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Taking a Chapter Test

When to take a Chapter Test

You should take a chapter test only after you have thoroughly prepared your chapter. If your course includes Practice Question Bank, you should thoroughly practice all the questions in that chapter and cleared all your revision lists. It’s advisable to give a gap of 2-3 days, preferably a week (if time schedule permits) after completing your practice question bank for that chapter and before you take the chapter test.

If your course include two or more sets of chapter tests, you should ideally give a gap of 2-3 days in other chapter tests of that chapter. During the intervening period, you can take chapter tests of other chapters or work on practicing other chapters from the question bank.

Pausing a Chapter Test

You should not generally pause a chapter test because these are short duration tests. However, if you are forced to pause a chapter test due to electricity failure or any other emergency, you can close the window in which you are taking the chapter test and log out. Be rest assured, all your responses to the attempted questions would be saved on our server.

Resuming a Chapter Test

When you login next time and want to resume the chapter test, click on ’Resume’ against that chapter test and proceed to attempt the remaining questions.

Power Failure during a Chapter test

In the event of a power failure, you should immediately close the test, log out and shut down the device. All your responses to the attempted questions are saved in real time on our servers. Even if, per chance, you were not able to close the test and log out and your device shuts down all of a sudden, all your responses are saved and you can resume from the point where you left, next time when you resume your chapter test.

Internet disconnection during a Chapter Test

Don’t worry if internet connection breaks after you have started your chapter test. Continue working on your chapter test. During this period when internet connection is absent, we save all your responses to your device. Once, the internet connection is available, your device automatically updates our servers with your responses for evaluation.

Timer during pause or power failure

When you pause a chapter test or your device shuts down suddenly, the timer readings are stored on your device. Next time when you login from the same device and resume that chapter test, the timer readings are updated on our servers.

Submitting the Chapter Test

When the duration of the chapter test gets over, your Chapter Test is automatically submitted. However, if you happen to finish your Chapter Test earlier before the expiry of the test duration, you may click on ‘Submit’ on your Chapter Test window for evaluation and doubt clearance.