Choosing a Course for Free Trial

Click on ‘Trial’ in the menu and you would be redirected to the Free Trial page, where you can select any course for free trial. You can choose and set up your free trial in three simple steps, as below:

Step 1: Choosing your entrance exam

Choose the target examination, i.e. JEE Main, JEE Advanced or NEET. After choosing the target examination, click on ‘continue’ to move to the next step.

Step 2: Choosing your Target Year

Choose the target year of your entrance exam. For example, if you are studying in 11th class in 2021, your target year for JEE Main/JEE Advanced or NEET would be 2023. If in the year 2021, you are studying in 12th class, your target year would be 2022. If you are a repeater or a dropper or a class 12 passout in the current year, say 2021, your target year would be 2021. After choosing the target year, click on ‘continue’ to move to the next step.

Step 3: Choosing your target course

There are many course variant available to you for free trial. You have different combinations of courses. Each course may have just the practice question bank or practice question bank with mock test series or with study notes also. You also have the option of choosing your course for just one subject. When you click or tap on info-icon icon against the course, the contents of the course you can see before taking the free trial. The price of each course is also mentioned against the course.

After choosing the target course, click on ‘Finish’ to set up your free trial.