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Frequently Asked Questions

Mock Tests

What is a Mock test?
What is the objective of Mock Test?
Where will I find the tests?
Is it free of charge?
How I can evaluate my performance in the Mock Test?
How mock test will be helpful to me?
Is there a limitation on the number of tests, I can give in a day?
Do I need to follow a schedule for taking these tests?
Is it necessary to give Mock Test online?
Does Your online Mock test has some time limit?
What is "My Performance" all about?
Will there be any fixed time schedule within which you will have to take the online Mock test?
Does the online Mock test contains any predefined schedule? What are its contents?
What are the system requirements for taking mock tests?
Is the test series accessible through any place?
I am in my 11th standard. How can this Mock test help me in achieving my goal of gaining seat in IIT-JEE?
What is the reliability of the performance?
Will I be able to access my test records, next time I log in?