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NEET Test Series 2022-2023

NEET Online Test Series by CareerOrbits is different from the rest. Our Test Series helps you practice a large number of Chapter Tests, Minor Tests for each unit and full syllabus Mock Tests. Our power packed NEET test series offers you in all more than 10,000 questions which no other institute offers.

This NEET Online test series is specially designed to help you prepare faster and achieve perfection. Using the tests given in this specially designed online test series helps you not only assess level of your preparations but also helps you identify your mistakes, learn the right steps and improve score in the ultimate NEET exam.

That's why thousands of students from top institutes also prepare with CareerOrbits' Online Test Series for NEET (UG). Read on to explore how CareerOrbits Test Series can help you crack NEET:

  • Selected and Important Questions
  • Covers all Concepts as per NEET UG Syllabus
  • Handpicked Questions to fit your time schedule
  • All Questions as per latest NEET exam pattern
  • Written Doubt Clearance on all questions
  • Unlimited practice of weaker areas for perfection
  • Last minute revision with Smart Flagged Questions
  • Revise concepts instantly with smart Glossary

Join our NEET Test Series!

Our Plans
Total no. of Tests 204 204
Chapter wise Tests 155 155
Minor/Unit Tests 24 24
Subject wise Full Syllabus Tests 15 15
Mock Tests(Major Tests) 10 10
No. of MCQs in the Tests 10400+ 10400+
Chapter wise Question Bank Yes -
No. of MCQs in Question Bank 10,120+ -
Total No. of MCQs 20500+ 10400+
Detailed Solutions Yes Yes
Flag List in Tests for Revision Yes Yes
Detailed Explanations Yes Yes
Revise Concepts on a click Yes Yes
Revision List in Question Bank Yes -
Bookmark List in Question Bank Yes -
Our Plans
Total no. of Tests 266
Chapter wise Tests 207
Minor/Unit Tests 34
Subject wise Full Syllabus Tests 15
Mock Tests(Major Tests) 10
No. of MCQs in the Tests 11200+
Chapter wise Question Bank Yes
No. of MCQs in Question Bank 13,600+
Total No. of MCQs 24800+
Detailed Solutions Yes
Flag List in Tests for Revision Yes
Detailed Explanations Yes
Revise Concepts on a click Yes
Revision List in Question Bank Yes
Bookmark List in Question Bank Yes


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How Does Our Test Series for NEET Work?

In our Online NEET UG Test Series, you get chapter-wise Mock Tests and instant evaluation for all questions.

If you wrongly attempt a question, you get doubt clearance instantly. Just click the 'Solution' button to get detailed step-by-step solution.

If you still have doubts on a question, you can send us your doubt by just clicking 'Feedback' button.

Flag wrongly attempted questions so that you don't waste time in revisiting correctly attempted questions.

After finishing Chapter wise tests, first take subject level mock tests and then take Full-Syllabus mock tests.

In mock tests also, you get detailed solutions for each and every question for doubt clearance.

What You Miss in Other Test Series?

In any other Test Series, you do not cover all the topics and concepts.

But we cover all the topics and concepts as per latest NEET syllabus and ensure nothing is left out while you prepare and practice with CareerOrbits' Test Series.

Other online test series have fixed time schedule which may not suit you.

But with Careerorbits, you can take any test any time as per your schedule.

In other offline or online mock tests, you don't get doubt clearance. If at all you get doubt clearance, it involves waiting and wastage of time.

Instead, our doubt clearance is instant. Just click 'Solution' button and get detailed step-by-step solution on every question.

Other Test Series don't track your wrongly attempted questions. So, you are not able to attempt those questions again.

With CareerOrbits, you get chapter-wise revision lists for repeated practice and gaining perfection to get 650+ score.

Online Test Series for NEET 2021-2022 - Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is NEET Test Series?
2. Why is NEET Test Series by CareerOrbits considered the best amongst all others?
3. How do I clear my doubts?
4. Whether I should opt for Online Test Series or Offline Test Series?
5. Why should I practice NEET Test Series?
6. Whether Mega Test Series is better or Ultra Test Series?
7. Which is the best NEET Test Series?
8. What is the schedule of tests?
10 comment(s)
    Dr Manisha Shetti

    Want to know more about the test series for my son?


      Hi Dr. Shetti,

      It is fully online and provides complete doubt clearance on each question. The mock tests provide instant evaluation immediately upon submission. You get your result and marks as well as detailed step-by-step doubt clearance for each question in the tests.


    Great! I have joined the Ultra version of the NEET Test Series. I am indeed enjoying the test series and it has added a lot to my confidence. Thanks


    The quality of the Test Series is perfect.

    Ajay M

    The best online NEET test series ever. I bought it thinking that I will just take a look at some of the questions. But found that it covers all the NCERT concepts comprehensively and other concepts covered in NEET. I am glad to have joined this.


    Nice NEET test series. It proved really helpful as I am preparing for both NEET and AIIMS. The chapter-wise questions with detailed solutions attracted me to buy this test series from CareerOrbits. I do not think that I need to choose any other course for my NEET preparations.

    NEET aspirant

    Great course. The concepts are very nicely explained in the solutions available in the Ultra Test series. The questions are available for repeated practice in the test series.

    Dr. Shah

    My daughter has found this CareerOrbits' test series to be quite useful for her exam preparation. I will recommend this online NEET test series for students preparing for NEET and AIIMS.


    Best Test Series for NEET exam. I have joined the CareerOrbits' Ultra Series and I have been able to prepare well for my upcoming examinations using the NEET practice tests given in the course.


    I want to join the online NEET course that has notes also.