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NEET Crash Course 2023

Learn how Online NEET Crash Course 2023 by CareerOrbits helps you score 600+

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Save Time with our NEET Crash Course

You are short of time. Use your time wisely.
  • In our Online NEET Crash Course, you get detailed step-wise explanations for every question on just a click , saving precious time.
  • We know hunting for good quality questions is a time waste. Our experts have carefully handpicked questions which cover your entire syllabus. Now, you know what all to practice.
  • Now, no need to waste time in revising the entire chapters just for only a few concepts. With our proprietary  technology, you can get the definition, formula & complete study notes on a click.  Save up to 90% time.
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Achieve Perfection in solving NEET MCQs

Key to 600+ score is ability to solve MCQs
  • In our NEET Online Crash Course, we prepare Revision list of the questions where you are wrong. Repeatedly practice questions in your weaker areas with our 3-step Revision Lists and Bookmark List. This ensures perfection in solving questions quickly and correctly in actual NEET exam.
  • It’s real quick to revise any difficult concept with our pull-based methodology (just click or tap the concept). This ensures that you are able to brush up any difficult concept quickly and bridge your knowledge gap on need-basis.
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Assess and Re-Assess

Repeated Assessment is must for Success

  • You can assess your existing level of problem solving skills and accuracy in any chapter. For boosting accuracy, you should practice with personal Revision Lists and Bookmark List.
  • With our carefully designed, chapter wise tests, part syllabus tests and full-syllabus mock tests, you can re-assess your preparedness for NEET 2023 examination.
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Real Time Status of Your Preparations

Complete Control of Your Preparations

With our advanced analytics, you get real-time statistics:

  • Preparation status on any date (real-time)
  • Knowledge Index and Knowledge Gap (Chapter-wise)
  • Day-wise practice monitor

This helps you to sync your time and efforts to achieve your desired Rank in NEET 2023.

Online Crash Course for NEET 2023 – Complete Preparations

You need nothing more than the material we provide in this crash course. No extra material or books needed.

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Power-packed Study Notes

  • All the important concepts & the notes from top reference books and NCERT included.
  • Quickly revise a chapter in 2-3 hours. No need to spend weeks in reading those bulky books for revision.
  • Concise yet power-packed interactive Study Notes to fit your learning requirements and time management.
  • You can quickly revise and learn the concepts on just a click whenever and wherever you need to.
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Fully-Solved Question Bank

  • You can easily target 600+ if you practice all the questions in the Question bank, leave none & clear all your Revision Lists.
  • No frustration, no time waste in doubt clearance! Clear doubts at a glance with written step-by-step doubt clearance.
  • Select easy, medium or hard difficulty levels to match your existing skills.
  • Bookmark tricky questions for last-minute revision.
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Chapter Tests & Minor Tests

  • Contiuously assess and build your test-taking skills with multiple Chapter wise Tests.
  • Assess your preparedness & develop time-management skills with Minor Tests (Part-Tests) & Half-Syllabus Tests.
  • Get result same time and also detailed step-wise doubt clearance on the questions.
  • Save time & gain perfection: Flag wrongly answered and unanswered for re-practice later for improvement.
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Full-Syllabus Mock Tests

  • Assess your preparation for the ultimate NEET exam with full-syllabus Mock Tests & boost your confidence.
  • Assess your preparations for each subject separately with subject level Mock Tests (11th & 12th combined).
  • All the Mock Tests are developed based on the latest NEET Exam pattern and difficulty level.
  • Easily predict your marks in the actual NEET exam. In the past, students scored more or less the same marks in actual NEET exam, as in these Mock Tests.

Join our NEET Crash Course 2023

NEET Crash Course 2023 (All Subjects)

For Speedy Revision and Effective Preparation in short time
Course Type: Online Course
Course Contents:
  • Interactive power-packed Study Notes
  • Practice Question Bank - 7,600+ questions Fully solved
  • 86 Chapter Tests – Fully Solved
  • 12 Minor Tests – Fully Solved
  • 31 Mock Tests – Fully Solved
Prepared by: AIIMS Qualified Doctors, IITians
Features: Revision Lists, Bookmark List, Flagging, Glossary Support
Evaluation: Instant on submission
Validity: Valid till NEET 2023 Exam date

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Rs.11,000 (Including GST)

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Ananya Sahai

Ananya Shahi | Bengaluru

NEET 2022 | AIR (Gen) 130 | Score 695

Shreyas Singh NEET 2022 665 marks

Shreyas Singh | Jind, Haryana

NEET 2022 | AIR (Gen) 1262 | Score 665

sid bhattacharjee NEET 2022 654 marks

Siddhartha Bhattachajee | Delhi

NEET 2022 | AIR (Gen) 2066 | Score 654

Nilesh Chaudhary | Lucknow

Nilesh Chaudhary | Lucknow

NEET 2022 | AIR (OBC-NCL) 1663 | Score 647


Unique Crash Course… all the way!

Rated 5 out of 5

The doubt clearance is just instant and it’s helping me so much in making my concepts clearer and saving a lot time. After using this crash course, I have realized that it’s absolute time waste to refer multiple question banks and books of so many authors. This crash course is all-in-one. All books, all study notes, all question banks summed up in this great crash course for NEET. No more waste of time. Now, I am working on my revision lists.
Thanks CareerOrbits team for such a great online NEET crash course.

Hafsha Sheikh

Quickest Preparations with CareerOrbits’ Crash Course!

Rated 5 out of 5

I’ve been using this Online Crash Course for NEET for the last 3 weeks and am able to cover more than 50% of the syllabus. I don’t need to waste time in clearing doubts. The doubt clearance is instant and awesome. The study notes with instant definitions of all difficult concepts cover all the books on the subjects. My mind also works faster now.
I fully recommend this NEET Crash Course to all my friends who are serious about cracking NEET.

Tanu Sen

The Online Crash Course by CareerOrbits Works Great!

Rated 5 out of 5

I took up CareerOrbits’ NEET crash course and found it really awesome. I never had this kind of study material or questions or doubt clearance all these years. After using the Careerorbits Crash Course, I realise that I wasted my entire money and two years in coaching classes. I like the way the revision lists are designed in this crash course, which make practicing for perfection in NEET simpler and more effective.
To me, this is the best Crash Course for NEET and there’s no reason why it does not deserve 5 stars.

Sachin Acharya

Online Crash Course for NEET 2023 - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to join crash course for NEET 2023?
    You can make payment of the course fee online with debit card/credit card or net-banking or other online means of payment. If you do not have an online mode of payment available with you, you can go to the nearest bank and send the course fee through NEFT to CareerOrbits’ bank account. For joining and payment, you may follow the steps as Guide to Payment available to you in the Help section of the website.
  • Can you give me a strategy to complete my preparations in short time?
    Devote at least 50% of your time on practice and tests. Ensure that doubt clearance does not consume all your time. Do not spend more time on revising chapters from books. If you have your own notes, brush up chapters with those notes. Spend more time on practicing the questions in the CareerOrbits’ Crash Course.
  • How do I clear my doubts?
    It’s physically impossible for you and the institute to clear your doubts on so many questions every day. You might need doubt clearance early morning or late night. No teachers would be available to you at all with any institute. Also, you need to read the question and the teacher has to explain the steps in detail. This may consume a lot of your time.
  • Why does NEET Crash Course not include videos?
    Last couple of months or weeks are meant for self-study and self-practice. Videos are required when one is not able to attend classes. Videos are useful for understanding a new concept at the initial levels of learning. No video or live tutoring institute would tell you that you do not need to do self-study. Secondly, videos keep your mind in passive state. Only active minds can crack NEET. You can activate your mind with rapid practice with this crash course.
  • How is NEET Crash Course by CareerOrbits different from others?
    CareerOrbits NEET Crash Course focuses on developing your problem solving abilities with a specially designed question bank which covers important questions for every chapter. A comprehensive practice of questions for each chapter is a must. Other crash courses provide you videos or live tutoring and do not help you in building problem solving skills. You get detailed solutions for each and every question which you don’t get in any other crash course. With CareerOrbits crash course, you can pull out the notes of any important concept while solving questions, helping you save a lot of time in revising selectively those concepts only which you have forgotten. This benefit is not available in any crash course in the world.
  • What is the duration of the NEET Crash Course?
    The Crash Course would be available to you on your dashboard from the date you join to the date of your NEET 2023 exam.
  • What is crash course for neet ?
    NEET Crash Course by CareerOrbits is a capsule course for preparing students for cracking NEET in a short period of time. The objective of the crash course is to help students quickly revise the important concepts in chapters of class 11 and class 12 and to build skills for answering the questions quickly and accurately. Since the time is truly short, the crash course focuses on helping you cover the entire syllabus and practice questions rapidly.
  • 8 Responses

    1. Hi Sir. I want to join the crash course. Can you please tell me when will this course end.

      1. CareerOrbits says:

        Hi Mahesh,

        The crash course will be valid till your NEET 2023 exam date, even if it is postponed by a month or two or beyond. The validity of all our courses extend upto the actual date of conduct of the examination.

        You can join the crash course for NEET and start preparing.

    2. Ankita Mishra says:

      What is the schedule and timing of the crash course for NEET?

      1. CareerOrbits says:


        The crash course has already started. There is no fixed schedule for this NEET Crash Course. You can prepare with the crash course 24×7.

    3. Sumit Mazumdar says:

      Can I prepare from this NEET Crash Course sitting at home?

      1. CareerOrbits says:

        Hi Sumit, You can prepare for NEET with this crash course, sitting at home. This is an online NEET preparation course. You do not need to visit any center to prepare with this NEET crash course.

    4. Does this course provide video lectures?

      1. CareerOrbits says:

        Crash Course means a short term course for NEET preparations. You are supposed to do self-study, quickly revise chapters and stay focused on practice. Since, you are short on time, you can revise and prepare chapters in 3 to 4 hours with the power-packed Notes as part of this Crash Course. To know, how fast you can prepare for NEET with this crash course, please watch this NEET Crash Course video. There are no lesson videos in the crash course.