Taking a Mock Test

When to start mock tests? #

You should take the full-syllabus mock tests only after you have prepared well. This is an assessment of your ultimate state of preparedness for your entrance test. That means, you should have practiced all the questions in the Practice Question Bank, cleared all your Revision Lists and practiced the questions in your Bookmark List. Also take time to review the Flagged Questions in your Progressive Tests and mock tests already taken, if any. Once you are in state of complete preparedness, only then you should proceed to take your full-length full-syllabus mock tests. Most of the students would try to attempt full-syllabus mock tests in the middle of their preparations or without completing the practice with practice question bank. This leads to utter frustration and loss of confidence. These students get so much demotivated that they stop preparing half way. You should avoid taking a full syllabus mock test without thorough preparations.

What’s the best time to take a mock test? #

You should look for a suitable time slot during any part of the day be it morning, noon, evening or night where you don’t expect any disturbance and the environment is absolutely quiet and calm. The time slot should be carefully chosen and should adequately cover duration of the mock test.

Priority in taking mock tests #

If you have subject-level mock tests as part of your course, you should first take subject level full-syllabus mock tests and then only proceed to full-length full-syllabus mock tests. This would help you gain suitable perfection and confidence in a graded manner.

Pausing a Mock Test #

Having once started with a mock test, you should not ordinarily pause a mock test. However, in some exceptional circumstances, you may need to pause a mock test and resume later. You can close the window in which you are taking a mock test and log out. All your responses to the attempted questions would be saved on our server.

Resuming a Mock Test #

When next time you login, you may click on ‘Resume’ against that mock test and attempt the remaining questions.

Power failure during mock test #

It is recommended that in the event of a power failure, you immediately close the test, log out and close the device. However, all the responses to your attempted questions are saved in real time on our servers. Even if, per chance, you have not been able to close the test and log out and the device suddenly shuts down, all your hard work is saved and you can continue from the point where you left, next time when you resume your mock test.

Internet connection failure during mock test #

Once you have started your mock test and internet breaks or fails, you need not worry. You may continue working on your mock test. During this period when internet connection is missing, we save all your responses to your device. Once, the internet connection is available, we automatically update our servers with your responses to the attempted questions.

Timer during pause or power failure #

Timer is set at the server and is synchronised with your device. During the period when you pause or you log out or device suddenly shuts down due to power failure, the timer readings are stored on your device and when you resume the mock test, the timer readings are updated on our server.

Submitting a Mock Test #

When the duration of the mock test is over, the Mock Test is automatically submitted. However, if you have finished your mock test earlier before the expiry of the test duration, you can click on ‘Submit’ on your mock test window.