Bookmark List

Which Questions to Bookmark?

You should bookmark only those questions in the Practice Question Bank that you find important and would like to revise later or immediately before your actual exam. You can choose questions for bookmarking based on your wisdom.

Please note that you cannot bookmark questions in Revision Tests or Mock Tests.

Why to Bookmark a question?

Simply because you have been able to attempt a question correctly today does not mean that you would be able to attempt it correctly in the actual exam also. Please note that your actual exam might be a couple of months away. Memory is short and fades easily. So, to ensure that you are able to revisit these good and important questions any time later or before the actual exam, you should bookmark these questions.

When to Bookmark a Question?

You can bookmark a question

  1. In Unattempted List, when you attempt it correctly. If you attempt a question wrongly, you cannot bookmark the question.
  2. In Revision List 3, if you attempt it correctly. But in Revision List 1 and Revision List 2 even if you attempt the question correctly, you cannot bookmark the question. The question moves to next level of Revision List.
  3. You can revisit Correct List and add any questions that you may like to practice again.

How to Bookmark a question?

When you attempt a question correctly in Unattempted List, you can bookmark the question by clicking on ‘Bookmark Question’ button at the bottom.

When you are visiting your ‘Correct List’, you can click on ‘Bookmark Question’ button at the bottom.

How to remove question from Bookmark List?

Having added a question to the bookmark list, you can remove it by clicking on ‘Remove Bookmark’ button at the bottom. The question can be removed only after you have attempted it. You have the option not to remove it from the bookmark list.

How many questions to bookmark?

Ideally, you should not add all or a large chunk of questions to the bookmark list because you are adding a lot of burden. You should bookmark not more than 1/3rd of the total size of the question bank, i.e. 2,000 to 3,000 questions.

You should repeatedly practice these questions in the bookmark list and as you become perfect in attempting these questions correctly in the least time, you can remove these questions from the bookmark list.