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Practice NEET Questions and answers with our NEET Question Bank – fully solved. These NEET MCQs have NEET important questions and answers. Get NEET Chapter wise questions for your NEET Exam.

NEET Questions - Save time
Cut time on Board level questions

Just because a question is from the NEET syllabus, does not make it a relevant NEET question for your NEET preparations.

In our 'No Crap' Chapter-wise NEET Question bank, all the NEET MCQs are specific to NEET only.

With our NEET Question Bank, you get only NEET exam questions, saving your precious time.

NEET Questions and answers - Prepare faster
Save Time on Repetitive NEET Questions

Repetitive NEET MCQs based on the same concept and complexity, harm you more than doing good to you. Do you know why?

If you know a concept well, repetitive questions simply eat into your time for other NEET important questions.

You get only unique NEET questions in our NEET Question Bank, saving you a lot time.

NEET MCQs - Doubt Clearance
Instant Doubt Clearance - Save Time

Most of you get doubts on 30-40 % of the NEET MCQs. Your doubts accumulate daily. What do you do?

Trying to solve doubts on these NEET Questions of your own, eats a lot time. You can't take all doubts to tutor and even for that you need to wait for days.

With our NEET Question Bank, you get step-by-step doubt clearance for each of the NEET questions, right there and then.

NEET Exam Questions - Revise faster
Achieve Perfection with 3 Step Revision Lists

Getting doubt clearance on NEET Questions is a big hassle and if at all you get doubt clearance, you don't revise those questions later. Right?

Without repeated practice, you won’t be able to attempt these NEET Questions correctly or it would take more time.

Repeated practice of these NEET Multiple Choice Questions with Revision Lists helps you achieve perfection.

Important NEET Questions - Learn and revise
Learn and Revise while you Practice

You feel embarrassed while taking doubt clearance on NEET Questions from your tutor, he refers to a concept and you are not able to recall that concept.

You can't afford to ask him to explain that concept again every time.

In the answers to our NEET Questions, you get definition of the concept by just clicking it. It helps you prepare much faster.

NEET Question Bank - Bookmark questions
Last Minute Revision with Bookmark List

The NEET syllabus is vast and covers 11th and 12th syllabus. You would not know which all NEET questions to revise immediately before the exam.

Confused, you would start practicing your all NEET MCQs all over again.

With our NEET Question Bank, you can Bookmark important NEET questions for revision immediately before the exam.

NEET Question for Physics

Get important NEET MCQs in Physics with answers on Mechanics and Modern Physics. You get detailed step by step solutions for each of the NEET Questions in Physics in our NEET Question Bank. You can easily target 120-150 in Physics.

NEET Questions for Chemistry

In our NEET Question Bank, you get important NEET questions in Organic, Inorganic & Physical Chemistry. Detailed step-by-step solutions, which are self-explanatory for each of the NEET MCQs in Chemistry. It’s easy to target 150-170 in Chemistry.

NEET Questions for Biology

Our NEET Question Bank includes NEET MCQs in Zoology and Botany. You get detailed explanations for each of the NEET questions in Biology. Explanations provide reasoning as to why other options are not correct. You can target 340-350 in Biology.

  • Bansari Patel

    Way of explanation about answer is extraordinary!

    CareerOrbits is an excellent online coaching facility for preparation of NEET exam . The quality of questions, software speed and teaching is excellent. CareerOrbits is 24 hrs. Knowledge ATM. Way of explanation about answer is extraordinary. I scored 623. It makes me feel great. Thanks for your great support and co-operation for building my nice career ...

    All India Rank 559, NEET-UG 2018

    Bansari Patel

  • Urveesh Sharma

    An ultimate product. Very highly recommended for NEET and AIIMS(UG)

    CareerOrbits is a wonderful tool that helped me greatly in enhancing my NEET score. In NEET 2018, I scored 605. I feel awesome.

    Here are some very useful unique features that I found no where else, not even in the platforms and packages offered by big names of the coaching industry.

    Urveesh Sharma

  • Navya Thomas

    Helped greatly in getting very good marks!

    The course was very useful and helped me a lot to go through the chapters and made me confident in attending the exam and getting very good marks. I scored 576 in my NEET 2018.

    All India Rank 3560, NEET-UG 2018.

    Navya Thomas


Know What Our Users Have to Say

Superb NEET Questions and Explanations

NEET Question Bank by CareerOrbits has proved a boon to me. In my coaching classes, the daily practice papers by the coaching institute were never evaluated. Doubts were never discussed. The NEET MCQs in this NEET question bank are indeed superb. Detailed explanations make it really worthy. A marvellous NEET Question Bank!

Payasi Sinha, New Delhi
Unique NEET Questions and Answers

The NEET Exam questions given by CareerOrbits are unique with no repetition of concepts. The best part is that all the NEET questions are fully solved with detailed answers and explanations. Practicing through the revision list added to my knowledge and test-taking skills. It helped me a lot in crack NEET 2018 with 593 marks.

Vikas Satvalekar, Mumbai
Great Collection of NEET Questions and Answers

The NEET Question Bank by CareerOrbits is really Great. After fluctuating between 50% to 70% in class tests, I started practicing these NEET Questions. Within a month, I was able to score more than 90% in class tests. Now that the results for NEET 2018 are out, I express my gratitude to CareerOrbits to have made me score 611 marks in NEET.

Bharti Subramanian, Chennai
What did you say? Questions are really good!

Yes, 100% of our questions are NEET and AIIMS specific. No board level questions.

Simply practice these questions thoroughly and you get a top rank in NEET-UG.
Remember – Practice makes a man perfect
Question Bank
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Choosing a Right NEET Question Bank

Selection of a perfect NEET question bank for practicing is of utmost importance. If the NEET questions that you practice, are not NEET level questions, you are simply wasting your time. Typically, NEET question paper has questions which are of advanced level and the depth and complexity of the questions in NEET is greater than the board level questions. Our NEET question bank has questions which match the level of complexity and difficulty which comes in NEET.

There are plenty of NEET Question banks available in the market. But, you should be very careful in selecting the NEET question bank and ensure that you get only NEET exam questions, i.e., matching the NEET level. The NEET question bank that you select should have fully-solved answers. NEET questions with solutions in the chosen NEET Question Bank help you prepare faster because you don't need to waste time in looking for doubt clearance. Many of the questions in the NEET Question banks in various books and coaching material are conceptually incorrect. You would be simply wasting your time in finding the correct solutions in such cases. It's difficult to find a NEET question bank with logical explanations and step-by-step solutions.

While you prepare with our NEET Question bank, you get personal revision list of the NEET exam questions in which you are weak. Now, you know what to revise. You may also bookmark any such NEET question and practice as often as you wish to. Now, you can build your test-taking skills and crack NEET medical entrance, right in your first attempt.

NEET Biology MCQs

The NEET Biology MCQs should not only be NEET level questions but also have answers presented in a manner that fulfill your learning needs. For each and every NEET Biology question, you also get the explanation as to why the options are not correct. This way, you get prepared for not just one NEET Biology MCQ but three to five NEET Biology MCQs. That’s the power of our NEET Biology Question Bank. Please note, if you score 100% in biology, you have already pocketed 360 marks. So, you should practice all these NEET Biology questions and leave none.

NEET Physics Questions

Physics is the weakest subject for most of the NEET aspirants. Despite knowing the concepts well, students miserably fail to attempt most of the NEET Physics questions correctly. Before you buy a NEET Physics Question bank, don’t forget to ensure that the answers to all the NEET Physics questions are explained logically and step-by-step so that you are not left struggling for the doubt clearance.

NEET Chemistry Questions

NEET Chemistry is divided across three parts – Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. The NEET Chemistry questions should be a balanced mix of the three. The NEET Chemistry questions in Physical Chemistry are conceptual but for Organic Chemistry NEET questions, you need to understand the mechanism behind the reactions. Inorganic Chemistry NEET questions require a lot of learning. Please ensure that you get detailed explanations for all NEET Chemistry questions as well in the NEET question bank that you opt for.


So, get a NEET question bank which has important NEET questions, relevant to NEET exam only. It should be chapter wise NEET questions. The test series would not help. You should be able to choose a chapter and practice all the NEET questions in that chapter. The question bank should also cover NEET previous year questions. Every NEET question should also have solution in detailed manner.

With our NEET question bank, you also get a wonderful system of revising your weaker areas through Revision Lists and important NEET questions through 'Bookmark List'. Check out here for free how power packed, our NEET question bank is.

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