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NEET UG Question Bank

Get all the NEET important questions (MCQs) in this Chapter wise Question Bank for NEET. Clear doubts with step wise explanations.

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Only NEET Level NCERT based MCQs

In our NEET Question Bank, you get all the Important questions for NEET which are NCERT based and are as per the latest NEET exam pattern only.

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Build Perfection with 3 Step Revision Lists

Improve in weaker areas and boost accuracy with repeated practice of wrongly answered NEET questions with your personal Revision Lists.

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Save Time on Repetitive Questions

You get only unique important questions in our chapter wise NEET Question Bank. We have excluded the repetitive questions, saving you a lot of time.

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Learn and Revise while you Practice

In the detailed solutions in our question bank for NEET, you get the definition of the concept by just clicking on it. It helps you revise concepts much faster.

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Instant Doubt Clearance – Save Time

In our chapter wise NEET Question Bank, get step-by-step doubt clearance for each question, on just a click. You can clear your doubts without wasting time.

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Last Minute Revision with Bookmark List

Bookmark tricky questions! With practice of the bookmarked important questions before NEET exam you reconnect with those difficult questions.

NEET Question Bank Physics

Get all the important NEET questions in Physics with step-wise explanations on Mechanics and Modern Physics. You get detailed step-by-step solutions and smart tricks for solving these NEET important Physics Questions in our NEET Physics Question Bank. You can easily target 150 plus marks in Physics.

NEET Question Bank Chemistry

In our NEET Question Bank, you get all the important questions for NEET Chemistry. These include questions on Organic, Inorganic & Physical Chemistry with detailed explanations. With the NEET Chemistry question bank, it’s easier to score 170 plus marks in Chemistry in the NEET exam.

NEET Question Bank Biology

Our NEET Biology Question Bank includes NCERT based important questions in Zoology and Botany. The explanations to these NEET Biology important questions also include reasoning as to why the other options are not correct. Biology question bank for NEET can easily fetch you 350 plus marks in Biology.


Ananya Sahai

Ananya Shahi | Bengaluru

NEET 2022 | AIR (Gen) 130 | Score 695

Shreyas Singh NEET 2022 665 marks

Shreyas Singh | Jind, Haryana

NEET 2022 | AIR (Gen) 1262 | Score 665

sid bhattacharjee NEET 2022 654 marks

Siddhartha Bhattachajee | Delhi

NEET 2022 | AIR (Gen) 2066 | Score 654

Nilesh Chaudhary | Lucknow

Nilesh Chaudhary | Lucknow

NEET 2022 | AIR (OBC-NCL) 1663 | Score 647


Yes, 100% of these questions are NEET specific, NCERT based and are as per the latest New Pattern.

Simply practice thoroughly these selected questions. Get a top rank in the NEET exam!

Remember – Practice makes a man perfect

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Great Collection of NEET Questions and Answers

Rated 5 out of 5

The NEET Question Bank by CareerOrbits is really Great. After fluctuating between 50% to 70% in the class tests, I started practicing this chapter-wise question bank from CareerOrbits. Within a month, I was able to score more than 90% in the class tests. I would like to express my gratitude to CareerOrbits’ Question Bank to have helped me score 621 marks in the NEET exam.

Bharti Subramanian, Chennai

Unique NEET Questions and answers

Rated 5 out of 5

The NEET Exam practice MCQs given by CareerOrbits are unique with no repetition. All the practice questions are with detailed answers and explanations which is the best part that I liked. Practicing through the revision list improved my accuracy and test-taking skills. It helped me a lot in cracking NEET with 603 marks.

Vikas Satvalekar, Mumbai

Superb NEET Practice Questions with Solutions and Explanations

Rated 5 out of 5

NEET UG Question Bank by CareerOrbits has proved a boon to me. In my coaching classes, the daily practice papers by the coaching institute were never evaluated. Doubts were never discussed. The practice MCQs in this CareerOrbits question bank are indeed superb. Detailed explanations make it really worthy. Indeed, a marvellous NEET Question Bank!

Payasi Sinha, New Delhi

Choosing the Right Question Bank for NEET

The selection of a perfect NEET question bank for chapter-wise practice is of utmost importance. If the questions that you practice, are not of NEET level, you are simply wasting your time. Typically, these questions should cover the depth & complexity of the questions asked in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. This is generally greater than that of the board level questions. Our question bank has all those important preparation MCQs as per the topic wise weightage.  The level of complexity and difficulty is the same that you can expect in NEET. Also, each of the questions has a detailed step-wise explanation.

There are plenty of question banks available in the market. But, you should be very careful in selecting the question bank and ensure that you solve only NCERT based NEET questions. The question bank that you select should have fully solved answers. The solutions to all the  practice questions in the Question Bank help you prepare faster as you don’t need to spend time searching for answers.

As per our experience, many of the questions in Question banks in various books & coaching material are conceptually incorrect. In such cases, you would be simply wasting your time in finding the correct solutions. It’s difficult to find a good question bank with logical explanations and step-by-step solutions.

While preparing with CareerOrbits’ Question bank, you get personal revision lists for each chapter. These revision lists provide all the important chapter wise questions in which you are weak. Now, you know which questions to practice repeatedly. You may also bookmark any tricky and important MCQs and practice those questions as often as you wish to. Now, you can build your test-taking skills and crack NEET medical entrance, right in your first attempt.

NEET Biology MCQs

The Biology MCQs should be of NEET level only. The questions should also have answers presented in a manner that fulfil your learning needs. With CareerOrbits’ question bank, for each Biology MCQ, you also get an explanation as to why the other options are not correct. This way, you get prepared for not just that Biology question but also three to five questions. That’s the power of our NEET Biology Question Bank. Please note, if you score 100% in biology, you have already pocketed 360 marks. So, you should practice all the given Biology questions and leave none.

NEET Physics Questions

Physics is the weakest subject for most of the medical aspirants. Despite knowing the concepts well, most of the students miserably fail to attempt the Physics questions correctly. Before you opt for any Physics Question bank, don’t forget to ensure that the answers to all the Physics questions are explained logically. Also, for each of the questions, there should be solutions and explanations step-by-step manner so that you are not left struggling to clear your doubts.

NEET Chemistry Questions

NEET Chemistry is divided across three parts – Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. The collection of important Chemistry MCQs should be a balanced mix of the three. The Chemistry questions in Physical Chemistry are conceptual. But in case of Organic Chemistry questions, you need to understand the mechanism behind the reactions. The Inorganic Chemistry questions require a lot of learning. Please ensure that you get detailed explanations for all Chemistry questions as well in the question bank that you opt for.

Recommendation on the choice of the best Question bank for NEET

So, get the best question bank that has all important questions, relevant to the NEET exam only. It should contain chapter-wise questions. The NEET test series alone would not help you much. You should be able to choose a chapter and practice the questions for each chapter before taking a test. The question bank should also cover important previous year MCQs. Very importantly, every question should also have solutions in a detailed manner.

With our NCERT-based question bank, you also get a wonderful system of revising your weaker areas through personalised Revision Lists and tricky and difficult questions through ‘Bookmark List’. Take a Free Trial to check out how power-packed, our NEET question bank is.

You can also get this question bank as part of the NEET Ultra test series and NEET Repeater Test Series.

FAQs on NEET Question Bank

  • Are Previous year NEET questions enough to crack NEET?
    Practicing previous years' questions can help you significantly but certainly not enough to help you score 600 or 650+ marks. You need to prepare each chapter thoroughly. The previous years' questions are suggestive of the difficulty level and the pattern of questions that can be expected in the NEET exam.
  • Is practice with Mock Test Series sufficient?
    Mock Tests are meant to assess your level of preparation and how well you are likely to perform in the actual NEET exam. The problem arises when the students are not able to score well in these mock tests and they do not know how to improve their performance in the mock tests. That's where students need to practice with CareerOrbits Online Question Bank for NEET and practice the given questions thoroughly.
  • Which is the best question bank for NEET?
    CareerOrbits' Question bank for NEET is the best. It’s an online question bank where the students and parents can track each question attempted and work on weaker areas. The questions in the NEET exam have been largely based on the questions that you practice in the question bank at CareerOrbits.
  • What makes the CareerOrbits NEET Question Bank the best?
    NEET Question bank by CareerOrbits is a top choice of students, teachers and parents because:
    1. It covers all the questions based on important topics
    2. Does not have out-of-syllabus questions
    3. Detailed explanations are available for every question
    4. Doubts are cleared in less than a minute
    5. Every question attempted is tracked and personal revision lists are generated.
    6. Improvement work through revision lists improves accuracy
    7. Provides in-built revision on a click, saving a lot of time in the revision
  • How to practice with NEET Question Bank for best results?
    1. Start practice early. Practice the questions as chapters are taught in the school or coaching.
    2. Don’t wait for the entire syllabus to be over.
    3. Practice regularly and keep a minimum target of practicing questions per day before you sleep.
    4. Practice the questions in personal revision lists to boost accuracy.
    5. Bookmark tricky questions for repeated practice.
  • How do I clear doubts on NEET Questions?
    In CareerOrbits’ question bank for NEET, our experts have written detailed steps and tricks for each question. These are written in a self-explanatory manner. Just click on the Solution button and you can spot your mistake at a glance and learn the right steps. The process of doubt clearance generally takes less than a minute with CareerOrbits.