Delivery, Downloading and Printing

Delivery of Study Notes

You can access study notes online after you log in to your account. As such, no hard copies of the study notes or pen drive or CD is sent to you.

Schedule of Study Notes

Whether you join one year course or a two-year course or a crash course, all the chapters are activated right at the time when you join the course by making payment of the course fee.

Are these study notes in pdf format?

No. These study notes are not in PDF format. You don’t get interactivity in typical PDF files. PDF files are just electronic versions of printed books. These study notes are designed to boost your pace of learning and are interactive as explained above.

Downloading Study Notes for viewing offline or printing

The Study Notes cannot be downloaded for offline viewing later or printed. Since the study notes are interactive and database-driven, downloading is not possible. However, you can access all these study notes any time after just logging into your account with CareerOrbits from any part of the world on any device.