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NEET Repeater Course

Know how This NEET Repeater Course helps you crack NEET 2022 for sure.

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No more hunting for right questions

Stop wasting your time & energy on scanning so many books & question banks for right questions.

You get the finest question bank, 100% suitable for NEET-UG preparation at just one place.

Be at ease!

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No more queuing up for doubt clearance

Firstly you are shy of asking so many doubts and then have to stand in the queue.

Now, get all your doubts cleared on a click any time of the day.

Be knowledgeable!

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Don't practice aimlessly just any question

You can't practice Lakhs of questions across Physics, Chemistry and Biology even in 5 years.

Get select 13,600+ questions which are more than sufficient to crack NEET-UG or AIIMS-PMT or JIPMER.

Save time!

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Don't let your confidence shake

Uncertainty in our minds melts away our confidence and our ability to learn and perform.

Watch your knowledge Index growing in every chapter and ride the waves of confidence. Success is yours.

Aim at Zero Knowledge Gap and enjoy success!

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Stop banging your head

No need to pull out so many books or google for definition of key terms or difficult concepts.

Get all definitions and related study notes just when and where you need it.

Accelerate your learning! Time is short.

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Practice for Success

Practice is a must for success BUT what matters more is how smartly you practice.

Focus on what you are not good at, make revision lists and repeatedly practice those revision lists.

Act smart! Achieve perfection!

Want to join our NEET Repeater Course 2022

NEET Repeater-Dropper Course 2022 (All Subjects)

Recommended for 12th pass Droppers and Repeaters
Course Type: Online Course
Course Contents:
  • Interactive power-packed Study Notes
  • Practice Question Bank - 14,100+ questions Fully solved
  • 207 Chapter Tests – Fully Solved
  • 34 Minor Tests – Fully Solved
  • 25 Mock Tests – Fully Solved
Prepared by: AIIMS Qualified Doctors, IITians
Features: Revision Lists, Bookmark List, Flagging, Glossary Support
Doubt Clearance: Detailed step-by-step solutions
Validity: Valid till NEET 2022 Exam date

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Rs. 22,500 (Including GST)
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User Reviews

Koyal Mukherjee, Kolkata
Scored 613 as a Repeater!

NEET Repeater Course from Career Orbits is a life saver! I am a NEET repeater. In first attempt I had taken NEET coaching and could hardly score qualifying marks. With this repeater course for NEET, in my second attempt, I could score 603/720. Many thanks to Career Orbits for this NEET repeaters course.

Amrita Phadge
Strongly Helped Me!

I am a 2019 batch NEET repeater. Due to board's pressure and waste of time in coaching, I could not prepare well for the NEET exam. Then I came across the repeater course for NEET repeaters from CareerOrbits and it was very helpful. My weakest subject was physics but with CareerOrbits NEET repeaters course, now Physics is my strongest subject.

Dr. V. K. Subramanian, Chennai
Got into Top Medical College!

My son had appeared for the NEET exams but could not qualify to get into any government medical college. He was really disheartened but wanted to try again. A friend of him suggested to study with this NEET Repeater Course. My son practiced each and every question and this time he got into one of the top medical colleges with 615 marks in NEET exam. Indeed a complete preparation course for NEET repeaters!


Experience it live yourself!

Check out what you missed so far!

No Credit Card Needed

Found the Questions really tough?

Yes, you are right. The questions are really tough. Because you are competing with the cream from all over India.

Don't worry! With our detailed step-by-step solutions and repeated practice through revision lists and bookmark list, these tough questions would become easy for you.

Remember – Practice makes a man perfect

Why a specially designed NEET Repeaters Course for you?

If you are a NEET repeater, quite likely that you have already spent an year or two on NEET coaching. You must be out of school and don't have to spend time to prepare for school boards. As such, you have full time to devote to your NEET preparations. You have different requirements compared to the regular 11th and 12th school going students.

As a NEET repeater, your stakes are greater and the zeal to succeed is greater than in your previous NEET attempts. Simply, you can't afford to take another chance. Most of you must be at a loss to understand what has gone wrong with your NEET preparations during previous attempt(s). You studied well and you knew well almost everything that was in the NEET syllabus.

At the same time, many of you attended the NEET coaching classes and paid several lakhs for the coaching classes also. The teachers in the coaching classes always made you feel that you are going to crack your NEET. You listened to the lectures carefully and revised everything at home well. Even made your notes as well. Then what went wrong that you could not qualify in the NEET. Your rank turned out to be too low to be able to get into any government or private college.

Actually, you lacked practice the right way.

What you would have done is picked up some question banks and tried answering the questions and matched your answer with the answer keys given at the end. Is that right? That's how 99% of the students prepare and mostly all of them fail.

Many a times, you are left wondering, you applied the right formula or applied the concept correctly but still the answer key gives a different answer. You sought doubt clearance from your teacher or coaching institute but never practiced again later. Your teacher would not have time to answer every doubt that you may have. So, you skip asking many a doubts also.

Unless, you practice that question at least 2-3 times correctly after having taken the doubt clearance, you can't claim to have achieved perfection.

Even the quality of questions in the question bank needs to be looked into. Those thick question banks throwing several thousands of questions in each topic and chapter consume and waste your time. Most of these question banks would have low quality or board level questions. You need only NEET or AIIMS level questions.

Our NEET Repeater Course gives you all questions which are of NEET and AIIMS level. No sub-standard questions. You get instant doubt clearance for all questions by way of step-by-step solutions. Whichever questions you practice wrongly are added to your revision list. Any important question that you wish to revise before the examination, you may add to bookmark list.

Because you have plenty of time and no other commitments, we have included more than 13,600+ questions for practice in NEET Repeaters Course, which are included in a 2 year course so that you just don't crack NEET but achieve a Top rank too.

Start Today. Better late than never!

20 comment(s)
    Siya prabhu

    Great information. 


    Hello Sir,
    After attempting NEET for the first time this year, I am planning to repeat once...with self study at home but my problem is doubts. Can this course help me in any way?


      Hi Ishita,
      Yes, this course will be immensel beneficial for you. This NEET repeater course is specially designed to meet the needs of NEET repeaters like you.

      This NEET course will help you practice the NEET level questions and clear your doubts on all the questions instantly. Hence, you can save time in searching for the correct answer and practice more.

      Take a free trial of the NEET Repeater Dropper course and see the benefits of opting for the course.



    I would be scoring 365 marks in NEET 2019. Do you think I can improve my marks to 500+ if I attempt NEET again by preparing with this course?


      Hi Srishti,
      Yes, you can definitely improve your score. I assume that this was your first NEET attempt.

      Go with this NEET Repeater Dropper Course. It is the best course for NEET Droppers and NEET Repeaters. It helps you build expertise on NEET topics by repeated practice, so that you can solve questions with greater accuracy in the final NEET exam.

      Please take the free trial of the Repeater Dropper Course for NEET and you would be able to see how it benefits you.

    Pankaj Madaan

    Great course for NEET droppers like me.

    Priyanka Udinia

    Sir, I have already given 3 attempts in NEET. Can I appear in the NEET 2019 exam also?


      The limit on the number of attempts has been removed for NEET 2019. Now all students including NEET droppers, repeaters and first-time aspirants will be able to appear for the exam. It is a great opportunity for you as you will be able to give the NEET exam again. Prepare well and crack NEET with a good score.

    Urvashi Bhasin

    Sir, after appearing for NEET last year, I scored only 450 marks. I have decided to appear for NEET again. How will this NEET Repeater Dropper course help me?


      Hi Urvashi,

      450 marks is a decent score in NEET but it will not get you your desired gvernment college. Our NEET Repeater Dropper course is designed specifically for students like you.

      While preparing for your last NEET exam, you have already studied the concepts and understand them. For this year, you need to strengthen your concepts by practicing questions based on these concepts.

      This Repeater and Dropper course for NEET helps you practice the NEET level questions and clear your doubts on the questions instantly. Hence, you can save time in searching for the correct answer and practice more.

      Take a free trial of the NEET Repeater Dropper course and see the benefits of opting for the course.

    Rajesh Talvar

    Sir, in my 12th, I had biology as an additional subject. Can I take a drop for next year? Will NTA change its guidelines for NEET droppers?


      Hi Rajesh,

      Luckily for you, NEET droppers can appear for the exam till the age of 25 in UR category. As Biology is an additional subject and you must not have prepared it fully, you should consider taking a drop this year to prepare for the Board exam and then focus all your efforts on the NEET examination.

      We do not anticipate any changes in NTA guidelines for NEET droppers in the next few years.

    Ritwik Jain

    Sir, I was not able to prepare for NEET last year due to a major car accident. I just passed CBSE with passing marks. How can I prepare for NEET as a drop year student. Please help

    Sajutha Suleman

    This course is very helpful for a NEET dropper.

    Srishti Desai

    Sir can you share tips for me. I am a NEET dropper student. This will be my third attempt.


      Hi Srishti,

      To prepare for the NEET exam as a dropper, you should opt for the NEET Dropper course for 2019. This course has carefully selected questions with detailed explanationd for each question to help repeat year and drop year students to crack NEET with 600+ marks.

      Hope your third attempt is your last.

      Best of luck!

    Gokul Gururajan

    Is this course also for NEET droppers? How can a drop year student crack NEET with top marks?


      Hi Gokul,

      Yes this course is specifically prepared to meet the study needs of the repeaters and droppers. The questions in the practice question bank, chapterwise tests, minor and major tests are carefully selected to help repeat year and drop year students to crack NEET with 600+ marks.

      For study tips, I recommend you to read our Tips to crack NEET blog to know more.

    Damini Patel

    Sir, I am a 2nd time NEET Dropper. How is this NEET Repeater Course different from the regular course for 12th going students? Whether I should choose the regular course for 12th going students or this NEET Dropper Course. Please guide me. Warm Regards!


      This NEET Dropper course is specially designed to meet the needs of the NEET droppers and repeaters. NEET Droppers have comparatively more timeto prepare for NEET as compared to regular 12th going students who are too hard pressed because of board and school pressure.

      As such, this course for NEET droppers and repeaters offers rigorous practice compared to the regular course. The course offers more than 30% extra practice questions and almost 30% extra tests for thorough building of test taking skills.