Doubt Clearance on the Practice Questions

How to clear doubts on questions?

If you are not able to attempt a question correctly, obviously you need doubt clearance. How much time you spend on trying to find the right steps and getting the doubt clearance seriously impacts your pace and quality of preparations. To help you get doubt clearance without wasting your precious time, CareerOrbits has provided ‘Solution’ button below every question (after you have attempted it). As you click the ‘Solution’ button, a detailed step-by-step solution appears before you, which is written by senior subject experts and is self-explanatory. With just a glance, you can quickly identify the step where you committed a silly mistake or logical mistake.

How to clear and revise the concepts used in doubt clearance?

The questions are obviously based on some concepts and if you fail to recall the concept used in the doubt clearance, the entire exercise of doubt clearance could be wasted. You might feel panicky and might be tempted to brush up on your chapter once again before proceeding with the practice.

Memory does fade over time and there’s nothing wrong with you only. To help you brush up on those concepts which you might not be recalled during doubt clearance, we have highlighted all the concepts used in the doubt clearance in blue colour. If you cannot recall any concept or want to brush up only on that concept, just carry the mouse over that concept (highlighted in blue colour) and you would get the definition and key formula of that concept in a popup. If your concept is still not refreshed in your mind or you want to learn deeper about that concept, click on ‘read more’ below that popup and you can pull out the complete study note of that concept with illustrations. This would help you learn where and when you need to in a pull-based manner, saving your precious time.

What if you are not satisfied with the doubt clearance?

Even after reading the question and answer twice, if your doubts are still not cleared, you may click on ‘Feedback’ button at the bottom and submit your comments there. Choose ‘Needs Improvement’ and submit type in your doubt and submit it.

Please note that you should thoroughly read the question and the detailed solution again, word by word before submitting your doubt. Our faculty would look into any genuine doubts and if the need be, suitably update the question or the solution for effective doubt clearance for the benefit of all the students.

Your feedback should be specific. Doubts which are vague, would not be considered. If you write that ‘the question is wrong’ or ‘the answer is wrong’ or ‘Option# is correct’ without specifying the reason for that, it would be considered vague.

Doubts on questions outside the practice question bank.

Please note that the questions given in the question bank duly cover your entire syllabus and the complexity level expected in the examination. Our students do not need to have doubt clearance on any other questions. After practicing these questions, you would be in a position to attempt most of the other questions provided the question is framed correctly. We strongly recommend that you should finish the practice of all the questions given to you before attempting questions from outside sources. In any case, we do not provide doubt clearance on questions outside our question bank.

Interaction with the faculty for doubt clearance.

CareerOrbits does not have any system for interaction with its faculty members for any doubt clearance by phone or chat. You can submit your comments through the feedback option against that question, which would be looked into by our academic team.