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Neel Patel
Good level of questions to covering entire chapter

At CareerOrbits, the level of questions of all types is good which helped me to get started from beginning to the end of the chapter. The questions in the chemistry section in the tests are good and were very helpful. Overall it has been a good experience for in CareerOrbits.

Neel Patel JEE Advanced 2020 | Rank: 9246
Sanskaar Tijara
Really thankful. Helped me solve Advanced level questions within time limit

For me, CareerOrbits has really helped me. It provided me with variety of questions and prepared me to solve those questions within time limit. The questions in Mathematics and Chemistry are very good. Even Physics questions are excellent. Questions in Electric field and capacitance could be still harder.

Sanskaar Tijara JEE Advaced 2020 | Rank: 4229 (OBC-NCL)
Satti Chaturya | Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh
Really helpful in solving JEE Adv. level problems

It was really helpful solving the problems and learning how to solve questions. Also, the specified notes very very good and helped me prepare better for JEE Advanced.

Satti Chaturya | Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh JEE Advanced 2021 | Rank: 1695 (ST)
Ananya Pandey | Bangalore, Karnataka
Thankful to CareerOrbits

I am very thankful to CareerOrbits in helping me achieve 9177 CRL Rank percentile in JEE Advanced 2021. The course helped me a lot.

Ananya Pandey | Bangalore, Karnataka JEE Advanced 2021 | Rank: 9177 (CRL)
Adrija Banerjee | Ahmedabad - Gujarat
Helped me achieve my dream

Thanks to CareerOrbits, I scored 99.27 percentile in JEE Mains 2021 and qualified for JEE Advanced. The questions and the tests were exactly as per the JEE Mains exam pattern and helped me achieve my dream. The explanations were very detailed, helping me quickly understand the concepts to be applied and the steps to take.

Adrija Banerjee | Ahmedabad - Gujarat JEE Main 2021 | 99.27 percentile
Banothu Sandeep, Warangal - TG.
Really tankful to CareerOrbits for my result

CareerOrbits really helped me a lot in my JEE Main for the best result. The tests are of same level as JEE Main, which made me improve my score. Thank you CareerOrbits for being a part of my success.

Banothu Sandeep, Warangal - TG. JEE Main 2020 | AIR 284 (ST category)