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NEET Biology Questions | Biology MCQs for NEET

NEET Biology Questions MCQ

NEET Biology Questions

Practicing NEET Biology Questions (MCQs) the right way helps you ensure a pretty good rank in itself. Since biology questions constitute 50% of the total questions in NEET and most of the students believe that NEET biology is comparatively easier, you should target a minimum 340-350 in Biology out of 360 total marks. Most students believe that just reading and revising NCERT books or other text books is good enough for scoring in NEET and they avoid practicing biology questions for NEET. The result is that more than 90 per cent of students end up scoring less than 100 marks in biology and many of these students end up scoring a pitiable 30 to 40 marks in the NEET biology MCQs section of the paper.

Biology is the key to cracking NEET

You need to note very carefully that the key to crack NEET lies in the Biology section. To be able to score anything above 300 marks in biology requires not only a thorough understanding of the biology chapters in the syllabus but also a thorough and repeated practice of the Biology questions for NEET, the objective type questions.

Online NEET Question Bank feature image

CareerOrbits has designed a special NEET biology question bank where the NEET aspirants can get a chapter wise NEET Biology questions. These biology questions are extremely useful to the aspirants who, after having studied the NCERT books and after having solved the exercises at the end of the chapters in the NCERT, want to gain perfection in answering the NEET biology questions with confidence. You can also build and boost your test-taking skills by comparing your approach to a question and your logical understanding with the ones adopted in the detailed solutions. We have provided detailed logical explanations to each question provided in this NEET biology question bank.

Complete Practice

These NEET Biology questions cover NEET Biology Class 11 questions and NEET Biology Class 12 questions as per the latest NEET pattern of NTA. These NEET Biology MCQs cover all the important concepts which are expected in NEET. The level of difficulty of these biology questions matches the difficulty level of the questions as per the latest NEET pattern.

Practice in sync with your Study Plan

You can practice questions for any biology chapter in sync with your own study plan or school’s study plan. All the chapters of zoology or botany whether belonging to Class XI or class XII are available to you on day one when you join the course. It’s quite possible that in some schools one chapter is being taught and in other schools, some other chapters are being taught. It’s important that you follow what you are studying or have planned to prepare to avoid any conflicts and confusion.

Detailed Explanations for each MCQ

Detailed logical explanations have been provided for each and every biology question in this Question Bank so that you can understand the complexity in the question part. Our experts have also worked on not only providing the explanation about the correct option but also why other options are not correct. This allows you to develop deeper understanding about the other options which are not correct. At the same time, it also prepares you to answer questions based on the one or more of same options where the question might be a bit tweaked or the question is asked in a different form.

Repeatedly practice your weaker areas with Personal Revision Lists

We prepare your chapter-wise personal revision list for all the NEET biology questions that you wrongly attempt while practicing. This allows you to practice those questions again and again. Repeated practice through three-step revision lists helps you in achieving perfection in solving NEET biology questions during the actual exam with confidence.

Last-minute Revision with Bookmarked Questions

Biology syllabus is vast. At the last moment, you cannot simply revise the entire syllabus nor can you practice again a whole lot of biology questions.

With our special bookmark list facility, you can bookmark tricky or important biology questions while practicing. Practicing these bookmarked biology questions help you immensely in last minute and help you reconnect with those tricky and important NEET questions at the last moment.

Selective Revision of concepts in Biology Questions for NEET

To help you recall important concepts and biology terms that have been used in the logical explanations of the questions, we have highlighted these terms and concepts in blue colour. If you do not recall the definition of any of these terms, just carry the cursor over the blue coloured term and you can get a brief definition of that term or concept. If you wish to study that concept in detail, you can click on ‘read more’ below that popup and you get instantly the complete note of that concept. This helps you save a significant part of your time at the same time enriching knowledge to stay ahead in such a highly competitive exam.

Practice, Learn & Practice Chapter-wise NEET Biology Questions

The Living World Questions
Biological Classification Questions
Plant Kingdom Questions
Animal Kingdom Questions
Morphology of Flowering Plants Questions
Anatomy of Flowering Plants Questions
Structural Organisation in Animals Questions
Cell - The Unit of Life Questions
Cell Cycle and Cell Division Questions
Biomolecules Questions
Mineral Nutrition Questions
Plant Growth and Development Questions
Photosynthesis Questions
Transport in Plants Questions
Respiration in Plants Questions
Digestion and Absorption Questions
Breathing and Respiration Questions
Body Fluids and Circulation Questions
Excretion in Humans Questions
Locomotion and Movement Questions
Neural Control and Coordination Questions
Chemical Coordination and Regulation Questions
Reproduction in Organisms Questions
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants Questions
Human Reproduction. Questions
Reproductive Health Questions
Heredity and Variation Questions
Molecular Basis of Inheritance Questions
Evolution Questions
Health and Diseases Questions
Improvement in Food Production Questions
Microbes in Human Welfare Questions
Biotechnology Questions
Applications of Biotechnology Questions
Organism and its Environment Questions
Ecosystem Questions
Biodiversity and its Conservation Questions
Environmental Issues Questions

5 Reasons to Practice NEET Biology Questions (MCQs)

  • To familiarize and learn the level of biology questions that come in actual NEET exam
  • To do self-assessment of your existing preparation level and identify weaker areas, the concepts that you missed and the parts of chapters that you missed out while preparing.
  • To get a hang of the complexities involved in NEET biology questions that come in NEET.
  • To learn and imbibe how to approach and answer a biology MCQ in NEET exam.
  • To understand what mistakes you committed and the logical explanation for those questions where you committed a mistake.
  • To reach a level of perfection with repeated practice, where you target attempting each and every NEET biology question without losing even a single mark.

NEET 2020 Biology Questions Analysis

NTA has conducted NEET 2020 for the second time and there’s a change in the pattern and difficulty level of the questions. Before you start preparing NEET Biology, you should be thoroughly familiar with the NEET Biology Syllabus. It is expected that NTA would more or less continue with the same pattern and difficulty level in the questions in the NEET Biology section. As such, it’s important for all of you to thoroughly understand the distribution of the questions across class 11 and class 12 syllabus for NEET exam and respective chapters.

The analysis of NEET Biology questions for NEET 2020 is given below:

Section wise break up of NEET Biology Questions in NEET 2020

Unit Number of Questions
  Total Easy Medium Hard
Zoology 40 6 31 3
Botany 50 9 39 2
Total 90 15 70 5

Chapter wise break up of NEET Biology Questions in NEET 2020

Unit Number of Questions
  Total Easy Medium Hard
Zoology 40 6 31 3
Class 11
Animal Diversity 2 1 1 0
Structural Organisation in Animals 2 2 0 0
Human Psychology 14 7 4 3
Total Zoology Questions Class 11 18 10 5 3
Class 12
Human reproduction & reproductive Health 5 3 2 0
Origin & Evolution 3 1 1 1
Human Health & Diseases 4 4 0 0
Microbes in Human Welfare 5 4 1 0
Biotechnology 5 2 2 1
Total Zoology Questions Class 12 22 14 6 2
Total Zoology Questions Class 11 and Class 12 40 24 11 5
Botany 50 9 39 2
Class 11
Plant Diversity 5 2 3 0
Plant Anatomy 3 1 2 0
Plant Morphology 1 1 0 0
Cell Biology & Cell Division 7 6 1 0
Biomolecules 2 2 0 0
Plant Physiology 9 7 2 0
Total Botany Questions Class 11 27 19 8 0
Class 12
Plants Reproduction 4 2 2 0
Genetics & Molecular Biology 10 4 6 0
Ecology 8 7 1 0
Strategies for Enhancement in Food (DOP = DOA) 1 0 1 0
Total Botany Questions Class 12 23 13 10 0
Total Botany Questions Class 11 and Class 12 50 32 18 0
Total 90 15 70 5

NEET Biology Notes

Biology needs thorough preparation and constant revision. After you have prepared thoroughly from NCERT books, you need to make notes covering important concepts. These notes should be short and precise. You should go through these Biology notes often to help boost your retention. For your convenience, we have done all that hard work for you where you would get the NEET Biology Notes, very smartly prepared and covering all the important concepts. Check out these Smart NEET Biology Notes to save time and to stay ahead in the competition.

Biology Mock Test for NEET

Speed in answering questions in actual NEET exam is important. Equally important is the ability to understand the hidden point in the question and the ability to recall the concepts in the limited time. You should practice enough with the NEET Biology Chapter Tests and NEET Biology Mock Tests under examination conditions of pressure of time constraints so that you are able to score maximum marks in Biology section in actual NEET exam.

Practice Questions for other NEET Subjects

Preparation for NEET demands that you should prepare and practice all the subjects in the NEET syllabus. Here are the links to the chapter wise Physics questions and Chemistry questions for NEET.

Complete Preparations for NEET Biology

For meeting your preparation needs for NEET Biology, check out this Complete NEET Guide Biology. It covers not just the biology notes or just the practice questions, it’s a complete guide for NEET Biology.

If you are unsure or confused as to how you should practice the NEET Biology questions, i.e. NEET Biology MCQs, feel free to write your issues in the comments section below. We are dedicated to make preparations smooth for our students.

Cracking NEET with 600+ marks is a dream for every NEET aspirant and Biology plays a very important role in deciding your score and rank. Biology being a vast subject, demands a specialized preparation course for biology so that you can cover and revise your class 11 and class 12 zoology and botany to effectively prepare for NEET.

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