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Best NEET Books & Resources – List of books for NEET Preparation

Best Books for NEET

Best NEET Books for Physics, Chemistry and Biology – Are you looking for the best resources and books for NEET preparation? Find out which NEET books and resources help you in NEET Preparation for getting a perfect score. This latest review of the topmost NEET books and resources will help you choose the best.

Once you decide to become a doctor, the next step is to start preparing for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) exam. There are a variety of different books available for NEET preparation. You can get these books as well as join an online NEET preparation course and start preparing for your 2022 & 2023 attempts.

As there are a lot of books available in the market for NEET preparation, it becomes difficult to decide which books are the best for NEET exam preparation. In this article, we discuss the various options of best books for NEET that can help you crack the NEET exam. Our experts have provided a comprehensive list of all the available top NEET books and resources. An understanding of this list of NEET books will help you decide in choosing the right NEET books and resources.

You should practice a lot of questions from the books and should have the required determination and willpower to achieve a high score in NEET. With numerous books available, it becomes way more challenging to select the right one.

The list of best books for NEET UG contains the syllabus recommended by the Medical Council of India (MCI) for NEET UG.

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Best NEET Books and Resources – How to Choose

NEET exam is very tough to crack, and each aspirant needs to prepare from the right books and resources to crack the NEET 2022 & 2023 exams. Just having thick books is not the answer to cracking NEET. You need to prepare smartly and spend a lot of time in preparations.

Take a look at the key factors below which will help you choose the right books for Biology, Chemistry and Physics for your NEET preparations:

  1. Create a strategy for scoring 600+ in NEET: Reading books and making notes, is just a small part of your preparations. You need to frame a perfect strategy to score better compared to others. You need to identify the topics where you need to focus more and ensure that you do not spend too much time solving the questions.
  2. Practicing the Right Set of NEET level Questions: NEET exam is primarily based on the NCERT syllabus but requires higher-order thinking skills. The questions in the NEET exam are of higher difficulty, compared to the practice questions in the NCERT books. So, it becomes very important for you to practice the questions which match the difficulty level of NEET.
  3. Do not miss detailed solutions for doubt clearance: All the books in the market do not come with detailed solutions that you need to clear your doubts. While most of the NEET books and objective type books provide you with answer keys, you need proper solutions to understand the steps to arrive at the right answer. Without proper doubt clearance, you cannot hope to score good marks in the NEET exam. Whenever you practice the questions, you need to have a facility to clear your doubts quickly.

Best Books for NEET 2022 & 2023

NCERT is considered the mother book for NEET preparations. Each aspirant aiming to crack NEET with top marks is suggested to begin their preparations using NCERT books for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of Class 11th and Class 12th. The NCERT books provide a clear understanding of most of the NEET topics. If you are preparing from a state board, you can continue to study from your state board textbooks and for the gaps, if any, you can refer to those topics from NCERT books. For this purpose, you may like to compare the NEET 2022 syllabus with that of your state board with NCERT books and do the mapping, as required.

After you have developed an understanding of the NEET topics from NCERT or your textbooks, then you may move to the recommended books for each subject, i.e. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Best Books for NEET Physics

Best Books for NEET Physics

Best Physics books for NEET – Physics section in NEET exam has 45 questions, carrying 180 marks, i.e. 4 marks per question. This section primarily focusses on assessing the problem-solving abilities of the NEET aspirants in the application of concepts of Physics.

NCERT is the first best physics book for NEET that you should use to prepare for NEET. While NCERT will help you build conceptual understanding, the reference NEET books will help you build your test-taking skills to solve NEET level questions. The NEET books for Physics are specifically prepared for NEET aspirants and will build your higher-order thinking skills. It is difficult to score in the Physics section of the NEET exam without proper practice.

Apart from NCERT, we would like to suggest physics books for NEET by renowned authors, such as H.C. Verma as well as D.C. Pandey for NEET preparations. H.C. Verma is a good book for clearing your concepts. D.C. Pandey, on the other hand, provides some basic level sample solved and unsolved questions for practice.

Some best physics books that you can use to prepare for NEET Physics, apart from NCERT are given below.

  1. Concepts of Physics (Part I and II) by H. C. Verma
  2. Objective Physics for NEET (Volume I) by D. C. Pandey
  3. Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov – Arihant Publications
  4. Fundamental Physics (Volume I and II) by Pradeep Publications

These books will help build an understanding of NEET level concepts for Physics. However, reading one or more of these physics books apart from the NCERT books could be quite time-consuming. Also, none of these books has detailed doubt clearance available on the questions.

Students facing problems in Physics prepare and practice Physics from NEET Physics Course by CareerOrbits for the NEET exam. This is a 100% online course and includes the best study material curated from top books for Physics and a carefully selected pool of questions that match the difficulty level expected in NEET. Since Physics is considered a tougher subject by a large number of NEET aspirants, you can also get detailed step-by-step doubt solutions for logical understanding as to how to approach the typical problems in Physics and gain perfection through repeated practice.

Best Books for NEET Chemistry

Best Books for NEET Chemistry

Best Chemistry Books for NEET – Chemistry section also has 45 questions, carrying 180 marks, i.e. 4 marks each. The questions in the chemistry section are spread across Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry.

As this section has numerical questions as well as conceptual questions, you need to prepare from the specific NEET Chemistry books and resources, apart from NCERT.  As per the analysis of the previous year papers, inorganic section is generally the easiest section when compared with the other two sections and consists of memory-based questions. J. D. Lee includes multiple-choice questions which are really good for students preparing for NEET. The organic section needs practice and revision as it depends on the interlinking of knowledge. The best chemistry books for NEET 2021, 2022 & 2023 added here for the organic section will help candidates in understanding the concepts lucidly.

  1. NCERT Chemistry textbooks for Class XI and XII
  2. Physical Chemistry by O.P. Tandon
  3. ABC of Chemistry for Classes 11 and 12 by Modern
  4. Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Lee
  5. Dinesh Chemistry Guide
  6. Practise books by VK Jaiswal (Inorganic), MS Chauhan (Organic) and N. Awasthi (Physical)

If you find this too much to refer to and prepare from, you can consider opting for NEET Chemistry Course by CareerOrbits. With this course, you can prepare all three sections – Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry. You get the compact and smart study notes prepared by experts and also get the whole set of questions for practicing with detailed doubt clearance and chapter-wise tests for an ongoing assessment.

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Best Books for NEET Biology

Best Books for NEET Biology

Best Biology Books for NEET – While the biology section of the NEET exam is the biggest section of the paper, but it is comparatively easier to score well in this section. There are 90 questions of Biology in the NEET exam, carrying 360 marks out of the total 720 marks.

Our experts have compiled a list of the books for biology that can be considered for NEET preparation based on the simplicity in the language of the book, the student’s retention ability after reading the book as well as the number of questions available for practice.

The best books for biology for NEET after completing the NCERT books are as below:

  1. Volume I and Volume II of Objective Biology for NEET by Trueman Book Company
  2. Volume I and II of Objective Biology (NEET exam) by Pradeep
  3. Complete AIPMT NEET Guide: Biology by MTG Learning Media
  4. Biology for NEET Volume 1 and Volume 2 by Arihant Publications
  5. Medical Entrances Biology – Volume I, II & III by Target Publications
  6. Objective Biology – Volume I, II and III by Dinesh Publications

These biology books are quite voluminous and at times, you might find that you don’t have time to go through the entire set of books. A large number of questions in these biology books might not be of NEET level but yes, quite a few students do prepare from these books. Also, Biology is a subject based on facts and revision is often required for retention. To help you revise quickly and learn the intricacies in the questions in the Biology section, you should definitely consider NEET Biology Course by CareerOrbits. The course has smart study notes which are interactive and can be covered easily in a short duration. In addition, you also get an excellent collection of NEET level questions which you should not miss.

Analysis of best books for NEET

Although these books are considered the best for every NEET aspirant, these books for Physics, Chemistry and Biology have certain problems in the self-assessment section. A large number of questions in the books are considered to be meant for students who are at the beginner level.  NEET aspirants who are preparing with the books feel that the questions do not provide adequate exposure and practice of NEET quality questions. Also, the self-assessment MCQs in the books only have answer keys and no full-length explanations about the steps taken to solve the questions are given.

Many of the NEET aspirants like you find it difficult to clear their doubts on the difficult questions given in the best books for NEET. For doubt clearance, they end up connecting the dots in the air for matching their answers to the key available in the books, without a proper logical understanding. They end up wasting 15-20 minutes trying to retrace the steps. This time could have been well spent on practicing more questions. Practicing questions after understanding the concepts can help you become an expert in the topics. With the help of a self-preparation course like the CareerOrbits NEET Preparation course, you can easily study the concepts, practice questions based on these NEET concepts and easily clear your doubts. Also, you can assess your level of preparation with the chapter-wise tests, minor tests and major (mock) tests.

You should also take a look at the list of important topics for NEET UG. Get the complete analysis of the previous year papers here.