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Worked Examples


“Worked examples” is a term borrowed from science education. Whenever you flip through the pages of your Science and Mathematics books, you find a lot of worked examples or illustrations. In classroom and tutorials, your teachers use worked examples, explaining each step involved for providing you a proper understanding of the concept and its applications. Worked examples, as you rightly understand consist of detailed solution for a mathematical or science problem, demonstrating each step involved one by one, helping you reach the final solution.

Worked examples provide you with not just the answer keys or one-line hint but detailed solution against each and every question. The solutions are provided to you in a manner, ensuring consideration of every aspect of the question and giving every step involved in arriving at the correct answer(s). A worked example is an example of how an expert “works through”, i.e. explains, the solution to a problem. Worked examples are meant to make the thinking, practices, and values of a subject easy and simple for you. It stresses on exposing the structure of arguments or logical steps behind the given problem in lucid and accessible terms. Worked examples are structured in such manner that extraneous cognitive load (the mental burden imposed) does not adversely impact your learning process and keep you stay focused on deliberate practice and learning.

Worked examples play a very important role in aiding the learning process and fostering conceptual understanding. This is true not only for your initial skill acquisition but also for developing your advanced skills, required for solving complicated problems. It helps you to become self-sufficient in problem solving, boosting your confidence and nurturing your ability for applying analytical skills to increasingly newer sets of problems.

Even after understanding the basics of a particular concept, sometimes you may be left with doubts in your mind as it takes time to sink into your head. Many of you are even hesitant to clear these doubts in open class rooms due to your introvert nature. Quite a few of you may not have access to a right expert for seeking clarifications on such doubts. Worked examples can prove to be most effective when you learn a subject with clear-cut rules and answers, such as Mathematics and sciences. It’s a great tool indeed for learners at all levels, particularly in the present era of digital learning.

Worked examples are proven to be the most effective way of learning during the initial stage since you can gain more knowledge. However, for those of you who are advance learners and preparing for tests based on assessment of choices, the step by step solutions provided come to too handy while you try to solve the complex problems. It is the most tested and most successful method for learning in the digital world that makes the exercise of perfecting problem solving skills, so easy and simple. The use of worked examples is not only limited to understanding science and mathematical problems but has been extended for other disciplines also.

Just imagine, how easy the preparations for those highly competitive tests would have been, had every difficult problem been available to you like a worked example! For the benefit of those of you, who are preparing for tests, based on assessment of choices, Careerorbits has transformed and extended the ‘Worked Examples’ and implemented it successfully and effectively on Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) or Objective Type Tests. First, hiding the worked examples, our programs presents you the problems, allowing you to focus 100% on problem solving. When you are engaged in solving the problem, there is no room for criticism, evaluation of feedback, self-doubt, or acting on that kind of feedback. The program measures your outcome against the correct answer choices and provides you the feedback. Then you are presented with hint(s) for arriving at the correct answer(s), triggering your mind and evoking your application skills. In the learning process, if you are still unable to correctly understand the steps involved, you are presented with step by step detailed solution (worked example) in a lucid style.