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JEE Main Online Test Series

With our JEE Main Test Series , you can boost your score and target 99.90+ percentile.

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Save time in Doubt Clearance

After submitting any test in the JEE Main Online Test Series, your test will be instantly evaluated. You get access to not only your results, but also get to identify your mistakes at each step.

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Revise your concepts quickly

Take the active Mocktest in the Free Trial of the JEE Test Series. If you score more than 80% in the free Mocktest, you again do not need to join our JEE Main Test Series.

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Learn the right steps

Practice all questions available in unlocked chapters in Online Test Series for JEE Mains - Free Trial. If you attempt more than 80% questions correctly, you may not need to join our Online JEE Main Test Series.

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Last Minute Revision

But yes, if you correctly attempt less than 80% of the practice questions in Free Trial of the JEE Main Test Series, you seriously need to immediately join our online test series for JEE to boost your score.

Know why this JEE MAINS Test Series is better than others?

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As per NTA Pattern

This JEE Main Online Test Series is strictly as per the actual NTA examination pattern and latest official NTA syllabus.

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As per Latest JEE Main Trends

This JEE Mains Online Test Series is prepared by experts matching the standards of difficulty and chapter wise weightage of JEE Main exam.

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Simulated Tests

An excellent Test Series for students appearing in JEE Main test, simulated with the latest JEE on-screen format of NTA's JEE Main CBT exam.

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Improves Score and Rank

Detailed step by step solutions help you identify your mistakes. Learn the right steps with this JEE Main Test Series.

Learn Faster with the JEE Main Test Series
Reverse Learning

Learn backwards and revise and learn concepts quickly by going back to study notes after taking the tests from this JEE Main Online Test Series.

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Comparison with Toppers

For each of the tests in the JEE Main Online Test Series, you can compare your performance with toppers and get smart analytics.

Join our JEE Main Online Test Series!

Our Plans
Question bank Yes No
Chapterwise Questions 9,700+ Nil
Detailed Solutions Yes No
Revision Lists Yes No
Bookmark List Yes No
Test Series Yes Yes
Total Tests 155 155
Questions in Tests 4,990 4,990
Chapters Tests 107 107
Minor Tests (Unit Tests) 23 23
Subject Level Tests 15 15
Mock Tests (Major Tests) 10 10
Detailed Solutions Yes Yes
Total MCQ's 14,690+ 4,990
Our Plans
Question bank Yes
Chapterwise Questions 12,800+
Detailed Solutions Yes
Revision Lists Yes
Bookmark List Yes
Test Series Yes
Total Tests 218
Questions in Tests 7,550
Chapters Tests 160
Minor Tests (Unit Tests) 33
Subject Level Tests 15
Mock Tests (Major Tests) 10
Detailed Solutions Yes
Total MCQ's 20,350+


Step-by-Step Guide to use JEE MAIN Test Series

If you choose the Ultra Version of the JEE Main Online Test Series, you should use it in the following manner:

  • After joining the JEE Main Online Test Series, first start the Practice question Bank. Practice each wrong question repeatedly to gain expertise in the concept. Understand the detailed solution to clear your doubts.
  • Once you complete a chapter in the Practice Question Bank, then take the chapter test of that chapter in the JEE Test Series. You will get the detailed step-by-step solutions for every question which you did not attempt correctly.
  • Flag questions for revising later. Repeat the process for each of the chapters. After a gap of 3-5 days, re-practice the questions in the Revision List 1 of Question Bank and the flagged questions.
  • Check for the Minor Test Part Syllabus Test and take all the Chapter Tests belonging to that Minor Test. Then take the Minor Tests for these chapters.
  • Periodically revise the questions where you are not able to answer with accuracy with Flag List of the JEE Main Chapter wise Tests and Minor Tests.
  • As the exams come near, start taking the full-syllabus Mocktests. Try taking not more than one full syllabus Mocktest in a day.

User Reviews

Mallikarjuna Neerugattiu, Andhra
Difficult topics easy to understand and learn
Thank you guys for making studies easy by making difficult topics easy to understand and learn. I finally cracked JEE Main and Adv. with this JEE Main Test Series. When I began studying with the JEE Main online test series I was able to solve questions faster and understand my mistakes. I particularly appreciate the way you combine smart tricks and step-by-step detailed explanations, which are missing in other JEE Main test series from top institutes in the market. It made me feel a lot more confident. Thank you so much for helping me understand and enjoy the PCM topics, and polish my test taking skills. I must say, this is the best test series for JEE Main. Keep up the good work!
Arbaz Farooq, Jammu & Kashmir
Real blessing for me
This Online Test Series for JEE Main was a real blessing for me. It was exactly what I was looking for in a course as it provided a complete set of preparation tools to help me ace the JEE examination. The step-by-step detailed solutions for every question in the JEE Main Online Test Series, break down each aspect of the question and teach me not only "how" to solve, but also "why" that question was solved in a given manner. Thanks for offering such an incredible and the best Test Series for JEE Mains. I finally made it to the IIT, I have always dreamt about. I look forward to recommending this JEE Main test series, especially the Ultra Test Series to my friends and juniors.
Arnab Kundu, Pune, Maharashtra
A Great Learning Experience
Preparing for JEE with this JEE Main Test Series (Ultra Series) was a great learning experience. It played a major role in helping me get admission to IIT. This Online Test Series for JEE helped me develop my application skills and made me gain expertise in the JEE Main topics by clearing all my doubts so quickly and effectively. The instant doubt clearance helped me tackle all the difficult and tricky questions and gave me smart tricks in form of step-by-solutions. I was able to cover the chapters quickly as well as reduce my test-taking time significantly. I will be eternally grateful to the JEE Main Test Series as it prepared me so well for the JEE Main examination.