking skills and never feel switched off or frustrated with repeatedly wrong attempts.