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NEET-UG Question Bank - Joined NEET Coaching?
Cut time on Board level questions

Just because a question is from within the syllabus, does not make it a relevant practice question for your NEET preparation.

In our 'No Crap' Chapter-wise NEET Question bank, all the Practice questions are specific to NEET-UG and AIIMS-MBBS only.

With our NEET Question Bank, you save precious time by avoiding practicing board level questions.

NEET-UG Question Bank - Could Not Prepare?
Save Time on Repetitive Questions

Repetitive questions based on the same concept and complexity, harm you more than doing good to you. Do you know why?

If you know a concept well, repetitive questions simply eat into your time for other important practice questions.

You get only unique Practice questions in our NEET Question Bank, saving your precious time.

NEET-UG Question Bank - Self Preparations?
Instant Doubt Clearance - Save Time

Most of you get doubts on 30-40 % of the MCQs for NEET. Your doubts accumulate on a daily basis. What do you do?

Trying to solve doubts of your own, eats a lot time. You can't take all doubts to coaching and even for that you need to wait for days.

With our NEET question bank, you get doubt clearance for each practice question in Physics, Chemistry and Biology right there and then.

NEET-UG Question Bank - Self Preparations?
Achieve Perfection with 3 Step Revision Lists

Getting doubt clearance is a big hassle and if you get doubt clearance, you don't revise those questions later. Right?

Without repeated practice, you would not be able to attempt it rightly or it would take more time. Then, what's the use of doubt clearance.

Our scientifically designed revision lists help you repeatedly practice till you achieve perfection

NEET-UG Question Bank - Repeat year Student?
Learn and Revise while you Practice

You feel embarrassed when your tutor gives you doubt clearance and refers to a concept and you are not able to recollect that concept.

You can't afford to ask him to explain that concept again every time.

With our NEET Question Bank, you get definition of the concept, right there and then, by just clicking it, helping you learn and revise.

NEET-UG Question Bank - Repeat year Student?
Last Minute Revision with Bookmark List

The syllabus of NEET is vast and covers 11th and 12th syllabus. You would not know what all to revise immediately before the NEET exam.

Confused, you would start practicing your objective questions for NEET all over again or just brush up topics in books.

With our NEET Question bank, achieve perfection & confidence by bookmarking important questions to revise immediately before the exam.

  • Bansari Patel

    Way of explanation about answer is extraordinary!

    CareerOrbits is an excellent online coaching facility for preparation of NEET exam . The quality of questions, software speed and teaching is excellent. CareerOrbits is 24 hrs. Knowledge ATM. Way of explanation about answer is extraordinary. I scored 623. It makes me feel great. Thanks for your great support and co-operation for building my nice career ....All India Rank 559, NEET-UG 2018

    Bansari Patel

  • Urveesh Sharma

    CareerOrbits is a wonderful tool that helped me greatly in enhancing my NEET score. In NEET 2018, I scored 605. I feel awesome.

    Here are some very useful unique features that I found no where else, not even in the platforms and packages offered by big names of the coaching industry.

    Urveesh Sharma

  • Navya Thomas

    Helped greatly in getting very good marks!

    The course was very useful and helped me a lot to go through the chapters and made me confident in attending the exam and getting very good marks. I scored 576 in my NEET 2018. All India Rank 3560, NEET-UG 2018.

    Navya Thomas

  • Dr. Usha Raina

    It's a very helpful program for students choosing medical as their career. It would help the students prepare from their homes specially girls. It would help real talent to flow into the medical career.

    Dr. Usha Raina
    Ex Gynecologist, MAMC, Ex. Addl. Director Health

  • Aditya Sharma

    Thanks to CareerOrbits for this amazing course!

    CareerOrbits made my dream of becoming a doctor come true. I scored 580 marks in my NEET 2018. I was disappointed with my bad result in NEET 2017. So, I went for CareerOrbit’s NEET Repeater Course and after preparing from this Course and practising the questions, I felt confident that I could crack NEET this time. The questions provided by CareerOrbits are of NEET level and many questions in the exam were exactly the same. Doubt clearance is given in detail and there is no need to refer any other book. Thanks to CareerOrbits for this amazing course. All India Rank 3094, NEET 2018

    Aditya Sharma

  • Akshay Kumar Lal

    Wonderful  Experience!

    I scored 554 in NEET 2018Had wonderful experience with CareerOrbits.... they have their punch line that 'NEET questions are going to come from their question sets' and u wont believe that the same thing happened this year .... many questions matched with the 'same values'....thanks to careerorbits and I owe my marks to it....I scored 554 in NEET 2018. I wud suggest to all the medical aspirants to join Careerorbits as they guarantee u the marks for good Govt. College....

    Akshay Kumar Lal

  • Jaee Naik

    CareerOrbits is an excellent supplementary study material for those who are trying to get a step ahead in cracking NEET UG. Its concise notes and handy solutions for questions make it easier to learn, revise and perform. All India Rank 259, NEET UG 2017

    Jaee Naik
    Srinagar colony, Hyderabad

  • Vaanya Rai

    I scored 616 marks in NEET 2017 . I used the CareerOrbits test series and it proved to be extremely helpful in my preparation. It contained all possible questions from chapters which helped me cover the topics without leaving out anything. Also, the mock tests gave me a sense to tackle the real examination with ease, and time myself. All India Rank 947, NEET-UG 2017.

    Vaanya Rai
    Noida, Uttar Pradesh

  • Anurag Kumar

    I got 35th rank in AIPMT and 51 rank in JEE Advanced 2014. The CareerOrbits courses proved very helpful for me. Not only the level of questions was very good. the detailed solutions helped me a lot in clearing my doubts

    Anurag Kumar

  • Srimoyee Ray Chaudhuri

    Unbelievably Fast and Effective!

    I could not find time prepare for NEET and was damn anxious for my NEET preparations. My father chanced upon the CareerOrbits' website and I decided to join its Online Test Series in February 2017.

    To my disbelief, I scored 592 out of 720 in my NEET 2017 and am too happy and proud to be in Medical College, Kolkata, the Asia's oldest medical college. I am really thankful to CareerOrbits for such an excellent question bank and super marvelous methodology. It's truly fast and effective.

    I could have never thought of making it to Calcutta Medical College with preparations in such a short span of time. It has really made my dreams come true. Thanks again!

    Srimoyee Ray Chaudhuri

  • Neha Pal

    I joined neet crash course for my neet 2017 preparation and i found very good quality questions in their question bank. The questions were really good and their solutions were great. I scored well in my exam and very thankful to CareerOrbit's course.

    Neha Pal
    Rohini, Delhi

  • Aditi Gupta

    I found CareerOrbits test series very helpful, especially for physics and chemistry. The level of questions was appropriate and according to the need of the exam. The solutions were really precise and informative. It was a complete package to give a final touch to ur preparation.

    Aditi Gupta
    Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

  • Maitreyee Chatterjee

    My learning experience with Career Orbits has been pretty good. The questions are very standard and relevant. The answers and explanations are brief and accurate and it helped a lot to gear up my preparation. All India Rank 8755, NEET UG 2017

    Maitreyee Chatterjee
    Kolkata, West Bengal

  • Bharat Sharma

    CareerOrbit is so easy to use, thanks to its interface. It's detailed solutions and explainations make concepts easy to grasp which otherwise would have been difficult. Attempting hundreds of practice questions really makes you an expert.

    Bharat Sharma
    Surajmal Vihar, Delhi

  • Dakshaja Vaidya

    Online test series provided by career orbits were of great help. Through every test I used to get an idea of my weaker areas. Level of questions in the tests were up to the mark. Detailed solution of each question helped to know the concept behind it.

    Dakshaja Vaidya
    Bhopal Madhya Pradesh


Know What Our Users Have to Say

Best Coaching Supplement

NEET Question Bank by CareerOrbits has proved a boon to me. I attended coaching classes. The daily practice papers by the coaching institute were never evaluated. Doubts in weekly tests were not discussed. Thanks to CareerOrbits with such a marvellous Question bank for NEET.

Payasi Sinha, New Delhi
Unique questions with solutions

The question bank for NEET by CareerOrbits has unique questions with no repetition of concepts. The best part is that all the questions are fully solved with detailed answers and explanations. Practicing through the revision list added to my knowledge and test-taking skills. It helped me a lot in crack NEET 2017 with 572 marks.

Anurag Srivastava, Mumbai
Unique questions with solutions

The NEET Question Bank by CareerOrbits is really worthy. After having fluctuated in class tests between 50% to 70%, I started with this question bank. Within a month, I was able to score more than 90% in class tests. Now that the results for NEET 2017 are out, I must share my gratitude to CareerOrbits to have made score 601 marks in NEET.

Sumathi Balakrishnan, Chennai
What did you say? Questions are really good!

Yes, 100% of our questions are NEET and AIIMS specific. No board level questions.

Simply practice these questions thoroughly and you get a top rank in NEET-UG.
Remember – Practice makes a man perfect
Don't Risk your Rank!

After all, you have greatest stake in your career!

We care for you!

Question Bank
  • NEET Question Bank 2019 (All Subjects) - Fully Solved

    Chapter-wise Practice Question Bank Details
    • Covering full syllabus (8,200+ questions)
    • Learn right steps - Detailed self-explanatory solutions
    • Brush-up concepts used in the solution on a click
    • Achieve perfection - 3-step personalised Revision Lists
    • Last-minute revision - Bookmark important questions


    Rs. 9,000

    Save Rs. 1,000

    Rs. 8,000 (Including GST)
    NEET Question Bank 2019 (All Subjects) - Fully Solved
    Prepared by experienced Doctors, IITians & Researchers
    • Physics Question : 2,300 questions, fully solved
    • Chemistry Question : 2,100 questions, fully solved
    • Biology Question : 3,600 questions, fully solved
    • Instant Step-by-Step Doubt Clearance
    • Instant definition of Glossary Terms
    • 3-Step Revision Lists and Bookmark List

    Subjects Covered

    • Biology, Chemistry & Physics


    • Till: June 30, 2019

    Trusted by thousands of students with proven results
  • NEET Question Bank 2020 (All Subjects) - Fully Solved

    Chapter-wise Practice Question Bank Details
    • 8,200+ unique questions
    • Step-by-step Doubt Clearance on all questions
    • Revise any concept on a click in Doubt Clearance
    • 3-step Revision Lists for perfection in weaker areas
    • Bookmark List for last-minute revision

    Rs. 9,000 (Including GST)
    NEET Question Bank 2020 (All Subjects) - Fully Solved
    Prepared by experienced Doctors, IITians & Researchers
    • Physics Question : 2,300 questions, fully solved
    • Chemistry Question : 2,100 questions, fully solved
    • Biology Question : 3,600 questions, fully solved
    • Instant Step-by-Step Doubt Clearance
    • Instant definition of Glossary Terms
    • 3-Step Revision Lists and Bookmark List

    Subjects Covered

    • Biology, Chemistry & Physics


    • Till: June 30, 2020

    Trusted by thousands of students with proven results

For NEET preparations, the selection of a right question bank for practicing NEET UG level questions is of utmost importance. If your practice questions are not NEET level questions, you are simply wasting your time. Typically NEET UG question paper has questions which are of advanced level and the depth and complexity of the questions in NEET is greater than the board level questions. Our NEET question bank is far better than solving the NEET previous year sample papers or last 10 years NEET question paper as this question bank is specially designed to clear your concept chapter wise.

There are plenty of NEET Question banks available in the market. You should be careful in selecting the NEET question bank and ensure that you get practice questions as per NEET exam paper pattern. The NEET question bank that you select should have fully-solved answers. NEET question banks with detailed solutions help you prepare faster because you don't need to waste time in looking for doubt clearance. Many of the questions in the so called NEET Question banks in various books and coaching material are conceptually incorrect. You would be simply wasting your time in finding the correct solutions in such cases. It's difficult to find a NEET question bank with logical explanations and step-by-step solutions.

We make a personalised revision list of the questions in which you are weak. Now, you know what to revise. You may also bookmark any question and revise later. Now, you can build your test-taking skills and crack NEET-UG and AIIMS-PMT, right in the first attempt.

The NEET Biology questions should not only have NEET level questions but also have answers presented in a manner that fulfill your learning needs. The answers in NEET Biology Question Bank should also help you know and understand why other options are not correct. Please note, if you score 100% in biology, you have already pocketed 360 marks.

Physics is the weakest subject for most of the NEET aspirants. Check out the NEET Physics Question bank before buying it to ensure that the answers are explained logically and step-by-step so that you are not left struggling for the doubt clearance.

So get a NEET question bank which has important questions, relevant to NEET exam only. These NEET questions should be divided chapter wise and topic wise. The question bank should also cover NEET previous year questions. Every NEET question should have solution in detailed manner. With our NEET question bank, you also get a wonderful system of revising your weaker areas through revision lists and important questions through bookmark list. Check out here for free how power packed the our NEET question bank is.

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