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JEE Advanced Online Exam 2022 – How to prepare?

JEE Advanced Online Exam 2022 - How to prepare?

The decision of JEE Advanced Online exam in 2022 exam date has come as a shock to most of the students and parents. IIT Bombay will conduct the JEE Advanced exam this year. The upcoming JEE Advanced exam is expected to be held online in the month of August or September 2022.

Why the decision for JEE Advanced Online Examination is shocking?

Most of the students who have been studying in the coaching institutes have become used to filling OMR sheets in paper pencil mode. Even these coaching institutes in Kota and all coaching hubs all over India have denied their students access to internet, smartphone or laptop. Quite a large number of students have a lot of difficulty in even operating a laptop or desktop so much so that many of them can’t even hold and click a mouse properly. How do you expect these students to take JEE Advanced in exam in online mode.

Even educated parents in cities have all along denied access to internet to their children for the fear that they may waste a lot of time on internet instead of focusing on their studies.

Facing JEE Advanced examination in online mode is obviously tougher for these students.

What difficulties candidates would face in JEE Advanced Online Examination?

First and the biggest hurdle by almost all the students would be the orientation for an online test. Having become used to reading from printed paper, they would need to read from a computer screen. Even grown-ups find it initially difficult to read and comprehend from the computer screen. The orientation needs to be developed over months and years. Just a couple of online mock tests would not really help a student develop the right orientation for the  JEE Advanced online Test.

The next major difficulty to be faced by a large number of candidates shall be the ease of using a mouse. With the increasing use of smartphone, students have somehow learnt to operate smartphone for surfing, reading, watching videos and of course, WhatsApp. But still, they are not used to operate a mouse and wheel and for JEE Advanced Online Exam, students would need to take their test on desktops with the aid of mouse.

The third major issue that’s likely to be faced by the candidates is the neck and eye movement. While you solve a problem from a printed paper, the printed paper and the rough sheet on which you are solving are on the same plane, so that there’s least movement of eyes and neck. You may even draw or mark on the given diagram or write or underline certain portions of a given question but in online mode, this is not possible. While taking your JEE Advanced Online test, you may need to redraw the diagram on the rough working sheets.

Further, the students generally mark the questions to be revisited and it’s easy for them to turn the pages fast to get to the questions they have marked. But, in the online mode, they should be swift at clicking the relevant subject tabs and scrolling through the questions or the question numbers.

Obviously, if the students don’t have the right orientation, despite knowing the concepts well, they may not be able to perform well in their JEE Advanced Online exam.

How to cope with the demands of  JEE Advanced Online Exam?

Firstly, all the students who are serious at cracking JEE Advanced Online exam should get a laptop or desktop with a broadband connection at home. You can also get an internet connection in your smartphone and connect it with your laptop using a hotspot. Please note that you should use laptop with an external mouse and not the touchpad because in the JEE Advanced online test, you would be provided with a mouse and not a touchpad.

Next, you should start practicing the JEE Main and JEE Advanced in online mode at the earliest. If you are thinking that you would take a couple of mock tests in March or April to make you familiar with the online pattern, you are highly mistaken. Taking couple of JEE Advanced mock tests in online mode towards the fag end would not help you. Just a few days of online practice would leave serious gaps in your ability to read from the screen and solving on your rough sheets and then again looking back at the screen repeatedly. I have seen many people in the actual world that they take years to develop a comfort of reading from the screen. Even after years of practice, it’s not easy for them to manage their eyes and neck movement on different planes. Mind it, you would be under tremendous pressure of time and performance when you take your JEE Advanced examination in online mode in 2022. All this kind of pressure may adversely affect your score and accordingly AIR.

Unfortunately, most of the online test series for JEE Advanced that are available in the market are technically very poor. Many would be good for JEE Main only with single correct type questions. Others would miss the Matrix Type questions and would treat every matrix type question as a single correct or simple matching type problem. Some of the technology companies have come up with some kind of half-baked solutions but the contents and the quality of practice is seriously lacking.

Are you really getting pissed off?

You should not. Because at CareerOrbits, we have planned everything well in advance for your success in JEE Advanced online test. Now, for JEE Advanced 2022, you can start practicing in online mode today only with all types of questions like multiple correct, comprehensive (paragraph type) multiple correct, Integer Type and above all the most difficult, i.e., the matrix match type questions. A regular practice for couple of months of reading from the screen and solving the question in rough would provide you the right orientation and train you for the right eye and neck movement.

On top of that, this would not be just a practice or assessment in online mode. Our courses equip you with the right knowledge and perfection needed to crack JEE Advanced with a top rank. The Online courses from CareerOrbits are the best of the kind available. Our competitors have been trying to catch up but are way behind. None of the practice tests or mock tests available in offline or online mode by our competitors provide you with instant doubt clearance. The doubt clearance if at all provided is too sketchy. In most of the test series, the quality of questions and apparent typing and other errors simply put off the students.

We have the finest online question bank for practice available to you for JEE Advanced, developed by experienced IITians, researchers and professors drawn from specialised domains. Our JEE Advanced Online question bank is divided chapter-wise with questions arranged in order of increasing difficulty. Firstly, you get easy-level questions on a topic and then the medium-level questions and then the hard-level questions. The courses are designed to help train your mind systematically. We support you with detailed doubt clearance wherever and whenever you go wrong. We constantly monitor all your wrong attempts and make you practice these questions at least three times correctly to develop perfection of the highest order in your test taking abilities. This is how you would be able to crack JEE Advanced test in first attempt with a top rank even in online mode.

We also support your learning needs on any concept right where you need the support. You must be aware that many a questions in JEE Advanced are based not on a single concept but two or three concepts drawn from different chapters. We present you just what you do not know by our unique Just-in-time (JIT) Learning technology. This makes your preparation much faster and much more effective while orienting you rightly and in an interesting manner for the JEE Advanced online test.

Our mock tests for JEE Advanced use the latest technology and can be taken at any time by you unlike the fixed time by most of the institutes. Most importantly, all mock tests by our so called competitors are aimed at assessing you and nothing more. Our JEE Advanced online mock tests go much beyond simple assessment and help you grow your knowledge, clear your doubts on each and every question where you might have gone wrong. If your doubts are not cleared in the mock tests, what purpose does it serve? You stand at the same level after taking a mock test where you were before taking the mock test. We clear all your doubts on the questions in the mock tests also.

So, no need to worry. Take a free trial of the complete JEE Advanced online course for 2022 or 2023. You can also choose just the JEE Advanced Online question bank or a combination of online question bank with online mock tests.

Before we close, also ensure that you have also prepared for JEE Main also in the online mode. Preparing online for JEE Main would further strengthen your orientation for the Computer Based Test or Online Test for JEE Advanced. It is quite possible that any time before the JEE Main notification, the Govt. may make even JEE Main as compulsorily online.

Take a deep breath and get going for a grand success in your coming JEE Advanced Online Exam in 2022.

If you have any questions or clarifications regarding JEE Advanced Online preparations, please send me your comments below.

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