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How we do

You must be wondering as to how we do that. Do we provide coaching in our centers or at your home or on Internet? Do we conduct VSAT Classes or live video lectures? Do we send you study material by post? Do we conduct online or offline mock-test, simply evaluating you? Do we provide you those meaningless percentiles and rankings?

The answer to all these questions is a big NO. We do none of these things. There are many others who are doing all these for you. We appreciate their role and contribution in what they are doing.

We all know that our goals determine our actions. All the strategies and deliverables at CareerOrbits are carefully crafted keeping in mind the ultimate goal of success of our students in the objective type tests. Objective type tests need an altogether different approach and plan to crack it. A big question must be lingering in your mind- how are the objective type tests different from the Board or University examinations? In Board or university examinations, you are awarded marks for each correct step no matter, even if your final answer is wrong. But these objective type tests comprising multiple choice questions (MCQs) let you score only if your answers are correct. In some cases, there’s a negative marking too for a wrong answer which is not the case in Board or university examinations. That’s why quite a few students, who happen to score so well in the Board examinations, fare so badly in the competitive tests.