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Know how our AIIMS Mock Tests help you crack AIIMS entrance

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Enough Practice

With Ten (10) Full-Syllabus AIIMS Mock Tests, you can have sufficient practice before your AIIMS entrance test.

AIIMS practice tests online
Latest Syllabus

All our Online AIIMS Mock Tests include the additional sections on logical reasoning & current affairs.

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Orientation for Online Test

With online AIIMS Mock Tests in simulated manner, you get the much-needed orientation for the AIIMS online exam.

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Latest Pattern

All the AIIMS Mock Test Papers include assertion reasoning type questions, as per AIIMS latest pattern.

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Instant Evaluation

You can take any of the mock tests in our AIIMS Mock Test Series, as per your convenience anytime and get instant result.

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Instant Doubt Clearance

All AIIMS Mock Tests come with 100% doubt clearance. Step-by-Step doubt clearance on every question.

User Reviews

Anurag Kumar, AIIMS Delhi
Wonderful AIIMS Mock Test Papers!

It's difficult to find AIIMS Mock Test Papers as per the AIIMS syllabus. Generally, the AIIMS Mock Tests either do not have Assertion Reasoning questions or do not have the questions on Current Affairs and Logical Reasoning. I took the AIIMS Mock Test Series in 2014 from CareerOrbits and am glad to make it to AIIMS, Delhi. The Mock Test Papers in CareerOrbits’ AIIMS Mock Test Series are simply wonderful – all fully solved with detailed explanations.

Meemansa Jindal, New Delhi
AIIMS Practice Tests - Class Apart!

The AIIMS Practice Tests in the AIIMS Mock Test Series by CareerOrbits are definitely class apart from other AIIMS Mock Tests.

The kind of questions, particularly the Assertion Reasoning type are unique and not generally found in any coaching institute or text books or question banks.

You get detailed explanation for each of the AIIMS Mock Tests. That's why I could crack AIIMS too. Thanks a lot to CareerOrbits!

Jyoti Chatterjee, Kolkata
Can't Miss these AIIMS Mock Tests!

The AIIMS Mock Tests given by my coaching institute were nothing more than just another set of NEET mock tests. These had the same questions and no assertion reasoning questions. The Current Affairs and Logical Reasoning questions were also missing. After I joined these Online AIIMS Mock Tests by CareerOrbits, I knew what I missed earlier. I grew more confident and finally, I was able to crack AIIMS in 2016. I tell you, you should not miss this.


FAQs on Online AIIMS Mock Tests

1. Why do I need a separate AIIMS Mock Tests? I already have Mock Tests for NEET.
2. How do I get doubt Clearance in the Online AIIMS Mock Tests?
3. When do I take an Online AIIMS Mock Test?
4. How do these AIIMS Mock Tests help me improve my performance in AIIMS exam?
5. How to take AIIMS Mock Tests?


For cracking AIIMS , the selection of right online AIIMS Mock Tests is of utmost importance. The questions in the AIIMS Mock Tests should match the difficulty level expected in AIIMS Exam. Typically AIIMS Exam question paper has questions which are of advanced level and the depth and complexity of the questions in AIIMS entrance is higher than NEET. Our AIIMS Mock Tests are prepared by AIIMS qualified doctors, IITians and experienced faculty.

You should be careful in selecting the AIIMS Mock Tests and ensure that you get mock tests as per AIIMS exam pattern only. The set of AIIMS Mock Tests that you select should also have Assertion Reasoning questions. These AIIMS Mock Test papers should also have sections on Current Affairs/General Knowledge and Logical Reasoning. The AIIMS Mock Tests should not stop at assessing your level of preparations. These AIIMS Mock Tests should be with fully-solved answers so that you are able to enhance your knowledge till the last moment. AIIMS Mock Tests with detailed solutions help you prepare faster and more effectively. It's hard to find an AIIMS Mock Test Series with logical explanations and step-by-step solutions for doubt clearance.

So, choose the AIIMS Mock Tests which have questions matching the difficulty level AIIMS exam. The AIIMS Mock Tests should contain all sections and include Assertion Reasoning type questions also. The question in the AIIMS Mock Tests should have detailed solution. With our Online AIIMS Mock Tests, you also get a wonderful system of refreshing your concepts through definitions and key formula(e) on mouse-over.

4 comment(s)
    Arpita Nayak
    I've joined NEET online course.Is it also necessary to take AIIMS mock tests?


      These AIIMS Mock tests are as per the latest AIIMS pattern and cover the complete AIIMS syllabus. It includes all the question types for AIIMS. While NEET course only cover PCB for NEET topics. Our AIIMS Mock Tests contain PCB as well as General Knowledge and Aptitude & Logical Thinking.

    Shivanjali Rathore

    I want to solve AIIMS mock test papers and these are the best mock tests I could find for AIIMS. Thanks.


    Simply love these AIIMS Mock Tests. It is exactly as per the AIIMS MBBS pattern

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