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Why you should not MISS our JEE Main Repeater Dropper Course?

JEE Repeater Dropper Course - Joined JEE Coaching?

No more hunting for right questions

No need to waste your time & energy on checking out so many books & question banks for right questions. 

Get the best question bank, 100% suitable for JEE Main preparation at just one place.

Be at ease!

JEE Repeater Dropper Course - Self Preparations?

No more queuing up for doubt clearance

Standing in queue is time consuming and still you don’t get doubt clearance on all questions.

Now, get all your doubts cleared on a click any time of the day.

Be knowledgeable!

JEE Repeater Dropper Course - Could Not Prepare?

Don’t practice aimlessly just any question

You can’t practice Lakhs of questions across Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics even in 5 years. 

Get select 13,200+ questions which are more than sufficient to crack JEE Main with 99.50+ percentile.

Save time!

JEE Main Repeater Dropper Course - Repeat year Student?

Don’t let your confidence shake

Uncertainty in our minds melts away with confidence and enhanced ability to learn and perform.

Watch your knowledge Index grow in every chapter. Success is all yours. 

Aim at Zero Knowledge Gap and enjoy success!

JEE Main Repeater Dropper Course - Self Preparations?

Stop banging your head

No need to pull out so many books or Google for definition of key terms or difficult concepts.

Get all definitions and related study notes just when and where you need it.

Accelerate your learning! Time is short.

JEE Repeater Dropper Course - Repeat year Student?

Target 99.50+ Percentile with robust practice

Practice is a must for success BUT what matters more is how smartly you practice. 

Focus on what you are not good at, make revision lists and repeatedly practice those revision lists.
Act smart! Achieve perfection!

Want to join our JEE Main Repeater-Dropper Course 2024?

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JEE Main Repeater-Dropper Course 2024 (PCM)

Power-packed course for 12th Pass, Drop-year and Repeaters
Course Type: Online Course
Course Contents:
  • Interactive power-packed Study Notes
  • Practice Question Bank - 13,200+ questions Fully solved
  • 160 Chapter Tests – Fully Solved
  • 33 Minor Tests – Fully Solved
  • 25 Mock Tests – Fully Solved
Prepared by: IITians and Top faculty of India
Features: Revision Lists, Bookmark List, Flagging, Glossary Support
Evaluation: Instant on submission
Validity: Valid till JEE Advanced 2024 Exam date

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Ananya Pandey | Bangalore

Ananya Pandey | Bangalore

JEE Adv. 2021 | Rank: 9177 (CRL)

Satti Chaturya | A. P.

Satti Chaturya | A. P.

JEE Adv. 2021 | Rank: 1695 (ST)

Adrija Banerjee | Ahmedabad – Gujarat

Adrija Banerjee | Ahmedabad – Gujarat

JEE Main 2021 | 99.27 percentile

Swayam Smruti Dash | Rourkela – Odisha

Swayam Smruti Dash | Rourkela – Odisha

JEE Main 2020 | 99.14 percentile

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Got into top IIIT, Hyd.

Rated 5 out of 5

My son appeared for the JEE Main exams but could not qualify to get into CSE anywhere. He was broken but wanted to try again. His friend who had studied with CareerOrbits, suggested him to opt for this JEE Main Repeater Course. My son practiced all the questions and this time he could make it to IIIT, Hyderabad in Computer Science & Engineering.

Tarun Bhattacharjee Durgapur

Awesome Preparations!

Rated 5 out of 5

I am a 2018 batch dropper. Due to Board’s pressure and waste of time in coaching, I could not prepare for the JEE Main exam well last year. Then I came across this JEE Main repeater dropper course by CareerOrbits. It is proving very helpful. My weakest subject has been physics but with CareerOrbits JEE Main repeater dropper course, now physics is my strongest subject.

Rohan Kedia, Delhi

Scored 301 as a Repeater!

Rated 5 out of 5

JEE Main Repeater Dropper Course by Career Orbits is a great boon! I dropped for a year. In first attempt when I had joined a top coaching institute, I could hardly touch 100. With this repeater course, in my second attempt at JEE Main 2018 exam, I could score 301/360. I wish to convey many thanks to Career Orbits for this wonderful JEE Main Repeater and Droppers course.

Satya Rajgoplan, Erode

Why a special Course for JEE Main Repeaters and Droppers?

As a repeater, you all know how confident each one of you felt before the exam. Many of you had taken the test with full confidence but you could not get the expected marks. Still, most of you have not realized weaknesses in your preparation strategy. You simply thought that last time you could not prepare well, let me put in more effort and perform better in JEE Main and advanced and you start with yet another coaching institute, repeatedly read and brush up your chapters and take the weekly tests. But this is what you had done last time also. How different it would be now.

We have designed this JEE Main Repeater Dropper Course with the twin objective of – 1) developing your test-taking abilities of the highest order, and 2) strengthening your knowledge base; and all this in the shortest possible time.

Our specially designed repeater course for JEE Main repeaters and droppers is truly powerful. It focuses on releasing time by offering you power-packed study notes. Without these study notes, you would end up spending 80-90% of your time reading books. The time saved on reading books is to be used for practice for building your test-taking skills.

At the same time being a JEE repeater or dropper, you have the full time to devote to your JEE preparations. You have different requirements compared to the regular 11th and 12th school going, students. You can’t afford to take yet another chance and lose one more precious year of your career. Most of you must be at a loss to understand what has gone wrong with your JEE Main preparations during previous attempt(s). You studied well and you knew well almost everything that was in the JEE Main syllabus.

Actually, you lacked practice the right way.

This JEE Main Repeater Dropper Course is more powerful than the regular one year course for the 12th going students. It contains at least 30-40% more extra practice resources which help you achieve your desired rank.

What you would have done is pick up some question banks and tried answering the questions and matched your answer with the answer keys given at the end. Is that right? That’s how 99% of the students prepare and mostly all of them fail to achieve the desired rank in JEE.

Many times, you are left wondering that even after applying the correct formula or applying the concept correctly, you still had a different answer than the one given in the key. You badly needed doubt clearance from your teacher or coaching institute. Your teacher would not have time to answer every doubt that you may have. So, you skip asking many doubts also. And most importantly, those questions on which your doubt was cleared by your teacher, you never practised that question again back home.

You need to practice that question at least 2-3 times correctly after having taken the doubt clearance so that you achieve perfection in attempting a question with similar concepts and complexity in your actual JEE exam.

Even you need to be consciously aware of the quality of questions in the question bank. Those big question banks throwing several thousands of questions in each topic and chapter waste a lot of your time. Most of these question banks would have low quality or board-level questions. You need only JEE level questions.

Our JEE Main Repeater Course gives you all questions which are of JEE Main level only. No sub-standard questions. You get instant doubt clearance for all questions by way of detailed step-by-step solutions. Any question that you practice wrongly is added to your personal revision list. You should also bookmark important questions for last-minute revision immediately before your JEE Main exam. Practising these questions before the exam helps you reconnect with those important questions, concepts and steps and keep your mind aligned.

Since you have sufficient time and have no other commitments, we have included more than 13,200 questions for practice in JEE Repeater Dropper Course, which are included in a 2-year course so that you just don’t crack JEE Main but also achieve a Top rank.

Start Today. Better late than never!