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NEET Chapter wise weightage - Important Chapters for NEET

NEET Important Chapters and Chapter-Wise Weightage for NEET

NEET Chapter wise Weightage & Important Chapters for NEET 2020 | For cracking NEET, it is important that you know which are the important chapters for NEET and what is the chapter wise weightage of each chapter in NEET. With NEET important chapters in hand, you can focus more on those chapters. Chapter wise weightage for NEET tells us exactly which chapters carry more questions and accordingly more weight in the NEET examination. Accordingly, we should not commit the mistake of ignoring or poorly preparing those important chapters for NEET.

As NEET is a highly competitive exam, you cannot risk ignoring the important chapters and the chapters having more weightage in the NEET exam. Once you have familiarised yourself with the NEET syllabus and you know which important topics you need to prepare well, you should prepare strategically for cracking NEET; your preparation becomes easier, focussed and streamlined. In this article, CareerOrbits’ experts have analysed the chapter wise weightage for NEET 2020 which helps you to plan and manage your preparations for the NEET exam.

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In the official syllabus for NEET, specific weightage is not assigned to any chapter. So, firstly and most importantly, you should cover each and every topic and chapter in NEET syllabus and clear your basics in all the chapters and not just the important chapters for NEET.

Based on the analysis of the previous year NEET question papers, we are providing a list of all the important chapters for NEET and the chapter wise weightage in every subject in NEET.

First, let’s have a look at the distribution of marks between Class 11 and Class 12 syllabus in the NEET exam.

Subject Class XI Class XII Total
No. of questions Total Marks No. of questions Total Marks No. of questions Total Marks
Physics 19 76 26 104 45 180
Chemistry 16 64 29 116 45 180
Botany 28 112 22 88 50 200
Zoology 25 100 15 60 40 160
Total 88 352 92 368 180 720

NEET Important Chapters and Chapter-Wise Weightage for NEET chart 1

Important Chapters for NEET 2020

CareerOrbits’ experts have analysed previous year papers of NEET and prepared a list of all the NEET important chapters and topics in all the three subjects which you should practice and focus more on. Getting a hang of the NEET important topics helps you plan and strategise your preparation for NEET.

Most Important chapters for NEET 2020 Physics

  • The most important topic for NEET Physics from class 11th syllabus is Mechanics. On an average 11-12 questions are asked from this important topic in NEET every year.
  • Topics such as Semi-conductors, Heat and Thermodynamics, Laws of Motion, Kinematics, Work Energy & Power and Rotational Motion are also important and you need to practice thoroughly these important topics to score well in Physics in your NEET exam.
  • Modern Physics, from class 12th syllabus, is the most important topic for NEET.
  • Current Electricity & Magnetism, Electrostatics and Optics are also very important chapters for NEET 2020 and you should thoroughly prepare and practise these topics.

Most Important chapters for NEET 2020 Chemistry

Organic Chemistry chapters are important for NEET. This section carries more weightage in NEET exam. So, your conceptual understanding in Organic Chemistry should be absolutely clear and strong. You should also practice the following important topics for NEET Chemistry thoroughly to develop your test-taking abilities and scoring well in the NEET exam:

  • Equilibrium
  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular structure
  • Electrochemistry
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Coordination Compounds
  • Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
  • S, P, D and F Block Elements
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Atomic structure

Important chapters for NEET 2020 Biology

  • Ecology is the most important topic for NEET Biology. On an average, 12-15 questions are asked in the NEET exam from this topic every year. This is an easy and the most scoring topic in biology.
  • Human Physiology and Plant physiology are equally important topics for NEET 2020. Together around 20-25 questions are asked from these two topics in NEET exam. These most important topics demand clarity of concept, as more application-based questions are asked in the exam. You should prepare and practice these important topics thoroughly.
  • Genetics & Evolution is another very important chapter for NEET. Evolution is very easy but you need to understand and practice the concepts in Genetics as much as possible.
  • Cell structure & Function chapter also carries a good weightage in the NEET exam and as such is an important chapter.
  • Another very important chapter for NEET is Biotechnology. This is a small topic, easy to understand but quite scoring.
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NEET Chapterwise Weightage for NEET 2020

Based on expert analysis of past year question papers of NEET, weightage of chapter in NEET 2020 is expected as below.

NEET Physics Chapter wise weightage for NEET 2020

There would be total 45 questions in the Physics section of the NEET exam. NEET Physics weightage chapter wise that is expected in NEET 2020 exam (from Class 11th and 12th) is as below:

Physics Chapters and topics Average no. of Questions from the chapter Weightage of the chapter and topic
Mechanics 20 37%
Centre of Mass 1 1%
Gravitation 2 4%
Laws of Motion 3 7%
Mechanics of Solids & Fluids 2 3%
Kinematics 1 2%
Oscillations 1 3%
Rotational motion 1 1%
System of Particle & Rigid Body 3 7%
Waves 2 4%
Units and Measurement 1 2%
Work, Energy and power 2 4%
Heat & Thermodynamics 8 14%
Kinetic Theory of Gases 1 2%
Thermodynamics 3 7%
Thermal Properties of Matter 1 2%
Properties of Bulk Matter 1 3%
Electrostatics & Magnetism 6 13%
Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism 3 6%
Electric Charge & Field 1 2%
Electrostatic Potential & Capacitance 1 2%
Electromagnetic Wave 1 1%
Electrostatics 1 3%
Current Electricity & Electromagnetic Induction 8 17%
Alternating Current 1 3%
Current Electricity 3 6%
Electromagnetic Induction 1 2%
Semiconductor Electronics 3 6%
Modern Physics 4 9%
Atoms & Nuclei 2 5%
Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter 2 4%
Optics 5 11%
Ray Optics & Optical Instrument 3 6%
Wave optics 2 4%

NEET Important Chapters and NEET Physics Weightage Chapter wise chart 2


NEET Chemistry weightage Chapter wise for NEET 2020

The Chemistry section of the NEET exam comprises of 45 questions. NEET Chemistry Chapter wise weightage that is expected in NEET 2020 (from Class 11th and 12th) is as below.

Chemistry Chapters and topics Average no. of Questions from the chapter Weightage of the chapter and topic
Inorganic Chemistry-I 11 22%
Chemical Bonding 4 9%
p-block 3 7%
Periodic Table & Periodicity in Properties 2 4%
Hydrogen 1 2%
s-block 1 3%
Inorganic Chemistry-II 7 12%
Coordination Compounds 3 6%
d-block & f-block Elements 2 4%
Metallurgy 1 2%
Qualitative Analysis 1 2%
Organic Chemistry-I 4 8%
Hydrocarbons 2 4%
General Organic Chemistry 2 5%
Organic Chemistry-II 21 26%
Haloalkane 1 2%
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids 2 3%
Polymer 1 2%
Alkyl Halide, Alcohol & Ether 2 4%
Aromatic Compounds 3 6%
Biomolecules 2 4%
Carbonyl Compounds 2 4%
Organic Compounds containing nitrogen 2 3%
Chemistry in Everyday Life 2 3%
Environmental chemistry 1 2%
IUPAC & Isomerism 2 4%
Practical Organic Chemistry 1 2%
Physical Chemistry-I 9 17%
Atomic Structure & Nuclear Chemistry 1 3%
Chemical Equilibrium 1 3%
Ionic Equilibrium 2 4%
Redox Reactions 1 2%
Gaseous State 1 3%
Mole Concept 2 5%
Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry 1 3%
Physical Chemistry-II 7 15%
Chemical Kinetics 2 4%
Electrochemistry 1 3%
Solid State 1 3%
Solution & Colligative Properties 2 4%
Surface Chemistry 1 2%

NEET Important Chapters and NEET Chemistry Chapter wise Weightage for NEET 2020 chart 3


NEET Biology Weightage Chapter Wise

Biology section in the NEET exam contains a total of 90 questions out of which you get 40-50 questions from Botany and 40-50 questions from Zoology. Knowing chapter wise weightage of Biology in NEET would help you plan your preparation better,


NEET Biology weightage Chapter wise - Botany Topics

NEET Biology weightage Chapter wise for Botany (from Class 11th and 12th) as expected in NEET 2020 is listed below.

Botany Chapters and topics Average no. of Questions from the chapter Weightage of the chapter and topic
Plant Diversity 7 12%
Plant Anatomy 2 4%
Plant Morphology 4 7%
Cell Biology & Cell Division 6 10%
Bio-molecule 2 3%
Plant Physiology 8 13%
Plant Reproduction 5 9%
Genetics & Biotechnology 15 24%
Biology in Human Welfare 1 2%
Ecology 10 17%

NEET Biology Important Chapters and NEET Biology Weightage - Botany chart 4

NEET Biology weightage Chapter wise - Zoology Topics

The expected chapter wise weightage in the NEET Biology section for Zoology topics is as below.

Zoology Chapters and topics Average no. of Questions from the chapter Weightage of the chapter and topic
Animal Diversity 3 10%
Animal Tissue 1 3%
Structural Organisation in animals 1 2%
Human Physiology 13 45%
Human Reproduction & Reproductive Health 5 18%
Origin & Evolution 3 10%
Animal husbandry 1 3%
Human Health & Diseases 3 9%

NEET Biology Important Chapters and NEET Biology Weightage - Zoology chart 5

Please note that you should not omit any chapter and prepare all the chapters, as all the chapters in the NEET syllabus are important. You should have more focus and achieve perfection in Mechanics (Physics), Organic Chemistry (Chemistry) and Ecology (Biology) as they are the most important topics for the NEET exam.

Do not miss out on other topics as they are also very important for scoring 600+ marks in NEET 2020 examination.

I am sure, if you have read this blog on how to crack NEET in first attempt, you would have learnt the technique. To practice the questions in all the important chapters for NEET 2020, you should consider opting for NEET Chapter Wise Question Bank, where you can practice all the questions which are categorized chapter wise for preparing for NEET examination.

You can also read the list of best books for NEET recommended by our experts.

If you have any questions or comments on NEET Important Chapters or Chapter wise weightage for NEET 2020, please feel free to send us your queries in the comments below. We would be happy to answer your queries.

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30 comment(s)
    Bandam Aarthi

    there is a variation in marks of botany and zoology...previously both the subjects are for 180 marks...but now botany is for 200 and zoology is for 160 according to the weightage...will this change occur in neet 2020 examination?


      The total marks for Botany and Zoology put together would be 360, as confirmed in the latest offical notification also. NTA does not prescribe relative weightage of zoology or botany within the overall 360 marks. There could be variations year to year in the proportion of marks for Botany and Zoology.

      This blog describes the expected weightage based on our expert analysis of the latest trends. The actual weightage of topics in NEET 2020 could be different from what is stated here in this blog.


    As per the announcement NEET, JIPMER and AIIMS are merged. So, will the questions be purely based on NCERT, nothing out from NCERT?? Will biology and chemistry questions not be asked from outside of NCERT??


      Tejasvi, the announcement simply states that selection for JIMPER and AIIMS shall also be made through NEET. The announcement nowhere states that JIPMER and AIIMS admission tests have been merged into NEET.

      If you look minutely, there's a lot of difference in the question that you have asked and the announcement made by the Govt. In case the tests are merged, yes obviously there could have emerged a new pattern, probably accommodating the difficulty levels of AIIMS and JIPMER too. But the simple announcement is that selection for AIIMS & JIPMER would also be through NEET.

      So, we expect that there would be not much changes in the level of questions or pattern of questions in NEET 2020. This should largely conform to the difficulty levels and pattern as per NEET 2019, with may be, minor variations.

    Shaik Omar Azeez.
    Sir, I didn't read anything for neet in first year. But I want to cover the entire syllabus of +1 as well as +2 in this year itself. Will I get sufficient time in this year which includes record writings, practicals etc......and I wish to know that should I have to read the entire content in case of physics and chemistry or should I go on by reading synopsis? Sir please reply!!!

      To crack NEET, you need to focus on practising maximum questions. You should prepare from the NEET Online Preparation Course 2020. This course helps you prepare atleast 5 times faster. You can cover up all the topics of class 11 side by side. Prepare Class 12 chapters in sync with your school studies. Practice all the questions, leave none and clear all the revision lists.

      Please watch this short video to know this course helps you crack NEET. Please feel free to contact us for further information or assistance.

    Will there be repeated questions neet exam?

      Hi Prasanna,
      Normally, the questions are not repeated in the NEET exam. It is advised that you complete the syllabus thoroughly and prepare these NEET Important chapters for the neet exam.

    Sir, I think I can depend on the weightage of chapters in neet given in the article. Thanks.
      Thanks Unnati, you can surely consider this weightage for NEET preparations. This weightage of chapters is an indication of which chapters have a higher probability of being asked in the exam. Please read it carefully.
    Anwesa Pattnaik
    Sir are you sure that by covering all the above chapters, we will score 600+ in NEET

      Hey Anwesa,
      These important chapters for NEET and their respective weightage for NEET is just an indication about which chapters will need more attention from you. To gain 600+ marks in NEET, you will need to prepare the whole syllabus thoroughly. The list of important chapters for NEET and their chapter wise weightage only helps you understand the pattern from the previous NEET examinations.

      Please work on finishing the complete syllabus. Also, if you need to prepare at least 4 to 5 times faster for NEET-UG, you should opt for one of the online NEET Preparation Courses.

    Shivani Kumar
    Only 5 months are left for the NEET exam. How to prepare all these important chapters?

      Hi Shivani,

      These last few months are very crucial for your success in NEET. You should focus on solving questions related to these important chapters. But don't ignore other chapters. You should be aware of all the concepts in the syllabus. Check out the NEET Crash Course to get questions according to the chapterwise weightage in NEET.

    Nikita Goel

    Thank you so much sir for list of all the important chapters for NEET. But I’m very weak in Physics. I want to score above 600 in NEET 2020. Please help me!


      Hi Nikita,
      Your concepts need to be really strong in Physics. You need to practice maximum questions to strengthen your concepts. Focus on the important chapters given above along with other chapters. Have a look at the NEET Online Preparation Course where you will get NEET level questions according to the chapterwise weightage in NEET.

    Gaurav Saha

    Thank you sir for providing all the important chapters for NEET. Can you tell me some good books to prepare for NEET 2020?

    Neha Agarwal
    Hey! I’m in class 11 and it’s my dream to become a doctor. Can I follow these important chapters and chapterwise weightage for AIIMS exam apart from NEET also?

      Hi Neha,
      Neither there is any defined syllabus for AIIMS nor the exam paper is available. You have to prepare yourself in every aspect. Prepare all these important chapters thoroughly along with remaining chapters.

    Jaspreet Singh
    I’m a repeater. How to plan my studies according to chapter-wise weightage and important chapters?

      Hi Jaspreet,
      You need to practice question based on these important chapters to crack NEET. The most powerful course for repeaters is our NEET Repeater Dropper Course. Important questions are given in every chapter as per the chapterwise weightage in NEET. Practice all the questions given int his course and clear all your revision lists to score 600+ in NEET.

    Arushi Kashyap
    Are these important chapters enough to qualify NEET?

      Hi Arushi,
      Our experts have listed these important topics and chapterwise weightage based on the analysis of previous year NEET papers. To crack NEET with 600+ score, you need to cover all the topics. However, you should focus more on the important chapters listed above and these chapters should be on your tips.

    Priyanka Mohanty

    NEET exam will now be conducted by NTA instead of CBSE. So, are these important chapters and chapterwise weightage relevant for 2020?


      Hi Priyanka, 
      As per the latest notification of NTA for NEET, there is no change in the syllabus or the pattern of the exam. So, you can follow these important chapters and chapterwise weightage for NEET 2020.

    Srijeet Chattergee

    Sir, if i complete these important chapters, will I get good marks in NEET 2020? I want to get at least 600. Would I be able to achieve the desired score.


      Hi Srijeet, You would be able to score the desired marks in NEET 2020. For achieving the score, you need to practice questions based on the important chapters for NEET as well as prepare the remaining chapters too. These chapters have been marked important as they have carried more weightage in the previous examinations.

    Goutam Mantri

    Is this NEET weightage applicable for the upcoming NEET 2020 examination? Where can I prepare questions based on these important NEET chapters?


      The weightage of the chapters is an indicator of importance of the chapter in the NEET examinations. Over the past years we have seen that these chapters carry more weightage in the NEET examinations.

      To practice questions based on the important chapters, you should go for the 
      NEET Online Preparation Course that consists of all the questions relevant for the NEET examination. You will also be able to instantly clear your doubts on these questions.

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