Chapter Test Results

Getting Result of the Chapter Test (Performance Analytics)

After you have submitted the Chapter Test or it is automatically submitted upon the expiry of the duration of the test, you are directed to a new page. On this page, you get two options –

  • Results and Analytics
  • Doubt Clearance

When you click on ‘Results and Analytics’, you get the complete result and performance analysis of your chapter test.

You get result of the full Chapter test with a break up of:

  • How many questions you attempted correctly and how many marks you scored.
  • How many questions you attempted wrongly and how many negative marks you got.
  • How many questions you did not attempt and how many marks did you lose because you did not attempt those questions.

Marks obtained including negative marking question wise

While you look at the doubt clearance, you can know on which questions you got full marks and on which questions you got negative marks. 

Time spent on each question

While you look at the doubt clearance against every question, you also get time spent on every question. This helps you understand on which questions you spent extra time and on which questions despite spending extra time, you could not attempt it correctly. This helps you form your strategy for the next chapter test and for your ultimate entrance test so that not only you save on the time spent but also learn how to optimize your time and efforts.