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All the right questions in one place

No need to waste your time & energy in scanning question banks and books to find the right JEE level questions. 

Get the best question bank for IIT JEE Advanced repeaters and droppers in one place.

Be at ease!

Stop banging your head

No need to pull out so many books or Google for definition of key terms or difficult concepts.

Get all definitions and related study notes just when and where you need it.

Accelerate your learning! Time is short.

No more confusion your head

No need to pull out so many books or google for definition of key terms or difficult concepts.

Get all definitions and related study notes just when and where you need it. 

Accelerate your learning! Time is short.

No more standing in line for doubt clearance

Firstly, you are shy of asking so many doubts and then have to stand in the queue. 

Now, get all your doubts cleared on a click any time of the day.

Be knowledgeable!

Don’t let your confidence shake

Uncertainty in our minds melts away our confidence and our ability to learn and perform. 

Watch your knowledge Index growing in every chapter and ride the waves of confidence. Success is yours. 

Aim at Zero Knowledge Gap and enjoy success!

Target 300+ Score with robust practice 

Practice is a must for success BUT what matters more is how smartly you practice.

Focus on what you are not good at, make revision lists and repeatedly practice those revision lists.

Act smart! Achieve perfection!

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Ananya Pandey | Bangalore

Ananya Pandey | Bangalore

JEE Adv. 2021 | Rank: 9177 (CRL)

Satti Chaturya | A. P.

Satti Chaturya | A. P.

JEE Adv. 2021 | Rank: 1695 (ST)

Sanskaar Tijara

Sanskaar Tijara

JEE Adv. 2020 | Rank: 4229 (OBC-NCL)

Neel Patel

Neel Patel

JEE Adv. 2020 | Rank: 9246

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Wish I had joined it sooner

Rated 5 out of 5

I dropped JEE Main and Advanced last year. Due to the pressure of board exams and wasting 2 years in coaching, I decided that I was not well prepared for JEE exam. In my weekly tests, I hardly scored 100 marks.
I decided to skip the attempt and prepare with the Repeater Dropper Course. I wish I had done it sooner. Now my weaker topics have become my strong area.

Geeta Mishra, Indore

Scored 287 in JEE Adv.

Rated 5 out of 5

This JEE Adv. Repeater Course was a lifesaver for me. While I qualified JEE Main, I was not able to score well in IIT JEE. I wanted to get into one of the top IITs.
Even with coaching, I could hardly reach the cutoff score for IIT JEE. In my second attempt with the Repeater course, I was able to score 287/320. Could not have done without this course

Rishabh Verma, Chandigarh

Great course. It got my sister into IIT

Rated 5 out of 5

My sister had appeared for IIT JEE last year. While she was able to crack JEE Main, she was not able to qualify JEE Adv. She was really sad but wanted to be an IITian.
My uncle suggested her to prepare with the JEE Adv. Repeater Course. My sister worked hard with this course and practiced questions, and this time she was able to get into the best IIT.

Laxman Buddhiraja, Madurai

Why this specially designed JEE Advanced Repeaters and Droppers Course?

If you are a JEE Advanced repeater, quite likely that you have already spent a year or two on JEE Advanced coaching. By now, you must be out of school and do not have to spend your time in preparing for your school boards. Now, you have full time to devote to your JEE Advanced preparations. Your JEE Advanced preparation requirements are different compared to the regular 11th and 12th school going students. 

Being a JEE Advanced repeater or a JEE Advanced Dropper, your stakes are greater, and the zeal to succeed is greater than in your previous JEE Advanced attempts. You can’t afford to take another chance. Many students are at a loss to understand what has gone wrong with their JEE Advanced preparations during previous attempt(s). For your JEE attempt, you studied well and you knew well almost everything as per the JEE Advanced syllabus.

To prepare for IIT JEE, many of you attended the JEE Advanced coaching classes and also paid several lakhs for the coaching classes. Teachers in the coaching institutes always made you feel that you are going to crack JEE Advanced in your first attempt. You sat in the lectures, carefully listened and revised everything at home well. Even made your notes as well. Then what went wrong that you could not qualify in the JEE Advanced. Your rank turned out to be too low to be able to get into any government or private college.

At the same time being a JEE repeater or dropper, you have full time to devote to your JEE preparations. You have different requirements compared to the regular 11th and 12th school going students. You can’t afford to take yet another chance and lose one more precious year of your career. Most of you must be at a loss to understand what has gone wrong with your JEE Main preparations during previous attempt(s). You studied well and you knew well almost everything that was in the JEE Main syllabus.

Actually, you lacked practice the right way.

What you would have done is picked up some question banks and tried answering the questions and matched your answer with the answer keys given at the end. Is that right? That’s how 99% of the students prepare, and most of them fail.

Most of the times, you are left wondering, you applied the right formula or applied the concept correctly, but still, the answer key gives a different answer. You sought doubt clearance from your teacher or coaching institute but never practiced again later. Your teacher would not have time to answer every doubt that you may have. So, you skip asking many of your doubts also.

Unless you practice that question at least 2-3 times correctly after having taken the doubt clearance, you can’t claim to have achieved perfection.

Even the quality of questions in the question bank needs to be looked into. Those thick question banks throwing several thousands of questions in each topic and chapter consume and waste your time. Most of these question banks would have low quality or board level questions. You need only JEE Advanced level questions.

Our JEE Advanced Repeater Course gives you all questions which are of JEE Advanced level. There are no sub-standard questions. You get instant doubt clearance for each question by way of step-by-step solutions. All the questions that you practice wrongly, are added to your revision list. You may add any important question that you wish to revise before the examination to bookmark list.

As you have no other commitments and plenty of time to prepare, we have included more than 12,800+ questions for practice using JEE Advanced Repeater Dropper Course, which are included in a 2-year course so that you just don’t crack JEE Advanced but achieve a Top rank too.

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