NEET Ultra Test Series 2022

NEET Ultra Test Series is the best test series for NEET, if you are targeting 600+ in NEET. This online NEET Ultra test series offers robust practice in the most time efficient manner.

NEET Ultra Test Series 2022
Ultra Test Series Highlights
  • The only Test Series for developing Problem-Solving abilities, test-taking skills, time-management and reinforcing your knowledge.
  • The power packed Ultra Test Series for NEET to build, assess & enhance your preparedness for grand success in NEET.
  • Ideal choice of students going to coaching classes or doing self-studies.
  • Can be used on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.
Course Contains
19200+ Questions
204 Tests
Course Fee

Rs. 16,500

Rs. 15,000 (Including GST)

Save Rs. 1,500

EMI starts at Rs. 498. Options
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Ultra Test Series Advantages
  • Builds your test taking skills systematically with (1) Practice Question bank; (2) Chapter Tests; (3) Minor Tests; & (4) Major Tests
  • Save upto 80% time in doubt clearance
  • Save upto 90% time in Revising Concepts
  • Helps you identify your weaker areas
  • Helps you identify your mistakes and learn right steps
  • Helps you achieve perfection with repeated practice
  • Helps you revise and strengthen concepts on a click
  • Practice and take test as per your own study schedule – No conflicts
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Course Features
  • Detailed step-by-step explanations for all questions for instant doubt clearance
  • First learn how to solve questions and then proceed with tests
  • Revise & Strengthen concepts while going through the solutions
  • Achieve perfection through Revision Lists & Bookmark List
  • Unlimited practice through Flag List
  • Take any test anytime as per your convenience – No fixed schedule
  • Helps you learn how to approach NEET level MCQs and the right steps to approach each kind of MCQs.
  • Result same time after Submitting the Test
  • Detailed Analytics


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User Reviews

Nitika Bhattacharjee, Kolkata
Improved my marks from 210 to 610 in tests
The Ultra Test Series for NEET has helped me improve my marks in my coaching from 180-210. I did not know what to do to increase my marks. I felt too depressed. No matter, how many hours I studies, the performance in tests was just the same. I joined this Ultra online NEET test series just a few weeks ago and I must say, that in all the tests, I have significantly improved my performance. My teachers who had condemned me as a weak student have also started looking upto me and appreciate my improvement. Indeed obliged to CareerOrbits for this great help.
Karthik Sundarajan, Chennai
I always choose the best! Why don’t you also?
I chose the top brands’ test series for NEET what my friends were using and started solving those. It was more of frustrating experience. I could neither get to know what I mistake I committed nor what steps I should have taken to approach the question and answer it right.
Sunaina Grover, Delhi
Not just faster, the fastest preparations!
It’s not about practicing questions. My maximum time was consumed in trying to find my mistake, grappling to see where I went wrong. Physics and Organic Chemistry were the real demons for me. Answering numericals in these subjects was truly nightmarish for me. With the detailed steps provided by CareerOrbits, my fear for Physics and Chemistry has simply evaporated. I am much more confident. My memory is good but I needed someone to guide with me the steps for solving those questions and CareerOrbits Ultra Series for NEET has helped me immensely in overcoming my weaker areas. Some students say, CareerOrbits is faster. I must say, CareerOrbits is the fastest way to prepare for NEET.
Renuka Hegde, Manglore
Works like a Charm!
I wish I could have asked for more. Indeed it works like a charm .. as if I have Alladin's Genie. I can clear my doubts, revise my concepts pretty quickly. I don’t need to run after the teachers any more pleading and begging for doubt clearance. I always practice the chapters and take the chapter tests before my periodic tests. I am now, one of the rankers in my batch with my marks ranging between 640-670. Unimaginable indeed!
Kanika Rajput, Lucknow
Doubt Clearance is a Breeze!
Clearing doubts was a real pain and too frustrating despite having joined India’s best coaching classes and having personal tutors for each subject at home. No matter how much I studied, I knew I remember everything, but while solving questions I used to go blank. The results in the tests in the coaching were truly pathetic. With CareerOrbits’ NEET Ultra Test Series, I regularly practice the question bank and take the tests at home. Within a fortnight, I didn’t need those personal tutors because my marks in the first test itself in the coaching had doubled. Doubt clearance on the questions is now a breeze! I am really grateful to CareerOrbits for this wonderful platform.
Ritesh Gaikwad, Pune
Synonym for Ultra Series is ‘Perfection’
It’s not just about the practice, it’s not just about the doubt clearance nor just about the way I could revise my concepts so quickly from within the solutions. What mattered was the perfection I could gain by repeatedly practicing the questions through revision lists, bookmark list and flag lists. I can see envy in my classmates’ eyes when the class test results are declared every month. NEET Ultra test series has miraculously changed my persona from a below average student to a class topper. Yes, did follow meticulously the advice from CareerOrbits and practiced thoroughly.
Tabassum Hashmi, Mumbai
Boosted my Performance by 300% in a month
Paltry 130 marks out of 720 would be enough for a student to shy away from the class and infact making up the mind to abandon pursuing NEET at all. Joining Ultra Test Series has indeed proved as a blessing from the Almighty. I have been able to touch 501 in my coaching tests within a month of joining the CareerOrbits Ultra Test Series. I am looking forward to crossing 600 in the ensuing class test.

10 comment(s)

    Himanshu Tiwari

    I took the free trial of the NEET Ultra Series and liked it. Is there any other NEET course, where I can get study notes as well?  


      Hi Himanshu,

      You can check out the NEET Online Course that covers smart notes and all the contents of the Ultra Test Series.

    Rohan Mane

    I am seriously considering to join your Ultra Test Series for NEET? Can I be sure that this NEET test series would be enough or I need to join any other test series, along with this NEET Ultra Test Series?


      Hi Rohan,

      This test series will definitely help you to target top score in the exam. For reaping maximum benefit out of this NEET Online Test Series it is important that you have thoroughly prepared all your chapters.

      This online test series will develop your ability to manage your time in a simulated test environment. Also, you will build the ability to quickly switch your mind from one NEET subject to another and from topic to topic besides assessing your knowledge using this Test Series for NEET.

    Esha Virani
    The best online NEET test series ever. I bought this online test series for NEET thinking that I will just take a look at some of the questions. But found that it covers all the NCERT concepts comprehensively and other concepts covered in NEET. I am glad to buy this online NEET Test Series.
    Dr. L. Y. Iyengar
    My son has found this online test series immensely useful. I can see improvement of score even in coaching. I recommend this online NEET test series for students preparing for NEET and AIIMS.
    Kriti Goud
    Excellent test series for NEET. I have joined the Ultra Series, it is very good.
    Divya Nageshwara

    Is this test series helpful? There are so many tests, when should I take these tests? Should I go for NEET Mega Test Series or the Ultra Series?


      Hi Divya,

      This is a complete online NEET Test Series that provides you rigorous practice for the NEET exam. Start with practicing the questions in the chapter wise question bank in the course. Then, take the chapter tests for that chapter.

      Once you are done with the a group of chapters, then you can take the NEET minor tests on the group of those chapters. Once, you have completed the entire syllabus, you can then take the full length mock tests, included in the NEET test series.

    Ram Swaroop
    I really love this neet test series. I joined this ultra version of the test series last month and it has really helped me improve my score