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JEE Main Registration – How to register for JEE Mains 2021 – Complete guide

JEE Main Registration

Registration for JEE Main 2021 has begun on 16th December 2020. As you must be aware that JEE Main is being conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA)

NTA will conduct JEE Main four times a year, i.e. in the month of February, March, July and August. You have the option of appearing for JEE Main in February or March or July or August attempt or in all attempts.

Since, NTA will consider the best score of the four (4) JEE Main attempts while preparing the Merit List and Rankings for JEE Main 2021, we advise you to take all four exams, i.e., in February, March, July and August, even if you are not so well prepared. We believe you would be benefited in the following ways if you take both the JEE Main exams in all four exams:

  • If you happen to score less marks in one attempt (say Feburary attempt), you can re-appear for the March attempt to improve your score and save one whole year
  • In the first two or three attempts, you can get a feel of the examination and understand your weaknesses and mistakes. You can then appear for a fourth attempt in coming month of August 2021 with confidence and improve your score
  • In case you miss the JEE Main examination in February due to any personal reason, then you can appear for the exam in March, July or August. If you fail to appear for any reason whatsoever in later attempts of JEE Main, your February or March or July attempt would still secure you a rank in JEE Main
  • Also, it is important to note that your actual marks in each of the four attempts at JEE Main February, March, July and August would be normalized. Your raw scores in each of the attempts would be normalized and converted into NTA score. To learn more about the process of normalization, please read the step-by-step guide on normalization of JEE Main scores

However, you need to separately register for JEE Main every time for February, March, July and August attempts. If you have registered for JEE Main 2021 February exam only, it will not entitle you to appear in the following three attempts. You will need to register separately for JEE Main 2021 remaining three attempts.

If you miss registration for JEE Main 2021 February exam, you can still apply for JEE Main Registration for March, July and August 2021 attempts.

Registration for JEE Main 2021 July exam

If you are planning to appear in the upcoming February/March/July/August attempt of JEE Main 2021, you should register yourself at the official website of JEE Main at to fill out the JEE Mains 2021 application form. The registration for JEE Main 2021 February exam will close on 16th January 2021.

On the official JEE Main 2021 website, you need to submit your personal details to complete your registration for JEE Main 2021 exam. Please refer to this detailed step-by-step guide for registration for JEE Main 2021.

Step-by-step process to filling JEE Main 2021 Registration Form

You need to follow the below steps to register for JEE Main 2021. Registration for JEE Main 2021 attempt is the first step to applying for JEE Main.

Please note: You need to submit the application form for registration for JEE Main 2021 in online mode only. No paper applications forms will be made available.

Step 1: The application for JEE Main 2021 will be submitted on the official website of JEE Main only. Visit and click on ‘Fill Online Application Form’ on the home page.

Step 2: If you are a new candidate, click on ‘Registration’ under ‘New Candidate Registration'.

Step 3: Read the instructions carefully and download a copy of the Information Bulletin. Check the checkbox to agree that “I have downloaded Information Bulletin, read and understood all the instructions” and click on ‘Click here to Proceed’.

Step 4: Now you need to fill up the Registration Form. Enter your details such as the Candidate's personal details and contact details including address, email id and mobile number. Also, choose your password and create a security question and answer.

Step 5: Enter the text (security pin) shown in the image. The security pin is case-sensitive. Then click on ‘Submit’.

Step 6: Review the details entered in the above stages and check each of the details mentioned in the Particulars checklist to complete the review process. If you want to make any changes, click on ‘Edit Registration Form’ at the bottom.

Step 7: If everything is correct, check all the boxes in the ‘Particulars Checklist to be verified’ and ‘Declaration’ at the bottom, then click on ‘FINAL SUBMIT’ to submit your JEE Main registration form.

Now, you will receive the Application Number. Note down your JEE Main Application number written on the screen. It would be required for future reference.

After completing the registration, fill out the application form, choose exam centres and make the fee payment as per the information provided on Process to fill JEE Main 2021 Application form.

Registration for JEE Main 2021 exam - all four attempts - Why to apply?

You need to register for JEE Main 2021 March, July and August exam separately, even if you have registered for the JEE Main 2021 February exam. Do not think that since you have filled application form for JEE Main 2021 February attempt, you are automatically entitled to appear in JEE Main 2021 March, July and August attempts.

The registration for JEE Main 2021 remaining three attempts is likely to commence in the month of March 2021. By this time, you would have already given your JEE Main 2021 February exam and would be aware of your likely score in the February attempt.

Irrespective of how good or how bad you perform in JEE Main February attempt, you should also register for JEE Main 2021 March, July and August attempts. Even if you are expecting 250 out of 300 in your February exam, it’s quite likely that you improve your score to 260 or 270 in your March, July and August attempts. Also, please note that marks obtained by you in each of the February, March, July and August attempts would be normalized to NTA score.

Eligibility for JEE Main Registration

Broadly, the eligibility criteria for JEE Main remains as the same as before, except that the age criteria has been removed. Now, you can register for JEE Main as long as you meet other requirements.

Age Criteria for JEE Main

There’s no minimum or maximum age limit for JEE Main registration. However, please ensure that the institute that you are planning to seek admission to, after qualifying in JEE Main, may have its own age criteria that you might need to fulfill.

Qualification for JEE Main Registration

If you have passed your class 12th Examination (or any equivalent qualifying examination) in 2018 or 2019 or if you are planning to appear for your class 12th Examination or any equivalent qualifying examination in 2022, only then you are eligible for JEE Main 2021 registration for all February, March, July and August attempts.

If you have passed your Class 12th or Qualifying examination in 2019 or before, then you would not be eligible for JEE Main 2021 registration.

IITs allow only two attempts in JEE Advanced. So, you should have appeared for class 12th or equivalent qualifying examination in 2020 or 2021 to be eligible for JEE Advanced. 

Read the list of qualifying examinations for JEE Main to know if you are eligible to register and apply for JEE Main.