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NEET 2022 Mock Tests – New pattern

Know how the CareerOrbits Mock Tests for NEET 2022 help you cross the 650+ cut off

NEET UG mock test series
10 Fully Solved Mock Tests

All the NEET Mock Tests come with 100% doubt clearance. Step-by-Step written explanations on every question.

NEET 2022 new pattern mock tests online
New Pattern Tests

The Mock Tests are of 200 minutes and based on new NEET 2022 exam pattern with two sections for each subject & internal choices.

NEET 2022 full syllabus tests
NCERT based Mock Tests

All the tests in the NEET mock test Series are based on NCERT and the difficulty level is based on last three years pattern.

NEET 2022 mock test papers
Last Minute Revision

Revise a concept at the last minute with glossary on mouseover in solutions to all questions in the Mock Tests.

NEET Mock Tests online
Improve Performance with Flag Lists

Practice wrongly-answered & unanswered questions with Flag List to boost performance in the next mock test.

NEET 2022 Online Test papers
Instant Evaluation & AIR

Get results for all the NEET Mock Tests instantly with just a click & All India Rank (AIR).

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NEET Mock Test Series 2022 - Fully Solved

Online Mock Tests - Practice Test Papers for NEET 2022
Course Type: All India Mock Test Series (AITS)
Course Contents: 10 Full Syllabus Mock Tests – Fully Solved
Prepared by: AIIMS Qualified Doctors, IITians
Features: Detailed Solutions, Glossary Support, Flagging
Evaluation: Instant on submission
Validity: Valid till NEET 2022 Exam date

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User Reviews

Sumedha Aiyyar

Better than the rest!

NEET Mock Tests, I have found far better than all the rest. The best part is not just the quality of questions is extremely good, all the questions are fully solved, I have been able to know my mistakes and learn to solve the given question in these mock test papers. With mock tests from other institutes, I was struggling to find the right steps to solve the problem, and I did not know where to go for doubt clearance. Definitely, the CareerOrbits’ Mock Test papers are better than the rest.
Kritika Sahu

Helped me sail through!

I could not prepare well for NEET 2021 exam as I had no formal coaching. Had no time to practice much. In the last couple of days, I took up these NEET Online Tests from CareerOrbits. My average score in these NEET mock tests was just 50-65% and I felt quite low. But the detailed solutions in these NEET mock question papers helped me a lot and especially, revising concepts with glossary support made me sail through and crack NEET with cool 534. Thanks to CareerOrbits.
Junaid Ahmad

Got seat with these NEET Mock Tests!

Coming from J&K has its own set of problems. I bumped into CareerOrbits NEET Major Mock Test Series. I thought of trying my hands at it, thinking it to be like any other Online Mock Test. My performance in these mock test papers was average. But, I repeatedly went through the solutions. I practiced these questions as if the same questions would appear in the actual NEET UG Examination. Though the questions were not exactly the same, I was able to score 632 and get admission to MBBS.

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FAQs on New Pattern NEET Mock Tests


How do CareerOrbits' Mock Tests help me improve my test-taking skills in actual NEET exam?


When to take these NEET 2022 Mock Tests?


How to take these NEET mock test papers?


What if my internet connection breaks while taking any NEET mock test?


How to Get Doubt Clearance on these Mock Tests for NEET 2022?


How can I revise concepts with these NEET UG mock question papers?

18 comment(s)

    Navneeth Krinshna

    Do the mock tests contain important topics and carry the same weightage as I can expect in NEET exam?



      The tests are as per the new pattern and are designed as per the exact NEET chapter wise weightage, as you can expect in actual NEET exam.

    Ronak Deovkar

    Are these the new pattern NEET major tests?

      Yes, these mock tests are exactly as per the new exam pattern prescribed by NTA.
    Shubhash Basu

    The pattern for NEET has changed a lot and has become aligned to NCERT. May I know if these are NCERT based NEET mock tests?


      Yes, these tests are based on NCERT. We regularly update our tests based on the changes notified by NTA and the new pattern. For the current year, the tests have been updated to match the difficulty level and pattern prescribed by NTA.

    Puneet Mishra

    Hi, I am planning to appear in NEET this year. I wanted to know if this mock test series is as per the new pattern prescribed by NTA?

      Yes, these mock tests are as per the new pattern prescribed by NTA. You will be able to attempt any test anytime as per your schedule and get instant result and detailed doubt clearance on all questions.
    How many times can I attend this mock test. i.e can I attend it again and again,otherwise only one attempt?
    Rohan Kerba Ranade

    I want online NEET mock test papers. Are these full syllabus mock tests online?


      Hey Rohan,

      The NEET Mock test papers are completely online. You can take these NEET mock tests as per your own schedule. Each NEET test paper has complete doubt clearance available at a click. This will help you prepare faster for NEET UG.

    These NEET Mock Tests are very good. When I was preparing for my NEET attempt, I had taken these Mock Test papers and found them very useful.
    Sripriya Somani
    Sir, I am a student of the Ultra Series. I wanted to know when will the Mock Tests be activated? And what will be the duration of these online mock test papers? I mean are all the mock tests for NEET are of the full duration as per NTA?

      The Mock Tests have been activated. All the online mock tests are of three (3) hours 20-minute duration as per NTA's new exam pattern.

    Aishwarya Ghosh

    Sir, I also want to join your NEET Question Bank along with these NEET Practice Tests. Do I need to buy these separately?


      Yes, you can buy the NEET Question Bank either separately or with NEET Mock Tests (Practice Tests). When you add Mock Tests to your Cart, you may click on 'Add Another Course' and select the NEET Practice Question Bank and can make payment together.

    Revathi Subramanian

    What's the schedule of NEET Mock test Series? I am planning to buy the Mock Tests and want to know more.


      You can take any Mock test paper on any date anytime as per your convenience. There's no fixed schedule for any of the mock tests.