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Keep Yourself Calm Before JEE Main Examination

Keep calm before JEE Main examination

As all the JEE aspirants are on the verge of finalizing their preparations before the JEE Main 2023 January and April session (To be held in online mode only – scheduled to be held from 24th January to 31st January 2023 and from 6th April to 12th April 2023), here are a few tips which would definitely help you in enhancing your score. Now, these are certainly not preparation tips. Time is almost up for preparation tips, tricks and short-cut methods discussions. Without a doubt, all students appearing on JEE Main 2023Examination must have put in their maximum efforts in getting complete command over the JEE syllabus. The important thing now is to keep your mind calm and get focused on your goal – clearing JEE Main 2023 with a maximum score.

The night before the exam is quite important from a student’s perspective. As a JEE aspirant, your mind must be completely relaxed and without any stress. Panicking over the incomplete syllabus or left-out portions is extremely unnecessary and completely avoidable. It’s quite essential to give your mind a complete rest before the exam. Mental strength is an essential ingredient for your success in examinations of such competitiveness. Here’s a bit of advice as to a few activities which would calm you down.

  1. The day before JEE Main exam, avoid rushing through your courses. Instead, follow your adopted routine of revision.
  2. If you are feeling anxious, you can meditate to focus even more on your goal.
  3. Don’t skip your meals in a bid to complete your revision, Remember, diet is as important to your health as much as study for your career.
  4. Time permitting, take an attempt on at least full-length mock test paper to keep up the pace of your revision.
  5. Make a checklist of the items you have to carry with you to the venue of the examination. You must carry your JEE Main 2023 Admit Card and a copy of your Class 12 Exam hall Ticket besides pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, etc. Students who’ve cleared their 12th in 2021 or 2022 will be required to carry a copy of their Final marks- sheet/ marks statement of Class 12th /Qualifying Examination of year 2021 or 2022.
  6. At night, take your supper on time and get to bed as per your usual routine. A good rest is quite necessary for your mind. You can attempt the JEE exam paper with complete confidence only if your mind is energized and focused.

On the day of the examination, get up early in the morning, get fresh and get ready for the examination. Check whether you’ve all the essential items and documents ready with you. Sit in the examination hall with a clear and focused mind, positive attitude and a zeal to clear the JEE Main 2023 examination with good scores.

Hope the advice works, good luck for all the aspirants!

Latest JEE Main exam updates are available on About JEE Main. You can get all the information regarding JEE Main on the page.

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