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About CareerOrbits

What We Do

We work for the benefit of the students who wish to make their career in dignified professions like Engineering, Medical, Architecture, Design, Legal, Accountancy and Management etc. Every student wishes to pursue studies in the discipline of his choice from the best of the institutions. You would also be aspiring to score the highest rank in the entrance test so that you could make it to the institution and the course of your choice. After years of research, survey and interaction with past and present candidates, parents, school teachers, professors, educational psychologists and..

How we do

You must be wondering as to how we do that. Do we provide coaching in our centers or at your home or on Internet? Do we conduct VSAT Classes or live video lectures? Do we send you study material by post? Do we conduct online or offline mock-test, simply evaluating you? Do we provide you those meaningless percentiles and rankings?
The answer to all these questions is a big NO. We do none of these things. There are many others who are doing all these for you. We appreciate their role and contribution in what they are doing.

We all know that our goals determine our actions. All the strategies..

Advantage of CareerOrbits Courses

Instant knowledge

You get all definitions, explanations, key formulae, facts and figures – relevant and accurate on the roll of a mouse-over or click of a button. The knowledge and information is instant, saving you from all the botheration, loss of time and irritating and frustrating sifting through pile of books and study notes or millions of web pages thrown open by the search pages.

Higher degree of retention

Our programs provide you a much higher retention ratio as compared to any other program. Researchers have observed that learning by practice doing provides on an average retention..

How Do We Assure Quality

We are driven by passion for success of each of our students. Accordigly, we have very stringent quality policies and rigid tolerance levels.  These testing parameters are designed and consistently implemented to ensure quality in the following respects:

  • Quality of the Systems, programs, design and infrastructure to assure you a 100% satisfying experience.
  • Quality of the practice questions, study material and tools which are developed in-house by our experienced team members by following the laid down guidelines, and multi-stage quality assurance checks.

CareerOrbits is committed to bring highest value for the students in the test preparation 

Mission & vision


To help in the socio-economic development of masses by enabling young generation across the nation to learn by practicing and building the intellectual wealth of the nation.


To effectively utilise the synergies of technology and education for the benefit of the students, especially those who are aiming to pursue higher technical education…