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Frequently Asked Questions

Practice Tests/Question Bank

Do I get questions Chapter-wise in Practice Question Bank?
How do I clear my doubts on any practice questions?
What if I still have doubt on a question, even after going through the solution provided by you?
Can I ask you doubts on questions which are not provided by you?
Practice questions are given by my coaching. How would your practice tests help me?
Can I choose difficulty level of questions?
How do Revision Lists Work? Why do I need to practice questions in three Revision Lists?
What's the schedule of your practice tests?
Can I revise questions in my Correct List?
How does Bookmark List work?

Mock Tests

What is a Mock test?
What is the objective of Mock Test?
Where will I find the tests?
Is it free of charge?
How I can evaluate my performance in the Mock Test?
How mock test will be helpful to me?
Is there a limitation on the number of tests, I can give in a day?
Do I need to follow a schedule for taking these tests?
Is it necessary to give Mock Test online?
Does Your online Mock test has some time limit?

Common FAQs

How does CareerOrbits help me in scoring a top rank?
I am already enrolled in coaching institute. Why do I need CareerOrbits course?
I have already taken another online coaching. Why should I use CareerOrbits course?
I am a drop year student. I have all the material, question bank and books. Why do I need a CareerOrbits course?
The time left for the actual examination is too short. What’s the benefit of joining CareerOrbits course for a small duration?
How does 'Free Trial' work?
How do I get started with CareerOrbits?
How can I make payment?
Can I pay in Installments?
How much time will it take between payment and activation of the Course?

JEE (Main)

What is JEE?
When has JEE been introduced?
What Is IITJEE and AIEEE according to new pattern?
What is the New Exam Pattern for JEE 2013?
What is JEE Main and JEE Advanced?
What will be the criterion of taking admissions to NIT's, IIITs and other state and deemed universities?
Which institutes are going to accept JEE score?
Why only school teaching is not helpful in preparation for JEE?
What will be the language of test papers in JEE?
In a rare situation if a student meets an accident and cannot write the test, is she/he allowed to have someone to assist in writing? If yes, will the authorities provide an option or the student can arrange for someone from their own.


Where are IIT’s located?
What percentage of total number of seats in IITs are reserved for OBC candidates?

Free Trial

How many tests will I be able to give as a free user?
How to choose a Course for Free Trial?
For Free Trial, how do I select my Test?