Performance – Practice Question Bank

Performance Status

Here you can get the current status of student’s practice, updated till the last moment. The report is available for all the subjects together. If you want to see the status of practice in any subject, you can get it by clicking the relevant subject tab.

student performance status in the question bank

Interpreting the Performance Status

The Doughnut Chart

In the doughnut chart, the green slice reflects how many questions the student has correctly attempted, either in the very first attempt or after practicing through the revision list. The number of questions is mentioned against the slice. You need to ensure that the pie chart shows all green. There should not be any slice of doughnut chart in red or grey.

Slices of doughnut chart in red means that the student has not been able to attempt the questions correctly. The questions are lying in various stages of revision lists. To be able to crack NEET, the student should clear all levels of revision lists and move all such questions to correct list.

Slice in gray represents the number of questions that the student is yet to attempt.

You can click on the legends below the doughnut chart to hide or show any slice to get a clear picture.

The Progress Bars

The first progress bar also shows the progress of the questions attempted by the student (whether wrongly or rightly) out of total questions available for practice. For example, if there are 8,000 questions in the practice question bank, out of which 4,000 questions are attempted by the student (whether correctly or incorrectly), the first progress bar would show 50%.

The student should finish practice of all the questions. Ideally, the first progress bar should be 100%. That means the student should practice all the questions.

The second progress bar represents the degree of accuracy attained by the student in the questions attempted. Now, supposing out of the 4,000 questions attempted by the student, he has correctly attempted 2,800 questions and has remaining 1,200 questions in Revision List 1, 2 or 3. In such a case, the second progress bar would show 70% status.

You need to ensure that both the progress bars are at 100% or as near thereto as possible.