Choosing Difficulty Levels

How many difficulty levels are there?

The questions in the Practice Question Bank have been assigned the following difficulty levels

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard

How are difficulty levels assigned?

The difficulty levels have been assigned to the questions relative to the level of your entrance examination and are based on the latest pattern of your entrance exam. For example, the same question in physics may be assigned ‘Easy’ level for JEE Advanced and ‘Medium’ level for JEE Main and ‘Hard’ level for NEET.

How to choose a difficulty level?

While choosing your chapter for practice, you can change the difficulty level in the dropdown. The default selection for difficulty levels is – ‘All Difficulty Levels’. You can change it to Easy, Medium or Hard as per your needs.

Why choose a difficulty level?

Choosing a difficulty level helps you in the following ways:

  1. If you are at a beginner level, you may choose just ‘Easy’ level and after you have practiced all the ‘Easy’ Level questions through all the revision lists, start with the ‘Medium’ level questions and then, in the same manner the ‘Hard’ level questions. This helps you move to a higher difficulty level gradually with confidence and you don’t feel frustrated.
  2. If you are an advanced learner and have already a good grip over a chapter, you may skip ‘Easy’ level questions and straightaway start with ‘Medium’ level questions in that chapter and move on to ‘Hard’ Level questions. This can save a lot of time to the advanced learners. If you are not able to solve ‘Medium’ level questions, you can come down to ‘Easy’ level questions and follow the progression to ‘Medium’ and ‘Hard’ level questions.