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Flag Lists

What’s a Flag List?

While you attempt a test whether chapter test or minor test or mock test, any questions which you are not able to answer (unanswered) or any questions wrongly answered by you are added to your personal Flag List.

Why Flag List?

Flag List stores all such questions where we want you to improve through repeated practice in terms of your problem solving abilities so that you are able to answer such questions in your actual exam quickly and correctly. Knowing the correct answer or having learnt the steps to solve a question does not give a student the confidence that s/he would be able to remember all those steps and would be able to answer that question correctly in the actual examination. We want all our students to walk into the examination, full of confidence and succeed.

Adding More Questions to Flag List

While you look at the marking and evaluation of each question for a test, you can add more questions to your Flag List. You may like to add:

  1. Questions where it tool you more time than expected, even if you attempted the question correctly
  2. Questions which were near-miss questions, means those questions where you had a doubt while selecting an option and the selected option happens to be correct.
  3. Questions which you may find tricky and would like to practice again later.

Practicing Questions in Flag List

You should practice the questions before taking the next text so that your performance in the next test registers an improvement. For example, in chapter tests, you have 6 questions in your Flag List from Laws of Motion. Before you take the second chapter test for ‘Laws of Motion’, you should practice these questions in your Flag List. Similarly, you should have practiced the questions in Flag List for Chapter Tests before taking the Minor Test. And likewise, before you take the final full-syllabus mock tests, you should have practiced the questions in the Flag Lists for Chapter Tests and Minor Tests.

Removing Questions from the Flag List

With repeated practice, you would feel that you are able to easily answer a question, parked in your Flag List and may not like to spend more time on practicing this question again. You may remove such questions by clicking ‘Remove Flag’ button.

It’s important to keep pruning the questions in the Flag List as the date of your actual exam gets closer. A week before the exam, all your flag lists should not contain more than 500 questions. These remaining questions you should practice 2-3 days before the exam date. This would help you revise those difficult questions and help you reconnect with the concepts involved and keep your brain in the most active form.