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Frequently Asked Questions

JEE (Main)

What is JEE?
When has JEE been introduced?
What Is IITJEE and AIEEE according to new pattern?
What is the New Exam Pattern for JEE 2013?
What is JEE Main and JEE Advanced?
What will be the criterion of taking admissions to NIT's, IIITs and other state and deemed universities?
Which institutes are going to accept JEE score?
Why only school teaching is not helpful in preparation for JEE?
What will be the language of test papers in JEE?
In a rare situation if a student meets an accident and cannot write the test, is she/he allowed to have someone to assist in writing? If yes, will the authorities provide an option or the student can arrange for someone from their own.
What should a student do if not received the Admit Card of an entrance exam?
Are the papers re-evaluated on request for the Medical or Engg. Exams?
If a student could not attend the counselling session for a medical college or an Engg. college due to any reason, can they request for another date or the seat is cancelled for that student?
While filling state code, which state is applicable? Where they are studying or by which they are belongs?
Candidate has filled Father's Name in place of Mother's Name. How it can be corrected?
Whether filling of all 4 choices for center are compulsory?
While submitting on-line application display occurs; the payment not submitted, server down, confirmation page not received, forget registration number. What should I do?
What is the crux? How can I make sure I crack the JEE?
What’s the ideal way of studying?
How can I effectively manage both my school studies and JEE preparation?
How many attempts do I have at the JEE?
Is the JEE very tough? I’ve heard that it is the toughest exam in the world.
Does preparation for IIT-JEE prepare a student for CET and AIEEE?
Is their any reservations for seats for IITJEE?
Why should someone prepare for IIT-JEE?
What is the meaning of Extended Merit List in IIT-JEE?
How can I manage both school syllabus and preparation for the IIT-JEE simultaneously?
Does JEE provide any special treatment to candidate under NRI/PIO/OCI/ foreign national category?
What is the difficulty level of the tests, as compared to real Examination?