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About IIT-JEE (JEE Advanced)

IIT JEE (JEE Advanced) is India’s most prestigious entrance examination for getting admission to B.Tech and B.E. programs of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and other reputed institutions of excellence like BHU and ISM, Dhanbad. Till the year 2012, it was popularly known as IIT-JEE or JEE. To be called an IITian is dream of every student who aspires to become a world class engineer.

If you wish to get admission into any of the IITs and other reputed institutions of excellence (to view the complete list of institutes click here, you need to appear in IITJEE after having appeared in JEE (Main) and secure a very high rank to appear in the merit list. Higher you score, brighter are your chances to make it to the institution of your choice and also the course of your choice.

As a student, you would be well aware of the achievements of the renowned IITians, while others must have heard peers or teachers discussing about it or motivating you to get into the top IIT institutes. For many of you, who wish to pursue a career in engineering, the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) would be the ultimate dream destination. If you manage to get into any of the institutes of IITs, you have a bright future ahead to become a world class engineer or a technocrat.

You would be groomed into a world class technocrat by highly intellectual and devoted faculty of IITs. Not only this, the excellent infrastructural facilities and environment would help bring out the best in your innovative skills. But admission to IITs is not a cakewalk. Only one out of approximately fifty students is able to make it to IITs. You need to burn the midnight oil as only determined and focused candidates are able to make it to the topmost IITs. But you could surely be one of them. All you need to have is complete dedication, proper planning and lots and lots of practice.

JEE Advanced aims to evaluate the real talent, i.e. knowledge, intelligence, analytical and problem solving skills of a candidate through its unique style/pattern. Because IITians are expected to think out of the box and subsequently go for higher studies or research. But to crack the tough nut you need to be very clear of the fundamental concepts of science and mathematics, develop skills for answering complex answers with ease, sharpen your analytical skills and significantly improve your parallel thinking process. Thorough knowledge of the subjects and effective time management strategies to solve the complex questions in a fraction of seconds will enable you to excel in IIT JEE. But you need to keep this in mind that IITJEE discards rote learning and focuses more upon ‘understanding concepts and its application’. Hours of practice, thorough revision and solving mock tests play a vital role in sharpening your skills.

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    Jai Shree

    Sir, I wish to appear for JEE Advanced 2022. Kindly advise if it would be held online or offline. If it would be held online, do you suggest me prepare offline or online? Thanks in advance.


      Starting with 2018, JEE Advanced would be held online. Accordingly, it is expected that JEE Advanced 2022 shall also be held online. Whether you prepare in online mode or offline mode, the bottom line is that you have to take the test in online mode only. For accuracy, orientation and speed, I would advise you that you must practice online only. With our Online Test Series and Online Question Bank for JEE Advanced, you can even accelerate the speed of your preparations.