About Study Notes

The Study Notes are developed by our team of experts who have decades of experience in preparing students for NEET and JEE. The objective of these Study Notes is to help you quickly revise and prepare a chapter so that you have enough time left for developing your problem-solving abilities and improving your accuracy. These notes cover all the important concepts and extra material required to ace your actual exam.

Save time in Preparation & Revision

The Study Notes have been so designed and developed that you can quickly revise a chapter in 2-3 hours. Every time, you want to revise a chapter, obviously, you can’t afford to spend 2-3 days in revising a single chapter. This saves you a lot of time which you can use for building and developing your test-taking abilities.

Coverage of Syllabus

All the Study Notes for each subject are developed as per the latest official syllabus for your exam. We update the Study Notes as and when there are any changes in the official syllabus.

In case, there’s no official syllabus declared for your exam, our Study Notes are developed as per the past examination pattern and the knowledge and expertise expected for your exam.

Additional Books Requirement

Apart from your school textbooks, whether NCERT textbooks or state board standard textbooks, you do not need any additional books to prepare for your exam, when you use these Study Notes. Our experts have included the gist from the best of the reference books in these Study Notes.


Videos are quite time-consuming and are a passive mode of learning. You learn all the concepts in your school classes. Your exam would be based on the same concepts which you learn in your school classes. Classes and videos help you lead into a topic but to gain a deeper understanding, you need to prepare in self-study mode.

With these concise study notes and interactivity in the study notes, you are able to prepare and revise for your exam much faster and save a lot of your precious time.

Interactivity in Study Notes

The Study Notes are designed in such a manner that you prepare and revise in a pull-based manner, i.e., a need-based manner. Since you are seriously short of time and have to achieve perfection of the highest order, we have highlighted the concepts from other topics in blue colour. If you do not recall any such concept, you can carry the mouse over it and get the definition of that concept with key formula. If your concept is still not refreshed or you want to learn deeper about it, just click on ‘read more’ below it and you can pull out the complete study note of that concept including illustrations. This helps you learn faster and save you a lot of your precious time.

Updating Study Notes

Whenever there’s any change in the syllabus, we update the Study Notes in sync with the changes in the syllabus. However, there could be some time lag involved in updating the Study Notes to accommodate changes as per the updated syllabus.

Feedback & Error reporting on Study Notes

Every attempt has been taken to ensure that the best study notes are provided to you and the same are error-free. However, if you have any comments on the study notes or notice any mistake, you can take a screenshot of the relevant part of the study note and email us with your comments at support@careerorbits.com.