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Frequently Asked Questions

Practice Tests/Question Bank

Whether I can access Study Notes before attempting a question?
Whether I can access Study Notes at the time when I am viewing an answer?
How do I know, if I have attempted a question correctly?
How do I get to know Hint(s) and Key formula(e) for a question?
What if I am not able to solve the question with the help of hint(s) and key formula(e) given?
What do I do if I am not able to understand the detailed step-by step solution provided?
How do I provide my Feedback on a question or answer?
Why are some terms appearing in blue in the text in the step-by step solutions?
How do I get detailed and complete explanation against the terms appearing in blue colour?
How do I go back to the previous glossary term or the answer?
How do I move to the next question?
How do I switch over to another question type?
How do I switch over to Revision list and Bookmark lists?
How do I activate Automated Test guide?
How do I deactivate Automated Test Guide?
How do I close practice test?
How do I know how many questions I have practiced in a chapter?
I had finished all questions in a chapter. I find the numbers of questions increased. Why is that so?
Where do I see analytics of my performance?
Whether I can skip a question for attempting later?
What if I reattempt a question wrongly under Correctly Attempted List?
Can I remove any question from bookmark list?
Whether I can bookmark questions which I have not been able to attempt correctly?
I want to add a question to Bookmark list. I don't see the bookmark button at the bottom of the screen. Why is that happening?
How do I bookmark a question for revision later?
How do I reattempt questions which I have attempted wrongly?
How do I view questions which I attempted correctly?
Why do questions move from Revision list 1 to Revision list 3? Is first round of revision not enough?
Why is there a cooling period of 48 hours? Why can't I reattempt a question before 48 hours?
What are those numbers appearing against the Chapters?
How do I know how many questions are available in a Chapter for Practice and how many I have practiced already?
How do I select my Subject and Chapter for which I need to practice?
What are various question lists?
Why do I need to choose Question-Types?
How do I choose 'Question-Type' for a Practice Test?
What are question-types?
How do I practice questions under Practice Tests?
What is a Practice Test?
How do I clear my doubts on any practice questions?
What if I still have doubt on a question, even after going through the solution provided by you?
Do I get questions Chapter-wise in Practice Question Bank?
Can I ask you doubts on questions which are not provided by you?
How do Revision Lists Work? Why do I need to practice questions in three Revision Lists?
Can I revise questions in my Correct List?
How does Bookmark List work?
What's the schedule of your practice tests?
Practice questions are given by my coaching. How would your practice tests help me?
Can I choose difficulty level of questions?