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Know why you should opt for Crash Course for JEE Mains by CareerOrbits

Easily crack JEE Main if you practice all the questions in this JEE Main Crash Course. Target 300+ marks!

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Save time in Doubt Clearance

Clear your doubts in less than a minute by identifying your mistakes with our self-explanatory step-by-step solutions.

Jee main online crash course revise concepts icon
Quickly revise difficult concepts

Reverse Learning Technology helps you get not only definition and key formula of concepts but also study notes on a click.

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Last minute Revision

Bookmark important questions in practice question bank & Flag important questions in tests for perfection and saving time.

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Save time in revising chapters

Revise chapters quickly with our specially developed power-packed study notes which help you brush up chapters in less than 1/10th time.

How our JEE MAIN 2020 Crash Course helps you

Check out the awesome benefits of the crash course that you won't get elsewhere

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Complete JEE Main Preparations

High quality JEE level practice questions, chapter wise tests, minor and major mock tests & power packed study Notes.

Jee crash course doubt clearance icon
Instant Doubt Clearance

Self-explanatory step-by-step detailed solutions, smart hints & key formulae for all JEE level questions.

Jee Mains crash course instant learning icon
Instant Learning

Save time in searching for the concept. Instant definitions of difficult terms on mouse-over make you learn faster.

Crash Course for JEE Main Repeated Practice Icon
Repeated Practice

Three- step Revision Lists, ensuring repeated practice for higher JEE Main test taking skills.

Customised preparations with crash course for jee mains icon
Customize your JEE Preparations

Choose difficulty level of questions and save lot of time. Prepare for JEE as per your need.

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Real-Time Knowledge Gap Assessment

Chapter-wise knowledge gap assessment for JEE Main based on JEE Main pattern and syllabus.


User Reviews

Shantanu Bhattacharjee
A Blessing Indeed!

This JEE Main Online Crash Course is a gift for sure. I started preparing with this crash course for JEE Main almost 3 weeks ago. It's unbelievably fast. I don't have to waste time in grappling with the questions and doubt clearance. Wherever I commit a silly mistake or a logical mistake, the detailed step-by-step solutions written in such an easy manner help me clear my doubts at a glance. It spares me a great deal of my time.

I didn't know that such a course existed. Else I would have definitely grabbed it a lot earlier.

Shreekanth K., Coimbatore
Paced up my Preparations 5X!

This is the best Crash Course for JEE Main Online exam, which is helping me prepare methodically and centers on building my test taking skills. Makes me learn quicker and revise concepts quickly. I don't have to waste days and weeks on revising chapters and chase my teachers for doubt clearance. I get my doubts cleared right there and then in a moment. I know what to revise with my personal revision lists.

This Crash Course is extremely helpful and has paced up my preparations by at least 5 times!

Jamal Sheikh, Hublee
Gain Perfection in Short Time!

This JEE Main Crash Course has given me the confidence to ace the coming JEE Main CBT January and April attempts. I am seriously short of time and that made me too nervous. With this JEE Crash Course, I am not just improving in my concepts and test-taking abilities but also developing the required orientation for the upcoming CBT JEE Main.

This JEE Main Crash Course is unbelievably fast to prepare and ace the JEE main exam.

Try this JEE Main Online Crash Course 2020 for free
No Credit Card Needed

Want to join our JEE Main Crash Course 2020?

JEE Main Online Crash Course 2020 (All Subjects)

Designed for 5X faster Preparation & Revision
Course Type:
Study Notes, Practice Question bank & Tests Series
Course Contents:
  • Interactive power-packed Study Notes
  • Practice Question Bank – Fully solved
  • 55 Chapter Tests – Fully Solved
  • 12 Minor Tests – Fully Solved
  • 25 Mock Tests – Fully Solved
Prepared by:
AIIMS Qualified Doctors, IITians
Revision Lists, Bookmark List, Flagging, Glossary Support
Instant on submission
April 30, 2020 - covers Jan 2020 & Apr 2020 exam

Get Your TOP RANK Now!

Rs. 12,000 (Including GST)
EMI starts at Rs. 399. Options
  • Covering full syllabus (4500+ questions)
  • Learn right steps - Detailed self-explanatory solutions
  • Brush-up concepts used in the solution on a click
  • Achieve perfection - 3-step personalised Revision Lists
  • Bookmark questions for practicing just before exam
  • Designed for 5X faster preparation and revision
  • Power-packed - Includes notes from best books
  • Interactive - Revise and learn any concept on a click
  • 92 Online Tests
    • 55 Chapter-wise Tests
    • 12 Minor Tests (Part-Syllabus)
    • 15 Subject-level Mock Tests (Full-Syllabus)
    • 10 Full-length Mock Tests (Major Tests)
  • Flexible - Take test any time
  • Doubt Clearance - Step-by-Step solutions
  • Reverse Learning - Revise concepts in Doubt Clearance
  • Last Minute Revision - Flag questions to be Revised
Step-by-step Guide to using our JEE Main Crash Course

Joining the JEE Main Crash Course

  • Step 1:
    Register (Check out Help on Registration and Login)
  • Step 2:
    Take a Free Trial (Check out Help for Free Trial)
  • Step 3:
    Make Payment and Join the Course (Check out Help for payment instructions)

Preparing with JEE Main Crash Course 2020

  • Step 1:
    Divide your chapters in two categories
    • Chapters in which you have a good grip.
    • Chapters in which you have average grip.
  • Step 2:
    In chapters where you have a good a grip, start with the practicing questions of those chapters first. (Check out Help for practice question bank)
  • Step 3:
    In chapters where you have average grip, go through the study notes first (Check out Help for study notes), and then move to practice question bank of those chapters.
  • Step 4:
    Finish practice of each chapter's questions one by one.
  • Step 5:
    After you practice questions of 2-3 chapters, start with the Revision List side by side with practice of other chapters. (Check out Help for revision lists)
  • Step 6:
    Keep bookmarking those questions which are a near miss or questions which you find important. (Check out Help for Bookmarking)
  • Step 7:
    Once you are done with revision list of a chapter, after a gap of 2-3 days, take the chapter-test of that chapter. (Check out Help for Chapter Tests)
  • Step 8:
    Check the syllabus of the Minor Test. Once you are done with the practice questions and revision list of the chapters in that Minor Test, take the Minor Test. Do remember to visit the questions in bookmark list for these chapters (Check out Help for Minor Tests)
  • Step 9:
    Check you results in the Minor Tests. Find out in which questions you had problem. Learn the right steps for solving those questions. Flag the questions which you would like to revise later. (Check out Help for Flagging).
  • Step 10:
    Finish practice of all questions in the practice question bank, clear all your revision lists, take all chapter tests and take all minor tests. Then, visit your Bookmark List and revisit the Flagged questions in your minor tests. Then proceed with your Full-length Mock Tests (Major Tests) (Check out Help for Mock Tests, i.e. Major Tests)

Last-Minute Revision with Online JEE Main Crash Course

  • Step 1:
    As a last minute revision, 10-15 days prior to your actual exam date, do revisit all the questions in jee main crash course under your Bookmark List and all the Flagged questions in each of the Minor and Major Tests. This would help you reconnect with the concepts in which you are weak and help you perform best in your actual exam.
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