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Secret Formula for Top Rank in IIT JEE Advanced

Secret formula for top rank in IIT JEE Advanced

A top rank in IIT JEE Advanced is extreme in order to get a discipline of your choice in IITs. We present a way for IIT JEE Advanced preparation that can help you crack it with a top rank easily and confidently.

As we’ve promised our fellow readers, this post is to tell how you can prepare for securing a top rank in IIT JEE Advanced (Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination). We will be focusing on some best preparation techniques and will offer suggestions based on our collective experience. You may post your thoughts or your experiences of IIT JEE/JEE Advanced preparation in the comments section below.

Target Top 100 Rank for IIT JEE Advanced

What do you answer when someone asks you about your aim? Is it just to get admission into any engineering college, or have you thought of getting selected into your preferred IIT and engineering stream like Computer Science in IIT Delhi or IIT Mumbai? When the end picture is big (and impressive), the passion to get it starts to grow. It is this passion that can lead you to fiery thoughts and encourage you to achieve your super goal.

Know the IIT JEE Advanced Exam Pattern

IIT JEE Exam Pattern includes two objective type papers that consist of questions on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Each paper is of 3 hours and tests conceptual understanding, logical reasoning and application skills of the student in all three subjects. Though the question papers are objective type, the question types keep varying. Single Correct, Multiple Correct, Integer Type, Comprehensive/Paragraph or Linked Type, Matrix Match and Assertion Reasoning type questions generally appear in IIT-JEE.

Solve, Analyze and Assess

From the day you begin IIT JEE Advanced preparation, start solving 50-100 MCQs daily. Focus on your weaker areas and set time limits to analyze and review your improvements. Assess your preparations for IIT-JEE in real-time and keep watching your knowledge index for every topic, as it grows to a hundred percent. You need to aim at 100% knowledge index for every chapter in all the subjects if you are really serious to get a top 100 rank in IIT JEE.

Develop a Logical Thinking Pattern

Since IIT JEE Advanced exam also judges a student’s ability to perform under pressure, a logical thinking pattern ensures that you don’t lose your momentum during the exam. It involves building up your form step-by-step while overcoming the weak points and keeping your mind calm.

Don’t Give Up

Many times, while preparing for IIT JEE Advanced examination, students begin to give up on their momentum thinking that they can try harder, next year only. In this course, they choose to ignore the fact that if they don’t cut the ice right now, they can never judge their own abilities. Giving up the fight in between is a mistake, which you must avoid at all costs.

Take Your IIT JEE Advanced Exam Preparation to Next Level

This age of technology calls for easy, fast, and robust preparation. Studying at your own pace with online access to interactive Study Material and repeated practice is the most effective IIT JEE Advanced Exam preparation training process. Courses like JEE Advanced Preparation Course and JEE Advanced 2022 Test Series provide a large number of unique practice questions, arranged chapter-wise while covering the entire latest syllabus with self-explanatory step-by-step solutions for questions, and automatic 3-Step Revision Lists.

If you follow the above techniques for preparing for your IIT JEE, we are sure that you can definitely make it to the Top 100 AIR, which is the dream of everyone appearing for JEE Advanced.

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