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Neha Pal, Rohini - Delhi
NEET Crash Course was Extremely Helpful

I joined NEET Crash Course for my NEET 2017 preparation and i found very good quality questions in their question bank. The questions were really good and their solutions were great.

I scored well in my exam and very thankful to CareerOrbit's course for helping me reach Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi for pursuing my dream MBBS course.

Neha Pal, Rohini - Delhi NEET 2017
Jaee Naik, Hyderabad - Andhra Pradesh
Excellent Supplementary Material for an Extra Edge

CareerOrbits' NEET Crash Course is an excellent supplementary study material for those who are trying to get a step ahead in cracking NEET UG. Its concise notes and handy solutions for questions make it easier to learn, revise and perform.

I have been able to make it to one of the finest national medical colleges - St. Johns Medical College, Bangalore. Thanks CareerOrbits for enabling me get into such a prestigious medical college,

Jaee Naik, Hyderabad - Andhra Pradesh NEET 2017 | AIR: 259 | Score 655
Urveesh Sharma, Baijnath, Kangra - H.P.
An Ultimate Product. Very Highly Recommended for NEET & AIIMS

CareerOrbits is a wonderful tool that helped me greatly in enhancing my NEET score. In NEET 2018, I scored 605 and got admission to the prestigious Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. I feel awesome.

Here are some very useful unique features that I found nowhere else, not even in the platforms and packages offered by big names of the coaching industry.

1) The questions that you are unable to do correctly are automatically moved to sequential revision lists which makes you revise the weaker parts of the syllabus in a hassle-free and time-efficient manner.

2) You need not waste time searching for solutions to the questions you are unable to solve. The required solution along with complete supporting theory is instantly available.

3) The selection of questions is excellent. The redundant questions are not there.

To sum up: An ultimate product. Very highly recommended for NEET and AIIMS(UG).

Urveesh Sharma, Baijnath, Kangra - H.P. NEET 2018 | 605 Marks [AIIMS 2018 | AIR:254]
Bansari Patel, Ahmedabad - Gujarat
Way of explanation about answer is extraordinary!

CareerOrbits is an excellent online coaching facility for preparation of NEET exam . The quality of questions, software speed and teaching is excellent. CareerOrbits is 24 hrs. Knowledge ATM. Way of explanation about answer is extraordinary. I scored 623. It makes me feel great. Thanks for your great support and co-operation for building my nice career and helping me get admission  to B. J. Medical College, Ahmedabad.

Bansari Patel, Ahmedabad - Gujarat NEET 2018 | AIR: 559 | Score: 623
Arthi S. Palanivel Rajan, Madurai - Tamilnadu
Questions in the Course were Pretty Much Similar to the Actual NEET

CareerOrbits was a very useful site to prepare for the NEET exam. It was extremely helpful in the last few days immediately before the NEET exam. The questions in the course were pretty much similar to the actual NEET and also it helped me have an accurate idea of the areas where I was weak. It was of great importance to me and provided me the required confidence before the exam!

I have been able to secure admission to Stanley Medical College, Chennai - one of the top medical colleges. Thanks CareerOrbits a lot for such a power-packed course!

Arthi S. Palanivel Rajan, Madurai - Tamilnadu NEET 2019 | 579 marks
Subhayan Chatterjee, Kolkata - West Bengal
Questions Very Similar to the Actual NEET Exam

CareerOrbits is a very useful preparation tool for NEET aspirants. I had opted for NEET Online Test Series 2019 - Ultra version with Practice Question Bank. It has got a wide variety of questions with detailed explanations for each of them.

The questions in the practice question bank, chapter tests, and mock tests are very similar in pattern to the actual NEET exam. This has immensely helped me in getting admission to get admission to Calcutta National Medical College (CNMC).

Overall, I would definitely recommend it to my juniors who wish to crack NEET.

Subhayan Chatterjee, Kolkata - West Bengal NEET 2019 | 569 Marks