Revisiting a Minor Test

Revisiting a Minor Test #

You can revisit a Minor Test any time and any number of times after you have taken it.  For revisiting a Minor Test, click on Performance against that Minor Test. In the next window, click on ‘Doubt Clearance’. In default, all the questions in the Minor Test would be shown. If you wish to revisit only wrongly attempted questions, change the selection in the dropdown from ‘All Questions’, to ‘Wrongly Attempted Questions’. If you want to revisit only unattempted questions, you can choose ‘Unattempted Questions’ from the dropdown list.

Flagging Questions in Minor Test #

While you are getting the doubt clearance on the Minor Test which you have attempted, you have the option of flagging any question for selective revision later. We respect your time and the need to revise the hard questions. You can flag any question whether Unattempted, correctly attempted or wrongly attempted.

You may need to flag some of the even correctly attempted questions, should it be a near-miss case. Near-miss are those cases where you were unsure of which question was correct and either you took a chance or it was a pure fluke.

This saves you a lot of precious time and at the same time allows you to stay focused on revising only those questions which you need to.

You can also remove the flag from a question by clicking on ‘Remove Flag’, once you feel that you have revised it sufficiently and no longer need to revise that question.