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How to Crack NEET 2023 in First Attempt – NEET Preparation Tips

How to crack NEET in First Attempt

How to Crack NEET 2023 in First Attempt: If you are targeting NEET 2023, you must be really anxious to know how to crack NEET in the first attempt and how to score 650+ marks in that very first attempt. Many of you would be curious to know the tips to crack NEET without coaching at home with self-studies. Wondering what preparation strategy you should adopt to crack NEET right in your first attempt that too with 650+ marks and what are those easy tips to crack NEET?

Obviously, that’s what brings you here. Everybody around you must be eager to load you with tips to crack NEET. Most would tell you that you should know the syllabus well, the examination pattern and refer you to a lot of books. Some of them would also tell you with a lot of emphasis that you should make a timetable and focus on your weaker topics as tips to crack NEET.

But my question is, are these tips enough to crack NEET? Many of you would have read the NCERT books many times and learned everything by heart. Every page of the book mugged up! Probably, many of you would be in a position to reproduce the entire NCERT chapters.

If you are expecting that I would tell you to study for 10-12 hours a day or work very hard and revise all the topics till the last moment or make your revision notes or suggest you special books, you are highly mistaken. These are old-timer tips. Don’t work with today’s modern generation and the current degree of competition in NEET.

So, here are a few of the tips and tricks for cracking NEET 2023 in first attempt with 650+ marks, which would really help you ace your NEET exam without fear:

1.  Draw up a Strategy to Crack NEET

The secret lies beyond all that routine and standard tips. The biggest secret is to prepare for NEET in the manner in which you have to be evaluated in the ultimate test. Understand the objective of NEET. Understand the competition in NEET. Draw your strategy to crack NEET accordingly.

If you are enrolled for coaching, think again before it’s too late. You still have time for corrective action.  If you are self-studying, revisit your strategy and approach. If you are spending all day in watching video tutorials, think again.

So, the first tip to crack NEET in the first attempt is that you should draw up a well-crafted strategy, after careful consideration of every factor.

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2.  What should your strategy to crack NEET entail?

Strategies are formed for achieving an objective like a mission or a war-like situation. Your strategy to crack NEET in the first attempt should respond to the following questions:

  1. What’s expected of me during the NEET examination? (Think as if you are going to set the paper for selecting the best talent for admission to medical colleges. Now, you know the expected difficulty level in the examination.)
  2. How my competitors are going to prepare for NEET?
  3. Am I preparing the same way as my competitors are preparing or differently?

How would my existing method of preparation help me crack NEET?

3.  Stop reading books like a fool

You can only mug up the topics for success in school boards but not in NEET. To crack NEET, you need in-depth knowledge of the concepts and the ability to think and apply such concepts and understanding in a meaningful manner.

We have seen many students in the coaching classes. In the monthly tests, a student is advised that he is weak in such and such topic. The teacher would tell him to work harder and focus on these weaker areas. Now what this poor student does is come back home and start reading those topics again and again. In the next test also, his performance does not improve. Why? Can you tell me the reason for this? Yes, this could have definitely helped him in school tests but definitely not in NEET. If you ever need to study a chapter for your NEET preparations, you should read it in a pull-based manner.

So, the next tip to crack NEET is that you should focus more and more on practice if you are really serious about cracking NEET.

4.  Practice as much as possible

You must be knowing – practice is the key to success! Practice gives you the ability to attain perfection in any area of life and so is true with cracking NEET also. With practice, the knowledge level increases, the test-taking ability improves and on top of that your confidence also improves. I want you to be walking into the examination hall with the greatest confidence. Practice can only help you definitely but it’s equally important that you know how to practice the right way so that you can crack NEET with a top rank.

5. How to Crack NEET Exam 2023 with 650+ Marks – Have Quality Question Bank for Practice

You need to identify a good question bank for NEET and practice all the questions. The question bank should contain questions covering all of the complete NEET syllabus 2023 and should not contain low-level questions that are not asked in NEET. You should avoid a question bank which has repetitive questions or questions which involve the same concept but have different language patterns. Also please ensure that the size of the question bank is such that you can complete the entire question bank within the time period that is available to you.

Of course, identifying a good question bank is an uphill task. The top coaching institutes may not have the right question bank, which you can practice in a limited time.

Do not …  I repeat … do not select a question bank that has school board level questions in it. You are not going to appear in your school boards and don’t commit this mistake. It’s often said that NCERT books are sufficient for NEET. Probably true. But keeping the same syllabus and same topics and concepts, the difficulty and complexity level increase in NEET. My all other tips to crack NEET would not work, if you practice poor-quality questions.

6. How to Crack NEET Exam 2023 in First Attempt – Repeatedly revise incorrectly attempted questions

What most of you would do is practice all the questions and be happy with 60% – 80% accuracy and hope that with 70-80% accuracy ratio, you would be able to top NEET.  Rather, with this mindset, you are hurting yourself. Actually, you gain proficiency only for easy questions and medium-level questions and you miss all the hard-level questions which you should have, in all circumstances, prepared for NEET 2023.

And here’s the last but not the least and the most important tip to crack NEET – revise all your incorrectly attempted questions repeatedly and bookmark important questions so that you gain perfection in attempting a question having the same or similar concept or trick.

So, these are some of the tricks and tips and tricks for cracking NEET or for that matter any competitive examination in life. What we do in life for winning over our competitors, we need to do the same here, where you know that your competitors are more than 18 lakhs in number and comprise the best of the brains.

But you don’t feel nervous about the number of 18 lakhs. Keep cool. Learn about the smart preparation course for success in NEET and experience it for free. I bet, you can’t find anything better anywhere in the world.

Do write to me with any queries or comments. I would be pleased to reply to your queries and comments and provide you with more tips to crack NEET.