About Practice Question Bank

Is Practice question bank chapter-wise?

Yes, the practice question bank is divided chapter-wise so that you can practice questions of any chapter in sync with your school studies plan or your personal study timetable.

Chapter-wise practice question bank vs. chapter-wise practice tests – which is better?

Chapter-wise practice tests (as most of the coaching institutes provide) seek to assess your knowledge without adequate preparation and practice. This could lead to a demoralizing effect on you. In Practice Question Bank, we make you practice and learn; and help in developing your test-taking skills. After we make you learn the right ways of approaching and answering the questions, we assess you separately through Chapter Tests, Minor Tests (Unit Tests) and Mock Tests.

The wrongly answered questions get lost in the maze of a lot of practice tests. In effect, the questions wrongly answered by you represent your weaker areas and are crucial for your success in your actual entrance exam. We capture all your wrongly attempted questions in the chapter-wise form in your personalized Revision Lists so that you know what all you have to focus upon to be able to crack your entrance test with a high rank.

What’s the syllabus of each chapter and how do I find it?

You can click on the info icon on the practice dashboard against that chapter to get the syllabus of that chapter.

What’s the schedule for releasing the chapter-wise question bank?

Question bank for all chapters is available to you right at the time you join a course. This is to enable you to choose any chapter and practice that chapter as per your study schedule.

How often do you update the question bank?

We update the question bank regularly. Whenever there are any changes in the syllabus, we update the question bank to bring it in line with the changes.

Do the given questions cover the entire syllabus?

Yes, the given questions in the question bank cover all the concepts in the official syllabus. Every attempt has been made to cover all the topics which are relevant to the syllabus.

Do these questions cover the previous year’s questions?

Previous year questions are included in the practice question bank. However, all previous year’s questions are not included. Some of the questions involving the same concept have been excluded to avoid burdening the students.

Is there any time limit for attempting a question?

There’s no time limit for attempting a question. But, you should try to answer as quickly as possible after reading the question carefully. However, we capture time taken by you in every question which is shown to you in your evaluation of the question.

Do you need any more questions apart from what’s given in this question bank?

The questions given in the practice Question bank comprehensively cover the entire syllabus and all the concepts. You do not need any more questions for practice apart from what’s given in the question bank. However, if you ever feel the need to practice extra questions, please finish the practice of all the questions given in the practice question bank here and also clear your revision lists after that only start practicing questions from other sources.