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Online NEET Test Series 2023-2024

With our Chapter wise Test Series for NEET 2023 & NEET 2024, you can easily achieve 650+ marks in the NEET exam. These online Test Series for NEET UG are designed for serious NEET & AIIMS aspirants.

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NEET Chapter wise Practice Questions

Practice important questions for each chapter in quiz form.

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Chapterwise Test Series for NEET UG

Build your test taking skills with topic-wise tests.

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NEET Minor Tests (Unit wise Tests)

Take part syllabus tests for progressive assessments.

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NEET Half Syllabus Tests

Test your preparedness for 11th and 12th syllabus topics.

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NEET Subject Wise Tests

Assessment for a single subject - Physics, Chemistry & Biology.

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NEET Major Tests (Mock Tests)

Major Tests as per latest NEET pattern with All India Rank (AIR).


Know why our students enjoy preparing with CareerOrbits Test Series

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Improve Accuracy to 90% Plus Level

Build accuracy by doing improvement work in weaker areas with Revision Lists & Flag Lists.

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Clear Doubts in Less than One-Minute

Detailed step-wise solutions and explanations for each question in the NEET practice questions and tests.

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Save up to 95% Time in Revising

Stop wasting time in revising from books. Now, revise a concept, on just a click while practicing.

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Practice all that matters for 650+

Practice NCERT based NEET level questions only for achieving 650+ marks in NEET UG Exam.


Find out how our Online Test Series can help you score 650+ marks in NEET 

NEET Test Series - Ultra and Mega

Choose your Test Series

CareerOrbits offers two versions of NEET Online Test Series – NEET Mega Test Series & NEET Ultra Test Series. Dropper Test Series is another powerful choice for Droppers & Repeaters.

Online Test Series for NEET 2023

Chapter wise Tests, Minor/Part Tests, Subject wise Tests & Full Mock Tests (Fully Solved)

Rs. 9,500

Everything in NEET 2023 Mega Test Series + Chapter wise Practice MCQs (Fully Solved)

Rs. 16,500

Everything in NEET 2023 Ultra Test Series + Extra Practice MCQs & Extra Tests + Smart Notes for Quick Revision

Rs. 22,500

Online Test Series for NEET 2024

Chapter wise Tests, Minor/Part Tests, Subject wise Tests & Full Tests (Fully Solved)

Rs. 13,500

Everything in NEET 2024 Mega Test Series + Chapter wise Practice MCQs (Fully Solved) 

Rs. 20,500


Ali Saherwala | Indore, M.P.

Ali Saherwala | Indore, M.P.

NEET 2021 | AIR (Gen) 3937 | Score 650

Bishwesh Kumar | Bihar

Bishwesh Kumar | Bihar

NEET 2021 | AIR (Gen) 3980 | Score 650

Mohd. Yoousuf | Kerala

Mohd. Yoousuf | Kerala

NEET 2020 | AIR (Gen) 3314 | Score 653

Yogesh Mittal | Punjab

Yogesh Mittal | Punjab

NEET 2020 | AIR (Gen) 5621 | Score 641


Detailed Step-wise Solution

Self-explanatory solutions for each question for quick doubt clearance.

Bookmark List

Last minute reconnect with difficult and tricky questions.

Personal Revision Lists & Flag List

improve accuracy with repeated practice of weaker areas.

Reverse Learning

Pull out Study Notes of any concept while practicing questions.


Some extra features in our  Online Test Series that our students love


Difficult MCQs easier to answer

Rated 5 out of 5

After two drops, I finally cracked NEET UG with this Ultra Test Series. When I began practice with this online test series I was able to solve questions faster and understand my mistakes. I particularly appreciate the way you combine smart tricks and step-by-step detailed explanations, which are missing in other test series. It made me feel a lot more confident. Thank you so much for helping me answer the difficult question easier way. I must say, this is the best chapter wise test series for NEET preparations. Keep up the good work!

Thiyagarajan Subramanian, Andhra

Comprehensive Practice for NEET

Rated 5 out of 5

I am really delighted by the experience and result of this awesome Test Series. The chapter wise question bank in Physics, chemistry and biology (botany & zoology) helped my wards understand how to solve questions. With the chapter wise tests and unit tests, I could assess my twin’s performance in a continuous manner. The part syllabus tests for class 11 and class 12 helped my twins take a stock of their performance in tests for class 11 topics and class 12 topics. The review tests for each of the subjects, that’s botany, zoology, chemistry and physics helped them improve their performance in each of the subjects. Thankfully, both my twins have been able to beat the competition. Both of them got Govt. seats in top medical colleges. Thanks to CareerOrbits!

Dr. Jayadharshini J J

Real Blessing for me!

Rated 5 out of 5

This Online Test Series for NEET by CareerOrbits is a real blessing for me. I was looking for a comprehensive test package for my NEET preparations that includes set of chapter wise practice questions and practice papers for NEET UG. With the step-by-step detailed solutions in the Online Test Series and break down of each aspect of the question, I could learn “how” to solve. Thanks for offering such an incredible and the best NEET Test Series. I finally could get a seat in one of the top medical colleges. I would like to recommend this test series, especially the Ultra Test Series to all my friends and juniors.

Mohamed Zainudeen, Jammu & Kashmir

Wonderful Test Series!

Rated 5 out of 5

Preparing for National Eligibility Entrance Test with CareerOrbits’ Chapter wise Test Series was a great learning experience. The online test series helped me in my cracking NEET UG, such a competitive medical entrance exam. I was able to get admission to Madras Medical College. The practice questions and practice tests helped me greatly in developing my problem-solving abilities. I cleared my doubts so quickly and effectively. Answering all those difficult and tricky questions in the NEET question paper was not that tough. I will be eternally grateful to this wonderful Test Series.

Goku Sai, Pune, Maharashtra

Guide to choosing the Best Test Series for NEET

While choosing the best Test Series for medical entrance preparation, i.e., NEET-UG, you should keep the following things in mind.
  1. The Test Series should be comprehensive and should be based on the latest updated syllabus. It should include all class 11 and 12 chapters that will be asked in the NEET UG exam.
  2. It should cover all the NEET important practice questions in each chapter, based on NCERT books.
  3. There should be detailed step-wise doubt clearance available for each question. Otherwise, you may end up wasting time in clearing doubts on questions in the test series.
  4. The Test Series should include chapter-wise test papers. Practicing these topic-wise tests will help you assess your level of preparation in each chapter.
  5. Ensure that the test series also includes part-syllabus/unit tests for progressive assessment and building test-taking skills.
  6. You should also check for availability of subject wise mock tests. The full syllabus subject wise tests for Biology, Chemistry and Physics will help in assessing your level of preparation in each subject.
  7. The full syllabus major mock tests for NEET, covering all the three subjects combined, i.e., Physics, Chemistry & Biology (Botany and Zoology) with All India Rank should also be included..
  8. You should be getting the result of your test same time upon submission.
  9. You should be able to assess time-taken in each question so that you improve your time-management during the NEET exam.
Following these guidelines, it would be easier for you to select the best online test series for NEET UG 2023 or NEET 2024 preparations and practice.

NEET Online Test Series - FAQs​

  • What is the procedure for Registration?
    You can click on 'Register' button and enter details. Create your own password. Please refer ‘Guide to Login’.
  • Which is the best NEET Test Series?
    The NEET Ultra Test Series is considered the best across all the test series, because: Its questions cover comprehensively all the concepts. The level of questions matches the latest NTA NEET Exam pattern and are primarily based on NCERT. You get detailed logical explanations – step wise and tricks for each and every question. Revising any concept on a click while clearing your doubts strengthens your conceptual understanding.
  • Will you provide me ALL-INDIA RANK (AIR)?
    Yes, you get All India Rank (AIR) in the full-syllabus Mock Tests.
  • What's the time schedule of the tests?
    You can take any test any time - 24/7, at your convenience.
  • How to Check the Result of Test Series?
    After you submit the test, click on Result ….
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