About CVV and 3-D Secure

All credit and debit card transactions on CareerOrbits.com require you to enter CVV and 3-D secure password. It provides an increased protection at the time of making payments.

What is CVV?

CVV stands for ‘Card Verification Value’. CVV is a three digit number printed on the back of your card. You can find the CVV in or near the area where you sign your card.

Your CVV number will not be stored on the Payment Gateways to ensure enhanced security of your transaction.

In case of American Express cards, you should enter the zip/pin code of the billing address registered with your card. Amex will use this information as an additional security measure to approve your transaction.

What is 3-D Secure password?

3-D secure password is an additional password that you need to enter to complete the transaction. After entering your CVV, you’ll be redirected to your bank’s website. On the page, you will have to enter the OTP received from your bank on this page.

Note: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has made 3-D secure password mandatory for all transactions. This ensures safe online shopping. This prevents misuse of a lost/stolen card as the user will be unable to proceed unless they enter the password associated with your card, created by yourself and known only to you.