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Deciding suitability of a course

Often students are confused as to which course to choose. Students often tend to look for test series which seeks to assess their state of preparedness but without preparation, the assessment is meaningless. So, ideally you should first practice with Practice Question Bank and having learnt and practiced, move to test series. Our test series essentially includes practice question bank together with Revision Test Series and Mock Test Series.


Second major confusion arises w.r.t. Study Notes. Often students tend to believe that they have lots of books and study material. But reading these thick books again and again consumes a lot of the students’ valuable time. Our study notes firstly, contain gist from best of the books on the topic to cover all that extra material that is required to crack your entrance test; and secondly, these study notes are concise and interactive, accelerating your pace of learning. So, you should choose the complete course which includes Study Notes, Practice Question Bank, Revision Test Series and Mock Test Series.


Repeaters and droppers should choose Repeaters and Droppers course only because that’s the most powerful course and gives you the kind of preparation and practice which you need to crack your entrance exam.


If you are looking for preparation material for just one subject, say physics or chemistry or biology or mathematics, you can choose from subject-wise courses. However, if you have opted for complete course, you don’t need subject-wise courses. All the subjects are part of the complete course.


You can choose different courses for free trial, one after another to find how the contents differ from course to course.


If you have any confusion in deciding as to which course suits you, please feel free to contact us.