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Exploding Myths About Cracking IIT JEE

Exploding myths about cracking IIT JEE

Students planning to take JEE Advanced (IIT JEE) and their parents are confused and confounded by the myths prevailing around them. The major myths that are prevailing across India for the aspirants of JEE Advanced (IIT-JEE) are enumerated below:

1. One cannot go cracking IIT JEE without coaching.
2. Coaching Institutes provide smart tricks for solving questions.
3. Coaching Institutes have unique study material.
4. If you get admission in a top coaching institute, it’s as good as getting into IIT

This article seeks to explode these myths for the benefit of the students and their parents.

You cannot go cracking IIT JEE without coaching

Large scale advertisements by leading coaching institutes in the newspapers, hoarding and television have impressed every student’s and his parents’ minds that the student cannot get through by self-studies. According to the data released by Joint Implementation Committee, nearly 52% (i.e., more than half) of the students who qualified in JEE Advanced 2014 did self-studies and never attended a coaching Institute.

If the advertisements and claims of these coaching institutes are to be believed, the official report of the Joint Implementation Committee should not be trusted. But, as persons of ordinary prudence, we should trust more on the authentic official data than the large claims of the coaching institute.

Coaching Institutes provide smart tricks for solving questions

The seniors who attended coaching classes, no matter they cleared their IIT-JEE or not and the coaching institutes’ admission staff and faculty have spread a word around that they provide smart and short tricks for solving the questions in the shortest possible time. Truly speaking, IIT-JEE exam seeks to evaluate the conceptual understanding of the candidates and most importantly, the questions are never repeated. This leaves no scope for smart tricks to be applied.

IIT-JEE seeks to evaluate your conceptual understanding and your test-taking skills. So what’s important is that the student should be able to comprehend the question and the underlying concept which is required to arrive at the correct answer. In fact, candidates look at the question with similar facts and apply the smart and short trick told to them by the teacher without appreciating what could be the twist in the question, ultimately choosing a wrong option, losing their marks. It’s also a lot of burden for the students to remember huge number of derived formula(e) for solving each and every type of question. So much so that these short tricks of one faculty of the same institute are not accepted by another faculty of the same institute.

Students who do their self-studies develop their own smart tricks which are unique to them and do many a calculations mentally. They understand the logic and key formula behind each such smart and short trick instead of simply mugging the derived formula(e) for each set of questions. So, it’s important that you should understand the underlying concepts on which the question is based and logically develop your thought process to arrive at the correct answer.

Coaching Institutes have unique study material

The syllabus of IIT-JEE is defined and is primarily based on the 11th and 12th Board syllabus. While the syllabus of IIT-JEE is defined, the study material of the coaching institutes is sketchier and is generally far short of the standard text books on the subjects, in terms of quality and coverage. That’s why you would find that the students would never go through the study material of the coaching institute but only depend on those extra text books which they hear from their peer group. These extra text books are so voluminous and most of the information and knowledge is duplicate, causing extra burden on the student. What’s more important is that the student should be able to get the contents as per the syllabus with the depth of knowledge that’s expected at IIT-JEE level at one place by way of smart study notes. But the cost of publishing such voluminous study material is huge for these coaching institutes. That’s why you would find the information in their study material quite sketchy. Even these coaching institutes do not follow their own study material while teaching in the class.

If you get admission in a top coaching institute, it’s as good as getting into IIT

Often you come across proud students and parents that the student is preparing from one of the top coaching institutes, as if they have bought a ticket to IIT. They would not even bother to know of the performance of the student at the class tests in coaching classes or the performance in school. You must have come across such parents and students crying in tears when the student is not able to qualify IIT-JEE nor able to get good marks in Boards, enabling him to get admission to a reputed university for a standard graduation degree.

These students and parents often forget that a continuous performance evaluation or real time assessment of the student’s performance is a must for ensuring success. Often, the performance is reflected in the year-end mock test rankings when there’s no time left for corrective action. The detailed reports, provided by some of the coaching institutes do tell each student individually which of their areas are weak on which they should focus upon but none of these coaching institutes helps these students overcome these weaker areas, making these students and their parents run to nearby colony tutors for special individual attention in these areas. It was amazing to know that in a place like Kota, there are small individual coaching centres, where students from reputed coaching centres come for help in individual chapters. Even in metro cities, there’s no dearth of people, who after paying lakhs and lakhs to the top coaching institute send their students to a local tutor for support in one or more subjects.

Students and parents must understand that joining a coaching institute does not guarantee them success. Yes, it does provide the student and the parents a sense of false satisfaction and hope that the student is going to the coaching institute and he/should be able to qualify like those handful of candidates (out of tens of thousands or may be lakhs of students) advertised by the renowned coaching institutes.

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