Clearing doubts on Questions in the Chapter Tests

After submitting a chapter test, you can clear your doubts on the questions in the test with the doubt clearance provided by our experts. This doubt clearance is in the form of detailed solutions which are step wise.

After taking the chapter test, you can clear your doubts in the Evaluation section. You can reach the evaluation screen in one of the following ways:

  • You can click on ‘Performance’ button against the Chapter Test. Then, on the next screen, click on ‘Doubt Clearance’ to view the complete evaluation of each question and their detailed step wise answer; or
  • You can click on ‘Doubt Clearance’ on the ‘Chapter Test Performance’ screen

Click on the question to get the doubt clearance on each of the questions.

From the dropdown, you can choose if you wish to have doubt clearance on all questions, wrongly attempted questions or unattempted questions. Detailed step-by-step doubt clearance would appear before you against the selected question.