About Minor Tests

Objective of Minor Tests

Minor Tests or Unit Tests seek to train your mind in a structured manner for time management during the actual exam. While you practice questions with the question bank, there is no time limit. But, these Minor Tests are timed tests and accordingly help you assess and improve your time management skills during the actual exam.

Each Minor Test includes 2-3 chapters from each subject (called a ‘Unit’). You also get Half-Syllabus Minor Tests which help you prepare in a systematic manner. Minor Tests also help you learn the right steps for attempting the questions involving the same or similar concepts. With CareerOrbits’ Minor Tests, you do not need to waste time in doubt clearance. In the Test Series of other Institutes, you simply end up assessing yourself. But with CareerOrbits’ Minor Tests you also get instant doubt clearance by way of step-by-step detailed solutions for all questions, saving you a lot of your valuable time.

Scheme and Pattern of Minor Tests

Each Minor Test for NEET-UG comprises 180 questions and carries 720 maximum marks. For JEE Main, each Minor Test comprises 90 questions and carries 360 maximum marks. The duration of each Minor Test is 3 hours. The questions in the Minor Tests have been carefully selected to follow the pattern of your actual examination. The difficulty level of the questions and the inclusion of topics match the latest pattern of your exam.

There could be one, two or three Minor Tests based on the same syllabus (Unit Syllabus) depending upon which course you have chosen and the size of the chapters included in the Minor Test.

Syllabus of Minor Tests

The syllabus of each Minor Test is provided against that Minor Test. Please click on ‘Syllabus’, given in blue colour against the name of the Minor Test to get the syllabus for that Minor Test.

Availability of Minor Tests

If your course includes Minor Tests, all the Minor Tests would be activated and shall be live on your dashboard immediately upon successful payment. You can take any Minor Test at any time at your convenience and in sync with your own study plan.

Schedule of Minor Tests

Unlike other institutes which have a fixed schedule and time, CareerOrbits does not provide any fixed schedule for the Minor Tests. We understand that your study plan in school and your own study schedule could be different from other students. You might be studying in a different board or in a different state or maybe even outside India, in a different time zone.

To help you follow your own study schedule, CareerOrbits has not given you any fixed schedule. You can take up any Minor Test at any time, once you have prepared the chapters included in that Minor Test.

Other Tests of the same Minor Test

Your course might have more than one Minor Test for the same syllabus. These additional Minor Tests include different questions too and are not simple retakes of the previous Minor Tests.

CareerOrbits believes in thorough preparation for all its students and offers a variety of questions across different paper sets of the same Minor Test. This helps you hone your test-taking skills and strengthen your knowledge base.