NEET Ranker Test Series 2023

NEET Ranker Test series
NEET Ranker Test Series is a comprehensive test series including Part Tests (Unit Tests) and full syllabus mock tests with step-wise solutions and explanations. This NEET test series is designed to not only assess your preparedness for the NEET exam but also help you improve your score by repeated practice.



NEET 2023 Ranker Test Series

Recommended for students who have already practiced thoroughly

  • 20 Part syllabus tests
  • 4 Half syllabus tests
  • 10 Full syllabus mock tests
  • All India Ranks in full syllabus tests
  • 6,120 Total Questions
  • Detailed step wise doubt clearance on all questions
  • Covers class 11 and 12 syllabus as per NEET
Rs. 5,250 Rs. 6,000
  • You get 2 tests for each unit and each half-syllabus for progressive assessment. With these part-syllabus tests, you assess your preparation level for each unit and each half-syllabus. 
  • You also get 10 full syllabus mock tests (All India Tests) as per latest NTA pattern where you can assess you preparation for the entire NEET Syllabus and get AIR as well. 
  • Note: Full syllabus mock tests are released after the NEET notification for your target exam year. This is to ensure that you take the tests as per the declared pattern and syllabus for your exam year. There could be changes in the pattern or the syllabus which are notified in the official notification.


You get detailed step wise written explanations. These solutions are written in a self-explanatory manner. Students are able to clear their doubts in less than half a minute.

For physics and chemistry, the explanations are step wise without missing even a single step. We have also given, the alternative methods for solving a question, wherever needed. 

For Biology questions, our experts have given detailed explanations for not just the right option. They have also explained why other options are not correct. Logical understanding of all the options enables you to answer a question correctly in the actual NEET exam. You know in the actual NEET exam, the question and the options are often tweaked.

We believe that improvement in the score is not possible unless you do improvement work in your weaker areas. 

To help you do improvement work in your weaker areas, we flag each question wrongly answered by you and each question that you leave unanswered.

Repeated practice of these questions in your Flag List before you take the next test, definitely improves your performance.

We understand your syllabus is vast and comprises 97 chapters. No matter, how often you revise your chapters from books or notes, you are likely to miss on one or the other concepts. 

What if you don’t recall a concept used in the explanation? We know you would feel panicky and would go back to your books to revise the chapter. You skip practice and start revising chapters.

To help you in quickly revising any concept, we have highlighted all the important concepts used in the explanation in blue colour. Just click on that concept and you get the definition and key formula. In all probability, you would be able to recall the concept. If you are still unable to recall the concept, click on ‘read more’ below it and you get the study note of that concept, right there. 

This helps you save your valuable time and helps you bridge the knowledge gap so quickly and lets you stay focuused on practice.

Using the Flag Lists, you can practice the questions unlimited times without any restrictions. We put a flag against all the questions which you answer wrongly or leave ananswered. We recommend that you should spend more time in practicing the wrongly answered questions. 

You can add flag to even correctly answered questions. This way, you have a choice to practice all or selected questions, using the Flag Lists.

You can practice these questions any number of times using the Flag List.

The Ranker Test series offers 2 tests for every unit and each half-syllabus (11th and 12th). 

You also get ten (10) All India Mock Tests, i.e., major tests for assessing your status of preparation and accuracy. 

The total number of questions in all these tests is 6,120.

These mock tests are carefully developed by a team of experts, comprising IITians, doctors and professors having decades of experience in teaching and preparing students for NEET (AIPMT & AIIMS) and IIT JEE. 

These experts know where the students are likely to commit mistakes and on which points students face difficulty in solving questions.

These mock tests are as per the latest NEET exam pattern. 

The tests include statement type questions, matching type questions and assertion reasoning questions as per the latest pattern besides single correct type questions.

In line with the latest pattern of NTA, the questions are primarily based on NCERT books. We take special care to ensure that outside NCERT questions are not included. 

You can take any test any time at your convenience. There is no pre-fixed schedule defined by us. 

At the same time, you can take the tests in sync with your own study plan. There is no conflict with your school studies or self-studies or coaching study plan.

Unique Advantages

Ranker Test Series is designed not for just your assessment and awarding you marks. 

You can clear your doubts on wrongly answered questions so that you know how to answer it correctly next time.

Doing improvement work by repracticing the wrongly answered questions and unanswered questions equips you for higher accuracy in the next test. That’s why we add these wrongly answered and unanswered questions to you Flag List. Using the Flag Lists, you should practice all these questions again and again to improve your accuracy.

The detailed step wise solutions help you save a lot of time in seeking doubt clearance. You can clear your doubts in less than half a minute… at best one minute, with our step wise solutions and explanations. 

Else, you spend a lot of time in finding mistake in your steps, refer books, discuss with friends and then try to get in touch with a teacher or tutor to clear your doubts. All this results in avoidable wastage of time. 

You can invest this saved time in practicing more and more question to improve your performance.

You can quickly revise any concept on a click while clearing your doubts on any question. We understand that you might miss on some of the concepts which you may like to brush up. 

For your convenience, we have highlighted all important concepts mentioned in the explanations. If you don’t recall any such concept, just click on that concept (highlighted in blue colour) and you get definition and key formula which should be enough to help you recall that concept quickly. If you wish to read that concept in deep, you can click on ‘read more’ and pull out the study note of that concept. 

This helps you bridge your knowledge gaps on need basis and lets you stay focussed on practice and tests.


Better than the rest

Rated 5 out of 5

The ranker test series is better than all other test series. The level of questions is pretty much the same as you can expect in the actual NEET exam. The doubt clearance is so quick and easy any time of the day. I could revise any concept which I needed to on just a tap. It has been an awesome experience.

Jenny Christina

Accuracy improvement is the best part

Rated 5 out of 5

The detailed explanations for each question helped me save a lot of time. Repeatedly working on the wrong questions and unanswered ones helped me improve my accuracy in the next tests. I simply love it.

Vijay Lakshmi

Extremely helpful

Rated 5 out of 5

The Ranker Test Series helped me a lot in assessing my preparation for the NEET exam. I had joined test series of other top institutes also. But the level of questions in the tests is quite near to the NEET actual exam. More important is that the explanations to the questions is written in a step wise manner and helped me a lot in improving.

Punika Arora


Ananya Sahai

Ananya Shahi | Bengaluru

NEET 2022 | AIR (Gen) 130 | Score 695

Shreyas Singh NEET 2022 665 marks

Shreyas Singh | Jind, Haryana

NEET 2022 | AIR (Gen) 1262 | Score 665

sid bhattacharjee NEET 2022 654 marks

Siddhartha Bhattachajee | Delhi

NEET 2022 | AIR (Gen) 2066 | Score 654

Nilesh Chaudhary | Lucknow

Nilesh Chaudhary | Lucknow

NEET 2022 | AIR (OBC-NCL) 1663 | Score 647

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